Colostrum during pregnancy - how long? Rates and deviations

Every sensible woman seeks to do everything as best as possible for their future motherhood. After all, a healthy baby is the key to happiness and tranquility in the family. But many of the future mummies begin to experience serious anxiety, when the prescribed time of birth has not yet come close, and colostrum during pregnancyalready appeared in the form of discharge from the nipples. Is this normal? Will not irreparable harm be done to the unborn baby? What to do with this situation? These and other serious questions can be answered in this article.

Waiting for the stork

The most magical, tremulous, wonderful period in a woman's life, a time of unforgettable sensations - the months of pregnancy. The future mom learns to be more careful and touching to treat herself, begins a completely new way of life, devotes less time to work and more - to rest, learns long walks in the fresh air, tries to harmonize with nature.During these forty weeks, she daily and hourly tries to prepare herself for the expected delivery to take place as easily as possible, without pain and more safely.

With an unprecedented tenderness, she is waiting for the onset of that happy moment when her long-awaited baby will be born, when you can attach him (or her) to your breast and give her milk.

colostrum during pregnancy

Colostrum is the best food for the newly born paramolita. Usually it is considered that the future mummy begins to develop it immediately after the end of the birth. But often it begins in that time period when the baby swims in the mother’s tummy, that is, colostrum appears during pregnancy. As a rule, in the second trimester of gestation of the future baby, it begins to be produced in the form of some secretions. This whole process is absolutely natural, because a woman’s breasts during pregnancy are gradually being prepared for the feeding of her beloved fucker. Do not be afraid, if there is a tingling, a slight itch, it seems that in the chest there is some strange movement. It is the muscles that push the colostrum to the nipples.There comes a time when colostrum occurs during pregnancy. The whole process is absolutely normal, not foreshadowing any trouble for the woman and the health of the future of the baby.

What is colostrum during pregnancy?

There is a popular belief that if the colostrum appears late, then after delivery the milk will appear much later, which will lead to problems with breastfeeding. Like it or not, definitely can not be said. However, many future mothers often have a question: when does colostrum begin to stand out during pregnancy?

when colostrum occurs during pregnancy

A woman's body is able to produce one of the most amazing products in nature. Colostrum is much more caloric than breast milk (about 2.5 times), it contains a lot of protein, vitamins A and C. Another important component is a certain set of hormones, enzymes and antibodies that the newborn simply needs in the first minutes and hours of his life. .

The color of colostrum during pregnancy may vary. If its production begins early in pregnancy, then it resembles a thick, sticky yellowish liquid.As we approach delivery, the colostrum gradually becomes more and more like milk, that is, liquid and whitish.

Composition and properties of colostrum

To date, there is no mixture used to feed babies, which in its composition would be able to match the colostrum or milk of the first days of lactation. Only in colostrum, in the most optimal proportion, has nature managed to combine those substances that are of great importance so that the new family member can properly grow and develop. In other sources, such tiny substances necessary for vital activity are found only separately.

Wise nature has foreseen everything: the mother's body is so harmoniously configured to react to the development of her baby that the composition of nutrients and protective substances in breast milk can change in accordance with this process.

when colostrum begins to stand out during pregnancy

Until the birth of a toddler, all the necessary functions of replenishing the body of the future baby with antibodies are taken over by the placenta. And after the end of labor, the mammary glands begin to work, producing colostrum in the first days of lactation, and then milk.

Immunoglobulin and others

During pregnancy, colostrum begins to be produced in that period of life when the personal defenses of the body of the body are still very small. It contains a huge number of leukocytes and antibodies that are formed in my mother's body.

Immense role played by immunoglobulins (proteins), in sufficient quantities contained in colostrum. Their main task is to circulate throughout the body and destroy pathogens. The most important is type A. immunoglobulin. It is very abundant in colostrum. He as if lines the mucous membrane of the mouth and gastrointestinal tract, without providing the slightest opportunity for viruses and bacteria to enter the body of a newborn. It is he who is able to activate leukocytes (white blood cells), whose task is to carry out the internal protection of the body.

The timing of the appearance of colostrum

The difference between colostrum and milk is high in protein and low in sugar and fat. That is why it is very useful for the baby who just saw the light, because it helps the formation of his immunity and the preparation of the digestive system to breast milk.

So when does colostrum occur during pregnancy? Usually, the very first drops of it are detected immediately after the birth of the crumbs, but there are women who can discern light yellow spots on their underwear at around the 28th – 30th and sometimes 16-18th week of gestation. It is in no way associated with the pathology or the threat of preterm labor. How and when does colostrum begin to stand out during pregnancy? Everyone has different ways, because this process is quite personal, individual. First of all, it means a simple fact: the body of the future mom begins preparing for the upcoming feeding of the toddler.

breast during pregnancy

If colostrum is released in early pregnancy, this indicates that the breast gradually increases and the mammary glands swell.

It may happen that colostrum will not be allocated in advance, but do not worry. In fact, this should not happen before the onset of labor.

Ifsame colostrum during pregnancyit does not stand out until the very moment when the baby is born, this is not evidence that there will not be a single drop of milk after giving birth. There is no relationship here.

No colostrum.What to do?

It is believed that if the future mom does not see the appearance of colostrum, then this is a clear sign that the fetus has impaired development and there are various pathologies. Women are seriously worried about the absence of this tasty and nutritious fluid, because they are worried that later on they will have nothing to feed the newborn. But all these arguments are nothing more than a myth.

colostrum in early pregnancy

Another extreme is also encountered: colostrum is released, causing inconvenience to the expectant mother; a lot of fluid comes out of the chest. In this case, you must consult a doctor. Is forbiddenput pressure on your chest during pregnancyin order to squeeze the colostrum out of the chest. This is a categorical opinion of doctors. Because as a result of these actions in the body of the future mother, the production of oxytocin is stimulated, and it can contribute to the reduction of the uterus so much that the result can be a miscarriage or premature birth.

How to maintain personal hygiene when discharge from the chest?

Maintaining personal hygiene, especially when excreting a liquid such as colostrum, during pregnancy is a very important condition for the birth of a healthy baby.The future mom should pick a reasonably comfortable bra that will only fix, but not squeeze the breast. A pregnant woman can use disposable breast pads (they can be purchased at almost any store or pharmacy) or conventional cotton pads. They are very convenient to constantly change. Wash the chest should be warm water, not using any hygiene products.

colostrum color during pregnancy

Multifunctional Yummy

Mother’s colostrum is a crab for a newborn and a cure for almost all diseases, a tasty dish (there’s nothing better in the world), and a complex vitamin. Therefore, each mom must necessarily try as often as possible to offer her colony. And you should not get depressed if the maternal organism starts preparing this important function in advance. It is only necessary to carefully and carefully observe all the main rules of personal hygiene and try not to worry about anything.

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