Cooking lazy vareniki

Vareniki is a traditional dish of Ukrainian andRussian cuisine, which is loved by almost everyone. Yes, that's just not all the time can create the vareniki. Of course, busy people can buy vareniki in the form of semi-finished products, but, unfortunately, not all samples of shop products are delicious, and as a rule, manufacturers do not spare a variety of artificial additives. There is only one way out - to learn how to cook lazy vareniki.

This dish is cooked most often with cottage cheese. This, of course, will not be exactly vareniki, rather curd dumplings, but still, the food will turn out delicious and useful. And you can cook it quickly enough.

So, how to make lazy vareniki? We will need the following products: a pack of cottage cheese (250 grams), egg, sugar (as a rule, two to four spoons are used), about half a glass of flour in dough and a little more for sprinkling the board with dumpling, oil.

We begin to cook. Oil is softened and rubbed with sugar and egg. Then add the wiped cottage cheese and mix it well. It remains to add flour, its amount is determined by such an indicator as the moisture content of cottage cheese, so it is determined how much flour should be poured in. Dough for lazy dumplings should turn out thick, but somewhat sticky.

If you want your dish to be moregentle, you should use another recipe and cook lazy vareniki with a manga. However, in this case, it takes more time to prepare the test. The dough for such vareniki is prepared exactly as described above. But instead of flour, pour five or seven spoons of mango. As a result, we should get a pretty soft, "smearing" dough. Now the cottage cheese mass should be put in the refrigerator for about half an hour. During this time, the mancha will swell, and the dough will thicken. If the mass still turned out to be excessively soft, then you have to add a spoonful of other flour, so that it has the right consistency.

We put the ready dough on the board, sprinkledflour, and roll it into a bowl (you do not need to knead the dough on the board). Then we separate the pieces of dough from the bowl, roll the sausages out of them, which are then slightly flattened and cut into small pieces-rhombuses.

It remains to cook our lazy vareniki. To do this, boil slightly salted water in the saucepan (sweeteners can additionally add sugar, but this is not necessary), and gently lower the cooked dumplings into boiling water. Gently stir to prevent vareniki from sticking to the bottom, and cook them for about five minutes until they float to the surface of the water.

Serve these vareniki with butter, sour cream, fruit puree or jam. In addition, already boiled dumplings can be baked with sour cream in the oven.

Lazy vareniki can be prepared not only withcottage cheese, but also potatoes. For this we need about a kilogram of ready mashed potatoes (better, of course, freshly brewed, but you can take yesterday's from the refrigerator), two eggs, about a glass of flour, two onions and vegetable oil for frying onions.

Dough for potato vareniki is prepared by mixingmashed potatoes with egg and flour. Then roll it into sausages and cut into dumplings. Boil vareniki, as well as cottage cheese, and serve, pouring hot oil with fried onions. However, you can serve potato dumplings with sour cream or ketchup.

Both cottage cheese and potato lazy vareniki can be cooked for the future and frozen in the freezer. Then the preparation of a delicious breakfast or dinner will literally take ten minutes.

Well, if you do not want to mess around withpreparing a dough, you can cook "super-savory" vareniki with cottage cheese or cherry. To prepare this delicious dish, we will need any pre-cooked pasta, cottage cheese (or berries - washed and loosened), sugar, butter and sour cream.

We heat the oil in a frying pan and put it there.pasta. Then add the cottage cheese (or berries) and sugar. Stir and hold on the fire literally crumple minutes. We serve our improvised vareniki with sour cream.

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