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Many consumers who want to buy a drill-screwdriver, face the difficulty of choice. They cannot understand which model to prefer. Such equipment is offered today in a wide range.

Recommendations for selection

cordless drill cordless screwdriver reviews

Among other proposals, you should highlight the device with different power, number of revolutions and type of cartridge. Typically, the cost affects the choice of the consumer, but it differs in the list of functions. The last thing to consider is the gearbox housing. It is made of metal or plastic. But it is important to take into account one nuance: a drill that has a metal body will last longer.

Particular importance should be given power. If you plan to work at home, then the tool with the mentioned parameter is suitable within 750 watts. But for the construction work you need a more powerful tool.When you often have to work in hard-to-reach places, you should choose a model with a capacity of up to 400 watts, since such equipment has dimensions that are compact for such devices. In this case, it is better to give preference to the battery drills, which will be discussed in the article.

Tool rating: Bosch GSR 120-LI

bosch cordless drill

If you want to choose one of the best models, then first of all you should pay attention to the manufacturer. Consumers distinguish among the leaders of the company Bosch. Her model, mentioned in the subtitle, costs 6090 rubles. This is a more advanced equipment than its predecessors.

The tool has a keyless chuck that guarantees the possibility of replacing the tooling. You can change the direction of rotation of the bits thanks to the reverse option. The drill can be easily removed when stuck in the hole. On the tool you can set the desired level of torque. If desired, the user can use the drilling mode, everything will depend on the task being performed. The working area will be highlighted, which facilitates the execution of manipulations.

Technical Overview

drill cordless screwdriver review

The above model has a battery, the capacity of which is 1.5 A * h. The torque that this model is capable of providing is 30 Nm. In this equipment there is no strike option, but there is a reverse. The size of the cartridge can vary from 1 to 10 mm.

The design provides an engine brake. Model weighs 0.95 kg. Spindle speed reaches 1300 revolutions per minute. The maximum diameter of the screw - 7 mm. The number of speeds - 2. The diameter of the cartridge is 10 mm. You can drill metal, having received a hole in 10 mm; as for wood, you can make holes in it, the diameter of which is 20 mm.

Consumer reviews

Cordless cordless drill

If you are looking for a drill-screwdriver, then you should definitely consider the above model, which, according to consumers, has many positive features, namely:

  • presence of reverse;
  • two speed gearbox;
  • soft coated grip;
  • 2 batteries;
  • keyless chuck for quick tool changes;
  • the presence of a suitcase.

The described Bosch cordless drill driver has a battery that does not have a memory effect and does not discharge during storage.As for the built-in backlight, it can be used when you often have to work in low light. Consumers particularly emphasize that the soft coating of the handle ensures comfortable operation of the tool.

The manufacturer has made sure that the battery is reliably protected from overloads, this is assisted by a special system that eliminates power loss and overheating. Bosch cordless drill / driver has a suitcase included, it allows you to conveniently transport and store equipment.

One of the best representatives of the rating: DeWALT DCD

drill cordless screwdriver rating

This model has a cost of 6290 rubles. It is an equipment that is equipped with the latest battery technology. The start button is very convenient. The operator can save time thanks to the electronic brake that stops the engine.

This unit is very compact and lightweight, it has 15 levels of torque to choose from, as well as the drilling mode. The backlight allows you to operate the device even in low light. The model comes in a suitcase, so it is convenient to transport and store it.

Technical Overview

18 volt cordless drills

The above-described cordless drill-screwdriver in the case has many positive features. However, before choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to its technical characteristics. For example, the battery capacity is 1.3 Ah. A lithium-ion battery is included. The maximum drilling diameter in wood and metal is 20 and 10 mm, respectively.

There is no impact function in this device, however there is a reverse. Spindle speed varies from 0 to 1500 revolutions per minute. Getting acquainted with the review of the cordless drill / screwdriver from the manufacturer Dewalt, you can understand that working with this equipment is very simple, because its weight is only 1.1 kg. Included are 2 batteries. You may also be interested in the overall dimensions of the model: they are equal to 185x195x50 mm. The number of torque stages is 15 plus 1. The number of speeds is 2.

