Coral Wedding

Coral wedding is one of the most important milestonesfamily life, because this date symbolizes 35 years together. And the coral is chosen by the symbol of this significant date not by chance. After all, the coral twigs are formed from small skeletons of polyps for many years, gradually growing, forming reefs and even entire islands. So family life consists of separate periods. In addition, coral wedding means that married life at this stage includes not only love and tenderness, but also understanding and mutual support.

Coral wedding: important traditions and rituals.

Like every important date, a coral weddinghas its own important traditions that need to be adhered to. For example, it is considered that the night before the anniversary of the spouse should be held separately. It is desirable that each of them left for a day in the home of parents or friends. This night, "newlyweds" are not allowed to sleep. Both husband and wife should remember their family life from the very moment of dating, analyze everything, identify important achievements, try to forget all grievances and troubles.

And before dawn the spouses should meet andgo to the nearest pond, be it the sea, the lake or the river. There they must confess to each other, reveal all the secrets and forgive for the mutual offenses they have inflicted. After that, a new red shawl should be thrown into the water - this is a gratitude for the years spent together.

How to celebrate a coral wedding? Corals are inhabitants of the sea depths, so the ideal option will be a holiday by the sea or a real sea cruise. Unfortunately, not every married couple can afford such a celebration, therefore the anniversary should be found in the circle of the closest and dearest people.

Remember that corals have a rich redcolor, which should prevail in the scenery. For example, you can buy a new red tablecloth on the table or decorate the room with balloons of pink and burgundy color.

In this important day on the table, there must be different grades of red wine. Choose cherry or pomegranate juice from drinks. Since the coral is associated with the sea, it is desirable that the festive table was attended by seafood dishes, for example, red fish. And, of course, a large cake decorated with red berries - strawberries, strawberries or cherries.

The couple must be dressed in red clothes.

What to give to a coral wedding? Remember that 35 years together - this is not an empty sound and for a married couple is very important this solemn date - a coral wedding. Congratulations children, grandchildren and loved ones will be very pleasant for them.

As for gifts, there is one morea very important tradition. On this festive day, the husband must give his half a huge bouquet of 35 red roses. This gift should be placed in the center of the table as a token of gratitude for a happy family life.

Other guests of the holiday can give presents,which in one way or another are associated with corals, sea and red. For example, the ideal option will be products from coral - beads, bracelets, earrings, hair clips or cufflinks. You can choose beautiful figurines or souvenirs from this material. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find corals in our country.

"Bride" can give a beautiful red shawlor a scarf. By the way, in other cultures the 35th anniversary is also called a linen wedding, so you can give bed linen or towels from this material.

If there is an opportunity to make a more expensive and worthwhile gift, then it is necessary to arrange a couple for a couple of rest by the sea.

Whichever gift you choose, remember thatcoral wedding is a very important anniversary. Therefore, your presence next to the jubilee, sincere congratulations and wishes will be the most expensive and important gift for the spouses.

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