Content Manager: Responsibilities and Job Descriptions

A content manager is a specialist who is responsible for filling a website, blog, or other Internet site with content that includes texts, photos, graphics, drawings, videos, audio files, and the like.


Once in ancient times, the entire information flow of that time was created by speakers and clerks. Then the print production began to develop. In the XIX - XX centuries, printing and printing began to rapidly grow and expand, it took specialists to process a large amount of information. Even then, the first content specialists appeared, who, of course, were not yet called that. The profession itself with the name that we know now, was formed and developed already with the advent of the Internet and came to us from the West.

Content manager

Main responsibilities

The primary task of a specialist is the promotion and popularization of the Internet site with which he works.The content manager is also responsible for the accuracy of the information posted. His duties include the control of user behavior. He must ensure that users of the Internet site do not violate the rules of conduct established by the resource itself, as well as ethical standards of behavior.

The specialist doesn’t always fill the site with information, often copywriters or helpers do it, and the content-manager keeps track of the relevance and quality of the information laid out. His duties depend on the complexity of the resource. This may be only a selection of pictures to the text and putting it on the site, or maybe all of the above work, plus tracking attendance statistics and so on.

content manager responsibilities

The difficulties of working in this profession

The position of "content-manager" implies a large amount of knowledge. This specialist should have knowledge from several professions at once: a copywriter, an analyst and an SMM specialist. Often he is obliged to own graphic editors and layout, to know the basics of PR-promotion, as well as be able to write literate and unique texts, invent headlines.It’s not a fact that the content manager himself will be involved in this, he should know the answers to these questions and tasks.

Another difficulty of the profession is the irregularity of the working day, even if the specialist works in the office. As a rule, it works to achieve a result, at the maximum of its capabilities in order to maintain the competitiveness of the Internet resource.

content manager answers

Rather, the disadvantages than the difficulties can be attributed to the monotony of work. This is a daily monotonous sitting work at the computer. Of course, such work has health implications. This is a detrimental effect on vision, on the spine, on the joints of the fingers. People who constantly type on the keyboard and work with a mouse often have pain in their hands, which does not allow them to continue their professional activities. At least for some time and in the same hour duration.

But the big and perhaps the main advantage of this specialty is that you can work remotely, that is, from your home or any other place. For this we need a certain agreement with the head, a permanent stable Internet and a computer. Although this "home" way of working is not for everyone.Only self-organized and responsible people will be able to work effectively, as there are many temptations at home to take a rest, sleep a little longer, watch videos on the Internet or do something else instead of work. In addition, remote work is unlikely to suit people living in a crowded noisy apartment, where someone is constantly at home and distracts. Here it will help either an agreement with households, or leaving home for work in another place, for example, in a co-working center or a cafe where there is Wi – Fi.

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Do career growth

Subject to professionalism and continuous self-study, the content specialist can climb the career ladder. Growth is possible to the chief editor of the site, to the head of Internet projects, as well as to a specialist in SEO and marketing. Career growth does not depend on whether the content manager works at home or in the office. Everything depends only on his abilities and aspirations to develop, as well as on the customers and partners he chooses for cooperation.

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Who can become a specialist in this field?

In general, anyone can master this profession.But most often, content-manager services are provided by former or current philologists, journalists, public relations specialists, marketers and psychologists. Graduates of humanitarian universities often turn to this profession. In addition, creative people, but not devoid of rationalism and an analytical mindset, strive for this profession.

position content manager

General job description content manager

First of all, the specialist is responsible for the content and content of the Internet site. Its other duties depend on its variety.

For electronic media, first of all, you need to search for relevant, fresh and interesting news. For an online store, you need such a description of goods or services and their photo support so that visitors to the resource want to purchase the products offered. Regardless of which site the content manager works on, it must:

- to promote the site in search engines

- to promote the Internet project as a whole,

- to support and sometimes develop the basic concept of a resource,

- monitor the continuous filling of the site with relevant and reliable information,

- monitor compliance with the requirements and rules established by the creators of the project,

- control the general order on the resource,

- edit and correct materials, as well as advantageous and properly arrange them,

- explore the requests and needs of visitors to the resource,

- track the work of similar sites, that is, competitors,

- to cooperate with other specialists involved in the project (designers, copywriters, developers, photographers, illustrators, and so on),

- advise users on issues arising from them.

job description content manager

Where such specialists are required

In our information age, they are required in almost all Internet projects. Without a person engaged in filling and promotion, you can not do communities in various social networks, electronic media, online stores, SEO-studios, advertising and Internet agencies and other resources, aimed at serious work.

Professional skills needed by a specialist

The person who has chosen this profession must:

  • understand the basic principles of functioning and promotion of Internet resources;
  • have literacy and a rich vocabulary,
  • know the specifics of the company in which he works,
  • be able to work with text and graphic editors,
  • know the basics of copyright
  • be able to work in multitasking mode,
  • to be able to independently process large amounts of information and be able to see and highlight the essence of their flow.

The specialist should be able to work with photobanks, with freelancing exchanges, cooperate and negotiate with staff and freelancers, quickly and efficiently find information on the Internet. The specialist should know the principles of the main search engines, be able to work with different databases, as well as with the administrative functionality of the site. Most often he needs to own html-layout. It is also important to know the basics of marketing and SEO.

Where to get an education

In Russia, there are no universities that would teach bachelors in this specialty. However, this is a profession that you can master yourself, based on the already acquired basic knowledge. It would be best to get an education related to work on the Internet. For example, graduate from the faculty of journalism with a degree in Internet Journalism, or learn from a copywriter or a PR specialist.

For a representative of this profession it is not always an important requirement that a higher education be sufficiently secondary. The advantage will be the passage of various courses, such as courses on the layout of sites, working with Photoshop and the like.

Also, some higher educational institutions open courses or do optional extra classes at the faculty. So, for example, in the center of computer training "Specialist" at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University there are web-marketing courses. There are also various media schools.

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