Cocktails with "Bacardi" - the taste of this holiday

How did Bacardi appear?

This rum was invented in Cuba in 1862 and was named after its creators, the Bacardi family. Immediately having gained immense popularity for his excellent, frivolous taste, he became the target of numerous falsifications. But the descendants of Cuban winemakers did not surrender: in 1936, they started a lawsuit on copyright protection and ensured that in the USA all Bacardi cocktails are made only on the basis of branded rum. Now it is the best selling type of distillate in the world.

Bacardi Cocktails

What is the combination of this rum and what can be done from "Bacardi"?

Aged in barrels of bog oak wood, this strong drink is also used in its pure form for a digestive: after a dense meal, with coffee and cigars. It helps to digest food and improve mood. After a hearty lunch, you will not nod off. In winter, rum is good in the form of grog: prepare a hot syrup with cinnamon and cloves, pour a little lemon juice and Cuban distillate into it.But the most popular are still cocktails from rum "Bacardi".

Golden classics

The first of them, which became a classic, appeared in the 20s of the XX century. For it you need to mix in a shaker ice cubes, juice of Caribbean lime, 50 ml of rum (preferably white) and 10 ml of "Grenadine" (pomegranate syrup). To decorate a glass you need a slice of lime. Following the classic, various variations appeared: cocktails with rum "Bacardi" and gin (the last ingredient is added in proportions of one to two with rum), with "Bacardi" and lemonade and others. This alcoholic drink goes well with other juices, but lemon, lime and grapefruit are perfect for it. For lovers of sweets, we suggest mixing it with coconut milk, liqueur or Grenadine syrup. And for those who do not like strong mixes, we recommend to try rum (50 ml) with "Fanta-Lemon" (the rest of the tall glass).

Bacardi rum cocktails

What brand of rum is better to use?

It depends on what kind of drink you want to make. For example, cocktails with “Bacardi Oro” are good when tropical juices are added to them, because the drink of this brand has a soft, expressive taste and woody aroma, in which walnut, vanilla, spices and other exotic notes are felt.You can add an equal amount of tequila to this amber distillate - then this drink will be called “Acapulco”. Oro is also good with cranberry juice and coconut milk. The shake is called the Boston Freeze: 90 ml of juice and 30 ml of milk are taken for 40 ml of rum. Whipped with ice, decorated with cocktail cherries.

Cocktails with Bacardi Carta Blanca

It will be impolite to pass over in silence another popular brand, the name of which translates as “White List”. Most likely, such a name rum deserved because of the effect to remove from the memory all the trouble. The most popular shake based on Bacardi Carta Blanca is Monkey Wrench, which can be translated as “a wrench in the hands of a monkey”. In it, rum is added two times less than grapefruit or orange juice, 2 ice cubes and a slice of lime are thrown. By the way, there is a perception that the famous “Cuba Libre” was also for the first time (in 1893) prepared on the basis of the “Map of Blanca”, mixed with two thirds of Coca-Cola and a slice of lemon.

Sweet Bacardi Cocktails

Bacardi rum cocktails

What to offer girls? Of course, the neck on the basis of brands Oro, Superior or Bacardi 8. These distillates are perfectly combined with sweet liqueurs and juices. Here is the recipe for "Dolce Vita": for 20 ml of rum, take 15 ml of Amaretto liqueur and 90 ml of apple juice.Mix everything in a shaker with ice. If you replace apple juice with orange and drip some apricot liqueur, you get Almond Passion cocktail. But not only amaretto can be used with Bacardi. “Daiquiri” of different tastes, Maraschino, “Martini”, “Sambuco”, “Beyliz”, “Curacao” are also perfectly combined with it.

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Cocktails with Bacardi - the taste of this holiday 46

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Cocktails with Bacardi - the taste of this holiday 46

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