Model Reviews

characteristics drill cordless screwdriver

Before you make a choice in the direction of a particular equipment option, you need to get acquainted with the views of consumers. Quite often they allow you to decide in the direction of a drill to tilt the choice. The above described model is not an exception, which, according to consumers, has many advantages, among them:

  • fast replacement of the working drill;
  • reliable grip;
  • long work;
  • the presence of two speeds.

As for the possibility of quick replacement of the drill, it is provided by a quick-clamping chuck, which has an automatic spindle lock. Consumers also like reliable grip, which is guaranteed by the grip. It has a convenient form for the grip, as well as rubber pads that prevent slipping in the hands.

Having considered the characteristics of the cordless drill / screwdriver, you can understand that it is important to familiarize yourself with the opinions of consumers. From them you can learn about the main advantages of a particular model. In the case described in this section, it should be noted that it provides the possibility of long-term work. The manufacturer has taken care of the presence of an air cooling system, which eliminates overheating of the internal components. A toggle switch is located on the body of the structure, which allows you to select one of the working speeds, which is very convenient.

An overview of the features of the PATRIOT THE ONE BR drill / screwdriver

Considering the cordless drills, screwdrivers, the rating should pay attention. It should include equipment marked PATRIOT THE ONE BR. Its cost is low and is 3650 rubles.This device is designed to work with fasteners and drilling holes. You can set one of 18 options for torque or drilling mode. Everything will depend on the task being performed and the goals set. The operation of the unit provides a lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which is 2.0 A / h.

Technical Overview

The above equipment model has a keyless chuck. With the device, you can make holes in wood or metal. Quite often, consumers are interested in the question of what is the spindle speed. In the case of this model, it varies from 0 to 1350 revolutions per minute. This cordless drill screwdriver, reviews of which you can read below, weighs only 1.1 kg. The kit comes with two batteries. Charging time is one hour.

Model Reviews

Before purchasing a particular equipment option, consumers quite often take into account the opinions of those who have already experienced the quality of the device. For example, the PATRIOT THE ONE BR drill, according to users, has many advantages.First, it is the presence of reverse. Secondly, the battery does not discharge during storage and does not have the effect of self-discharge. Thirdly, for convenience of transportation and storage, the manufacturer supplies equipment with a case.

Metabo BS 18 LTX features overview

Considering the cordless drill-screwdriver for 18 volts, you must pay attention to the model that is presented above. Its price is impressive and amounts to 27899 rubles, but the equipment is worth it. It is equipped with an engine that provides the best performance. The design has a built-in lighting, thanks to which it is possible to work with a drill even in a dark room.

The gearbox housing is made of cast aluminum, which ensures optimal heat dissipation and long service life. The tool can be carried on a belt, this opportunity is provided with a metal bracket. The model comes with two batteries.

Technical Overview

The cordless drill screwdriver, the reviews of which you can read below, has outstanding technical characteristics. For example, the maximum torque reaches 110 Nm.The equipment has a reverse, but there is no impact in it. The body weighs 2 kg. There is a spindle lock.

You may also be interested in the size of the cartridge, which is 1.5-13 mm. Included are two batteries. Spindle speed varies from 0 to 1700 revolutions per minute. With this cordless drill screwdriver, reviews of which you can read in the article, you can make holes in wood and metal. In the first case, the diameter will be 65 mm, in the second - 13 mm.

Model Reviews

The above described version of the equipment, according to consumers, has many advantages. For example, you might like a keyless chuck or two working speeds. The operator will be able to adjust the torque. The design is equipped with a convenient handle, which experts first of all pay attention to, since they have to work with the equipment every day for a long time.

An additional advantage can be considered as a plug-in pulse mode, which simplifies the dismantling of screws and drilling on smooth surfaces. In addition, the design has a hex spindle for working with standard bits.This cordless drill-screwdriver, reviews of which are only the most positive, is equipped with a special technology that allows you to control the operation of the machine and protect it from breakage, just like the battery pack.


The device of the cordless drill-screwdriver quite often helps consumers to eliminate breakage. The design provides for a speed range switch, chuck, and a torque limiter. There are equipment LED lights and reverse switch.

Having examined the equipment closer, you will notice the presence of a rack for fixing the bits. The battery is located outside at the bottom. Under the case there is an electric motor, clamping cartridge and gearbox. The brushless cordless drill / driver has engines that wear out quickly, but the design has a higher efficiency.

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