"Cocarboxylase": instructions for use, reviews

Many people who have problems with acid-base balance, in particular those who suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, drug "Cocarboxylase" is well known, as it is a vitamin-like drug.

cocarboxylase instructions for use

Metabolic acidosis

For all life in the human body produces a large number of all kinds of acids. He gets rid of their excess through urine, sweating and airways. This happens if the metabolism is not disturbed, because otherwise they will accumulate in the blood and negatively affect the connective and nervous tissues of the person. This process is called metabolic acidosis and is often manifested when the body suffers from a lack of vitamin B1. This pathology entails dangerous consequences: increased blood clotting, myocardial infarction, peripheral thrombosis, hyperglycemic coma and death.For this reason, specialists who have found problems with acid-base balance in a patient, prescribe the pharmacological agent "Cocarboxylase." Instructions for use are presented below.

cocarboxylase medicine

Pharmacological abilities

Cocarboxylase is a non-protein organic enzyme that is directly involved in the neuro-reflex processes of the body, reduces the amount of dairy, pyruvic and alpha-ketoglutaric acids.
His positive actions are aimed at carbohydrate metabolism and energy provision of tissues. Lack of cocarboxylase leads to deterioration of glucose uptake, the functioning of the heart muscles, the metabolism of nerve tissues. This can lead to the fact that a person will be prone to diseases such as acidosis, diabetes, neurocircular dystonia, heart disease, etc. In turn, the drug "Cocarboxylase" normalizes acid-base and energy metabolism. This, in turn, contributes to antitoxic and anti-ischemic action.

"Cocarboxylase": instructions for use and indications

The drug is prescribed to a patient who needs to stabilize the metabolism during respiratory, hepatic, cardiovascular and renal failure.Ischemic diseases of the heart, pre-and post-infarction conditions that may occur due to the high level of acidity in the blood, coenzyme drug "Cocarboxylase", whose analogues are also able to deal with similar problems, helps to normalize the human condition. Often it is prescribed to people suffering from chronic alcoholism and poisoning of any form, including medication.

The drug "Cocarboxylase", the instructions for use of which is below, is also prescribed for infectious diseases:

  • scarlet fever;
  • paratyphoid;
  • diphtheria.

Peripheral neuritis and multiple sclerosis are also no exception. Even in pediatric practice, medicine has found its place. It is used during pregnancy, if there is a strong toxicosis or hypoxia.

"Cocarboxylase" is a vial of powder that will be used for injection to a patient. For children, the drug is administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously or in some cases sublingually under the tongue. The drug "Cocarboxylase" is intravenously used only for adults once a day.

cocarboxylase reviewsChildren of any age under the age of eight are given 25 mg of the drug "Cocarboxylase". Instructions for use for adults and children after eight years is somewhat different - 50-100 mg.The timing of treatment with a medicine is set by the doctor individually for each patient. It all depends on the extent and neglect of the disease.

"Cocarboxylase": indications during pregnancy

The fetus, which is in the body of a completely healthy woman, receives all the necessary vitamins and trace elements for normal development. But if a pregnant woman has serious complications, such as severe toxemia in the last months of pregnancy, eclampsia, disruption of thiamine transport, convulsions, then Cocarboxylase is prescribed to the expectant mother before the true cause of the occurrence of this or that ailment is established. Also, the drug is allowed for use in pregnant women with diabetes.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects from the use of the drug is practically not observed, except for the intolerance of the active substance (cocarboxylase). Instructions for use focuses attention on the fact that after the introduction of this tool, serious side effects were noted.
cocarboxylase reviews
In some cases, the injection site may turn red, swell, burn.The remaining negative factors are noted, if you abuse this drug, as "Cocarboxylase." Reviews of overdose describe the possible pain in the epigastric region, shortness of breath, headaches, nausea, urticaria, high sweating, tachycardia.

Cocarboxylase is a very effective drug, but before using it in treatment, it is imperative to consult with your doctor.

"Cocarboxylase-Forte" - what is it and how is it different?

Many people, ill with a disease, visiting pharmacies, ask to give them something to do, but without the need for injections. There is nothing strange in this, because injection is always additional and undesirable costs. In addition, it is very inconvenient, since not everyone can take a shot at home or ask relatives for it. After all, if it is done incorrectly, then discomfort and discomfort in the injection area are guaranteed. Therefore, the drug "Kocarboxylase-Forte" was created in tablets.

cocarboxylase analogsCocarboxylase is not the only component that is part of the drug. It also contains the amino acids glycerol and magnesium ions.They significantly improve the activity of cocarboxylase. Magnesium helps to improve absorption and metabolism, and glycerin provides a gentle effect, improving and normalizing sleep.

The drug "Cocarboxylase", reviews of which are very positive, has no particular differences with "Cocarboxylase-Forte" in terms of pharmacological action. It is also safely used in violation of acid-base balance and for the prevention of complications of diabetes.

cocarboxylase preparation

Coccarboxylase-Forte: Clinical Trials

Experts claim that Kokarboksilaza-Forte is very effective for use in the treatment of patients with diabetes, ischemic heart disease, dystonia, metabolic disorders, as well as for the prevention of complications in the cardiovascular system.

Cocarboxylase-Forte: Benefits

This drug is currently being purchased more frequently than Cockarboxylase for injection, due to the advantage of using discomfort without sensations and the absence of additional costs in the form of syringes, water for injection, etc.
This is especially important for children who suffer from the above diseases.After all, the fact that they have undergone such an illness, and so gives them a lot of trouble, and it is very important to provide them with at least a comfortable treatment without the use of needles.

The method of use of the drug and its contraindications

"Cocarboxylase-Forte" is not assigned to those people who have an increased sensitivity to the components. Also, it is not recommended to take pregnant women. The drug is not prescribed to children who are under twelve years old.

Patients with diabetes, taking "Cocarboxylase-Forte", should daily monitor blood sugar levels.

The dosage is always set by the attending physician. Adults and children who have reached the age of twelve take one tablet under the tongue until completely dissolved, 3-4 times a day. It is also envisaged the use of the inside 15 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day, you need to drink a pill with a small amount of water. The course of treatment usually lasts no more than a month.

Side Effects of Cocarboxylase-Forte

According to experts, the drug is well tolerated by the body. Side effects that may occur are associated either with an overdose or with individual intolerance to the components. Manifestations of urticaria, rash, skin redness, itching, nausea and headaches are possible.If you feel these symptoms, you should contact your doctor, who, if possible, will reduce the dosage or provide an opportunity to use another drug, if reducing the amount of Korboxylase-Forte does not help to get rid of discomfort.

Anyway, no matter what your choice is, you should consult with your doctor before buying it and discuss with him all the questions that may concern you.

intravenous cocarboxylase

If it became necessary to purchase "Kocarboxylase" for a child, then specify the possibility of using the drug without the use of injections, if it is provided for in your case and the age of your child allows it. Pregnant women should also pay special attention to the use of the drug in any form.

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