Congratulations on Epiphany

The Winter Feast of Baptism is one of thethe most ancient Christian holidays, this is a favorite by us all, a post-winter winter evening. Baptism marks the birth of a savior - Jesus Christ, the Son of God. More details can be learned from the Bible. Congratulations with Epiphany are different - you can write a text message, send a postcard to another city, or write a video and send it by e-mail. Congratulating our relatives and friends on the great holiday of Epiphany, we, therefore, give our native people to know that we are not indifferent to their fates, life, and that we always remember them and are ready at any moment come to their aid.

Congratulations on Epiphany are bright congratulationsfor all lovers of life. All those who believe in our Savior, all who are ready to repent of their sins, and also believe in these sins to be cleansed. With the Baptism every year, congratulate all those whose house doors are open for love and light!

Let him always, every day, every minute the Lordprotects you and all your loved ones from any adversities, failures and illnesses. On this great day, congratulate other people on the Christian holiday, and in return receive congratulations on your baptism, accept and give your warmth, and let the world be a little brighter, better and kinder for one day. Let this holiday be the starting point of all victories and great achievements!

Congratulations on baptism, several options

Prose (great for SMS):

1. "Let the joy of this Great Feast cover all sorrows and sorrows about sins and other worldly troubles! Congratulations on the Great Baptism Day!";

2. "Friends, on this holy holiday, let each of you have a place for love, warmth and forgiveness in the shower! Let the holy water wash away the heavy burden of daily worries and anxieties! Keep your purity of mind and open soul in a series of new happy days of this new, already I wish you that on this beautiful day your homes will be open to your family and friends, and everyone who comes will have a place at the festive table and a dear word! Happy holiday! "

There are also various ridiculous congratulations fromBaptism. If you want to give a good mood on this winter day, prepare a special cheerful congratulation for them. Here, for example, this (in verse) you can prepare a friend or sister:

I wish your life to look like a fairy tale,
And soon all dreams came true,
After all, you deserve all this,
And I want you to always love yourself.
Let your path be bright,
And you will be healthy.
I wish you joy, hope and love,
So that your business will always be successful.
Let friends understand endlessly,
And at work and around everyone is respected.

And how can I congratulate a child on christening? After the baby's baptism on the same day, you can congratulate him by giving the parents a postcard with pleasant words. Congratulations on the child's baptism: (example)

You passed (passed) three times communion,
I know (you know) the sacrament of baptism,
And in the ritual of ripening
Your soul has been cleansed.
May God help in everything,
From now on in the heart he will live yours,
As every bright day
In your blessing!

Or another option:

On the day of your baby's baptism
I want to wish you,
The exceptionally better, the most important -
Never mind and misfortune not to know!
Happiness to all of you, love, and also joy,
Let your family grow,
Life only presents sweets,
There will be only true friends!

So we considered the options for congratulations ona holiday of Epiphany, as well as with the baptism of a baby! You can even come up with a poem yourself, because it is much more pleasant for any person to receive something intangible as a gift, but made or written from the heart and from the heart.

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