Compensation for Motor Third Party Liability.

Dear readers, let's see how, by law, to defend their rights and achieve the performance of such a service as compensation for damage in the case of MTPL in the event of an accident?

In general, the insurance company does not particularly liketo part with the insurer's money, that is, in this case, the culprit of the accident. So what do you need to know in order to get what is legally required by the victim, namely, reimbursement for OSAGO?

So, if there was such a trouble as an accident, you need:

• On the day of the accident, be sure to fill out an accident notification form. It is better to decorate at once, then not to meet again with another participant in the accident.

• It is obligatory to inform the other party about the insurance company, policy number and phone number.

• Find similar information from the second participant.

• Even if the culprit is not yet established, it is still necessary to inform the insurance company, your own and the other party, about the incident and the presence of the victims.

• When the perpetrator is identified, it is mandatorytransfer to the insurer the notice of an accident and attach to it a certificate from the traffic police, but do it better through the mail. It is in this case that a document confirming the dispatch will be on hand.

The list of documents to be obtained in this situation:

• Original certificate form 12 with the seal of the State Automobile Inspection;

• original form 31, also with a seal;

• instead of the two above references, obtain one joint;

• A copy of the protocol, if it was compiled (of course, with a seal);

• A copy of the resolution, if it was taken out (necessarily with a seal).

If the insurance company is asked, or evenrequire that you provide any other information beyond those specified above, then you can safely refuse to comply with this request. This is all done only in order to delay the process, implying compensation for damages. The list of necessary documents listed above is listed in the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, and so far there are no changes in it.

In order to receive reparation forOSAGO, it is necessary to choose the right expert company. Of course, the insurance company itself is simply obliged to provide you with an expert examination firm, and it must be independent. But there are no decrees in the law that would forbid you to choose the option that suits you best.

So, what should be the actions directly when inspecting the damaged car:

• For inspection it is necessary to present the car in a cleanform. Of course, it will be optimal if it is held in a car workshop, while auto mechanics can be present. If, as a result of an accident, any removable parts are damaged, then they must be submitted to the investigation. Immediately before the inspection you need to show a certificate of damage, documents for the car and, if necessary, other documents of the owner.

• Be sure to read the final act before signing, and if something is unclear, ask for clarification

• If the expert has been invited by the insurer, then without fail, ask for a copy of the inspection.

When the damage is calculated,Prices are taken on average relative to market prices. There is also the cost of spare parts, and repair work itself, and materials. That's just the price of parts is usually understated. This is the result of an adjustment for wear. So it turns out that the amount of payment in reality is less than the amount that is needed for repairs.

Naturally, when the result of the examination is obtained,you need to carefully review all calculations. And if something suddenly does not suit you, then you have the right to apply to another company. But if the same expertise is carried out by the firm indicated by the insurer, in this case, how much will make up the compensation for damages for OSAGO, you learn only when you receive the funds. These are the rules.

So, the compensation for MTPL includesthe following: real costs + any other expenses incurred + payment for the expertise itself. The insurer is obliged to transfer this amount in a period equal to 15 working days.

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