Contests for a birthday are a fun tradition!

For each of us, a special birthdaycelebration. Even very young people like to be in the spotlight. Mom and Dad are nearby, relatives and friends bring presents ... The festive atmosphere is supplemented with sweets, balloons and, of course, birthday contests!

birthday contests

Contests will allow to spend a holiday carefree andnot boring. Of course, we will have to carefully prepare: to come up with our own competitions or take advantage of the well-known, to think over the ceremony of rewarding the winners, to prepare prizes.

Contests for birthday for kids from 5 years:

1. "The blind artist"

Creative competition between children who know how todraw. Each person is blindfolded, a pen is put into his hand and placed at the board on which a large sheet of paper is attached. "Blind artist" should draw a portrait of the birthday man. If there are several "artists", their portraits are compared, and for the best (the one on which the birthday person came out most similar to himself: in place of the nose, mouth and eyes) is given a prize. And all the portraits are given to the birthday man with the autographs of the authors. Who knows, maybe someday these drawings will cost a lot of money?

birthday contests for teenagers

  1. 2. "Cheerful phone"

Choose team captains. Every captain is gaining a command. This is done like this: in a whisper, the captains speak to each other one word at a time. For example, "satellite" and "rocket". Then one of them aloud names the words to the candidate. For example: "Choose - a satellite or a rocket!". The candidate says: "Rocket!" And goes to the team of the captain who called this word.

After the teams formed, childrensit in a row, each group separately. The presenter utters in the ear of the captain of the first team some phrase, for example, the proverb: "A peasant, a bald man, sold flour for sifting, but no one bought it." And the captain of the second team has another phrase or proverb: "To chew, there is someone to scold, but there is nobody to complain about." It is very important that the phrases are equivalent in complexity. Captains whisper in your ear what you heard, to the players sitting next to each other. And those - next, and so on until the end of the series. The last one in the row says what came before him, and the captain utters what he whispered. Divergences will cause a sea of ​​fun. If the team was able to convey to the last player the information closest to the original phrase - she won.

Contests for birthday for teens can be associated with the letter and be more active. And it is better to alternate them.

1. "I see a tumbler!"

Need a furniture-free wall and two groups of7-10 people who want to play. First, the leaders explain the rules, then build all along the wall into two rows one by one. The leaders sit first squatting with the words: "I see a tumbler!", Then the participants sit down in turn. An important condition is not to stick to one another and sit in turn, not simultaneously. When everyone sits down, the hosts push the participant in front of them so that he falls on the next player, and so on until the end of the line, like a domino. Fall on each other and in one heap - it's fun! The most important thing is not to injure anyone, especially the last one sitting.

birthday contests for young people

2. "Nonsense"

To the competition, you need to prepare two sheets of paper and writing supplies for participants of both teams.

The presenter gives out paper and writing supplies. Declares that the first players must write at the top of the sheet the answer to the question: "Who?". Players write down the answers and fold the sheet so that the written text is not visible. The second players answer the question: "With whom?", Doing the same manipulation with the sheet, it must be repeated all the time during the contest. Still others - the answer to the question: "Where?". Fourth - to the question: "When?". Fifth to the question: "What have you done?". Sixth to the question: "What did they say?". Seventh to the question: "What ended it?". Questions can be more or less, depending on the number of participants. At the end of the competition teams unfold the sheet and read the story, which they have turned out. The story that turned out to be funnier is winning.

Contests for a birthday for young people can include all the above, but you can hold competitions not between teams, but between pairs in which participants will be a guy and a girl.

Contests for the birthday will not allow anyone to miss the holiday, will leave a lot of pleasant memories and can become a good family or collective tradition.

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