Cooking a Chinese dish - pork in batter

To prepare the dish "Pork in batter" we need:

pork in batter- pork tenderloin 500 gr .;

- 2 chicken eggs;

- 1.5 -2 tbsp. starch;

- soy sauce;

- ground pepper and coriander;

- a small clove of garlic;

- flour for breading;

- vegetable oil;

- salt;

- 2 pcs. Bulgarian pepper;

- 2 pcs. bulb onions;

- 1 carrot;

- Tomato paste - 2-3 tbsp;

- 1 tsp. Sahara.

The first stage - prepare meat

Pork in batter in Chinese involves the use of very high-quality meat. In addition to freshness, it should be rid of pieces of fat and hard veins. Meat pulp should be cut into strips about 1 cm thick. Convenient length of strips - 5-7 cm. If you cut the pieces thicker, they can not fry fast enough. And if you cut it longer, the shape will not be aesthetic. Prepared meat should be marinated for at least 30 minutes. It is possible to leave the pork in the sauce and overnight.

The second stage - we make impregnation for pork

For the marinade we need soy sauce, garlic, salt, black pepper and coriander. Mix the ingredients and put the meat there, which should be completely covered with marinade.If you suspect that cooking meat is not too young animal, and it will be hard, then add a little grape vinegar. When using the latest seasoning should not be marinated for a long time.

Chinese style pork

The third stage - mix batter

Beat the eggs, add the starch and salt. Pre-roll the pork strips. You can simply sprinkle them with flour in a plate. Alternatively, put the flour in a bag, throw the pork in there and shake it until all the pieces are rolled and white. In parts we dip meat in batter.

The fourth stage - we start roasting meat for the dish “Pork in batter”

The recipe further recommends: put the breaded strips into batter, but do not keep them there for a long time. We try to immediately remove, shake off excess liquid and put in the pan. The surface of the tank for cooking the dish “Pork in batter” is well warmed up and poured quite a lot of vegetable oil,so that the pieces float in it. The oil must also be hot, so that when a batter hits it, it immediately starts to sizzle. With the help of skimmers we spread meat into the pan. We try to make the strips as straight as possible.They can be leveled until the batter has begun to turn red. Turn over the pork. As soon as it is roasted on all sides, immediately remove. We use for this another skimmer and put the caught pieces on paper towels, tk. there will be a lot of excess oil. So, the pork in batter is ready. This dish is usually served with stewed vegetables.pork dough recipe

Vegetable Garnish

We will need a sweet bell pepper. It will be beautiful if you take it red and yellow. Medium carrots, two medium sized bulbs. All vegetables cut into strips and cook on a small amount of fresh vegetable oil (do not use the rest of the fried meat!). First we fry the onions, then the carrots, then we put the pepper. Dilute tomato paste with warm water in the ratio of 1 part of tomato to 3 parts of water, add salt, sugar and spices. When the vegetables are slightly browned - pour tomato sauce into the pan and simmer. It is necessary that the vegetables are cooked, but not collapsed from the softening. Cooking garnish on medium heat and do not close the lid. In cooked sauce, the liquid should remain a bit. Put the finished pieces of meat in the sauce and gently mix.Pork in batter with a side dish of vegetables is ready!

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