Constriction of cerebral vessels

Narrowing of the vessels of the brain is known to us, asa disease called atherosclerosis. The deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of the vessels leads to a decrease in free space and a violation of blood circulation.

The first signs indicating a narrowing of the vesselsthe brain - increased attacks of dizziness and severe headache, as well as memory impairment. If you do not go through the examination and do not start treatment in the early stages, then atherosclerosis can lead to a stroke, a heart attack and senile dementia.

There are many negative factors,which provoke the development of this disease. These include a stressful condition, a systematic overwork of the body, nervous experiences and huge mental stress, as well as a lack of oxygen. But the main cause is cholesterol. It leads to a narrowing of the vessels of the brain.

A predilection for food with a large number of calories,high fat content and insignificant consumption of fresh food of vegetable origin, seafood, vegetable oils provokes the accumulation and deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of the vessels.

Narrowing of cerebral vessels becomesan obstacle to full blood circulation. The vitamins, micro-, macronutrients and oxygen, so necessary for our brain, do not come in the required amount, and a kind of starvation occurs. This provokes attacks of headache.

The main symptoms are oftenupcoming attacks of headache, a significant decrease in working capacity and memory levels, dizziness and tinnitus, as well as increased fatigue. All signs indicate the presence of chronic circulatory disorders of the brain.

This disease occurs in both youngpeople, and the elderly. Having diagnosed the "narrowing of the cerebral vessels," treatment can be prescribed by therapists and neuropathologists. With a severe complication of the disease, cardiologists will take care of the treatment. But, probably, consultation of such experts, as an ENT and the vascular surgeon is required.

Medication can be supplemented with folkmeans. The most commonly prescribed drugs are: lovostatin, mefakor, atromide, zocor, clofibrate, lecithin, cerebrolysin. Apply iodine therapy and anion exchange resins. Drugs are selected personally for each patient and depend on his personal data, health status and the presence of various allergic reactions and contraindications.

In most cases, patients apply forwith the help of doctors, when atherosclerosis is already in a state of neglect, so treatment takes a long time, and in some cases, drugs will have to be continued for a lifetime. A common cause of atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease, like osteochondrosis. Therefore, in addition to vasodilators (euphilin and papaverine), special gymnastics is mandatory, which contributes to the strengthening and expansion of blood vessels.

It is important to provide the body with all the missingvitamins, for this you should take a balanced vitamin complex. With the diagnosis of "narrowing the cerebral vessels," treatment with folk remedies will be of great help in taking medications. It is necessary to correct your diet by eliminating animal fats and replacing them with vegetable. Instead of sweets it is worth using more honey, and smoked meat is replaced with boiled meat.

Contrast shower and long walks will havepositive effect on blood vessels. And the use of garlic will help get rid of cholesterol plaques. Strengthen the circulation possible with the help of medicinal plants. When atherosclerosis is useful berries of honeysuckle and hawthorn, St. John's wort, thyme, dog rose, elecampane, ashberry bark and red clover flowers.

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