Continental watches: a lineup and reviews

The famous Continental watch is an ornamentFashionable women and fashionista Europe, America and Asia. Delightful collections will please and surprise all those who wish to always shine and be in the center of attention, and also knows the value of such an indispensable and important accessory.

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Continental - time-tested watches

Continental - one of the oldest Swisscompanies. Its history begins in 1924 with the foundation in southern Switzerland of a small production in the workshop. Thanks to the excellent quality and fashionable beautiful European design of the products, as well as affordable prices, this brand has gained considerable popularity. In 1993, Kontinentat became part of the Swiss concern EVACO SA, due to which it was able to expand its supplies all over the world. For more than 90 years of its existence, this company does not change its basic principle - to produce inexpensive but high-quality watches. Despite its fairly democratic value, the products of this brand are absolutely in no way inferior to the very expensive and famous "Swiss". All watches use high-precision quartz and mechanical models of the Swiss company ETA.

continental watch reviews

Innovative developments

The company Continental very quicklyadapts to the market conditions, desires and requirements of consumers. She made a number of own developments of quartz mechanisms and on their basis began the production of a hand watch. In its ideas, the brand embodies innovative technologies, anticipates and tracks fashion trends.

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The lineup

Variety of assortment of this brand is simplestriking: innovative, sportive, elegant, classic, strict, original male and female models. A wide choice of buyers is guaranteed by the collections Elegance, Signature, Value, Precision. To decorate women's products are often used cubic zirconia.

From other elite brands this companydiffers in that it does everything possible to ensure that its products are original and stylish. This is especially true for the design of the watch. Whichever model you choose, you can be completely sure that it, to date, will be the most fashionable. Swiss watches Continental - a product of steel, two-tone or gold-plated, and with a huge selection of unique bracelets from leather and metal. And thanks to the precise quartz movement "Ronda", you will never be late for the most important events in your life.

For men, this brand offers watchesContinental with a special set of functions. They are made of steel, adorned with PVD coating or gilding. The women's collection is distinguished by its elegance, which is embodied in noble materials. And the models decorated with cubic zirconia or crystals from the romantic collection of Precious Sentiments - just a real piece of jewelry.

In all elements of the clock: in the mechanisms, materials, as well as assembly and further service, Swiss quality is noticeable.

Continental Women's Watch

No fashionista will refuse the box withaccessories to have a wrist watch brand Continental. The products of this brand are thought-out design, high quality of mechanisms, wide assortment, able to satisfy the wishes of each girl.

As a rule, almost all models haveThe rounded form of the dial, indicating the universality and ability to give completion to any image. A quartz movement that does not require any special care, ensures the lifetime of the accessory and guarantees the accuracy of the time display.

Some models are encrusted with zircon crystals, giving the watch a special chic.

continental watch

Continental watches: reviews of experts and buyers

The distinctive features of the Swiss brand,according to reviews, is quality. The Continental watch is durable, reliable, durable. An additional advantage is the availability of products to different segments of the population. On the market, the company introduced more than 700 different models, the cost of which is from 150 to 500 cu. There are, of course, more expensive options, specially issued for the 80th anniversary of the brand. Their price is 300-1000 USD. But it is worth noting that in comparison with the clock of other well-known brands, even the jubilee series is not so expensive.

The buyers also noted the beautiful design of products, practicality, a strong lock-latch, ease and comfort when wearing.

In general, Continental watches users received only the most positive.

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