Closed stations of the Moscow metro. Metro scheme

Closed stations of the Moscow Metro are stillcan be seen by driving through certain sections. They have long been studied by metropolitan diggers, but they continue to interest the public in the same way as Metro-2 (D6). In the history of such stations, a lot has accumulated, and all of them, one way or another, left their mark on the life of the Moscow metro.

History of the Moscow metro

closed stations of the Moscow metro

The first projects to create an underground transportThe network appeared in 1875, however, it was opened only in 1935. That scheme of the metro was much smaller than the existing one, it consisted of only 6-7 stations. Since then, the expansion of the network has not stopped, new stop points are being put into operation every year, some of them are being closed. Initially, the length of the Moscow metro was about 14 kilometers, as of 2016 it is about 331 kilometers.

Every year the Moscow Metro carries around 6-7millions of people, the passenger traffic here is very high and the existing 200 stations do not always cope with it. There are 12 lines, their number is planned to increase by 2025, new depots and stations will be built, some of them will be aboveground. There is also a possibility that some stations that were closed earlier will be restored again.


metro scheme

Officially in the Moscow metro there is onlyfour closed objects, one of them is the station "Pervomaiskaya", which existed on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line. At one time, it was almost immediately behind the existing and to this day stop "Izmaylovsky Park", and was the point where the branch of the subway came to the surface. The station was located on the territory of Izmailovo Electrode Depot, which successfully functions and is engaged in the repair and current maintenance of rolling stock.

The lobby of the former station is still ingood condition, however, now in the same room is located the shop where they are engaged in the repair of wagons. What is characteristic, tile and stucco decorations are perfectly preserved, for them it can be understood that you are in the territory of the former station. On the site of the former lobby is an assembly hall used for events.


Kaluga station

From 1964 to 1974 station "Kaluzhskaya" was located on the territory of the same electrode depot. Do not confuse it with the current stop, the old one was located opposite the Meridian DK. This station was different in that the passengers were landed directly on the depot territory, and then they left there by special signs. Since 1971, passengers have become much more difficult to use the station, so soon it was closed.

The station had a very poor situation: there were no ornaments, the platform was made of ordinary asphalt, there were simple lamps and ordinary walls with whitewashing. On the platform were placed several wooden benches, passing along them, the passengers got into the territory of the lobby.


May Day Station

If you are interested in the closed stations of Moscowmetro, be sure to pay attention to the "Soviet", which was planned to erect between Mayakovskaya and Teatralnaya. Partly the history of this stop can be considered an urban legend. Due to the requirements to complete the construction as quickly as possible, metro construction workers had to abandon the construction of this station, however, at that time it was partly already built.

The problem was solved simply - "Soviet" becamebunker, which is the headquarters of the headquarters of the civil defense headquarters. According to the researchers of the Moscow metro, it is here that the branch of the so-called "Metro-2" system "D6" passes. The station is fenced off and it can not be seen when passing through the section between Teatralnaya and Mayakovskaya.


list of metro stations

Closed stations of the Moscow metro are differentits unusual history, in particular, it is about the "Volokolamskaya". This station was to be located on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line between Tushinskaya and Shchukinskaya. When driving the distance between these two stops, you can see the lights, as well as the platform unfinished to the end of the station.

Initially, it was planned that this station would beservicing residential houses, which were to be erected on the site of the Tushinsky airport planned in due time. As a result, this did not happen, the station was conserved. There are no exits to the surface and colorful finishes, for a long history of existence "Volokolamskaya" has turned into a real ghost.

Risen from the dead

In 2002, the list of metro stations in Moscowreplenished station, which for a long time was closed - "Sparrow Hills". Previously, it was called the "Lenin Mountains", it functioned until 1984. The situation radically changed when it became known that the Luzhnetsk metro bridge was in a threatening state, and could collapse at any moment, causing a catastrophe.

The bridge was closed for major repairs, in thisthe entire train flow was launched on two additional bridges erected urgently. For almost twenty years the station was closed, and during this time managed to partially come into disrepair. Before the opening, Metro builders had to carry out cosmetic repairs, now it is part of a large metro metro network.


Closed stations of the Moscow Metro - far from beingThe only riddles that occur in the metropolitan underground. There are various fragmentary proofs of the existence of another metro system - "D6", which is used by the government, connects the most important infrastructure objects - the Kremlin, the secret underground base in Ramenki, Moscow State University, etc. Before the collapse of the USSR, the existence of this system was a state secret, for the disclosure of which many could lose their posts and lives.

Now some officials really recognizeThe existence of such a system, however, there is still no detailed information on it. Presumably the total length of the Metro-2 network is 150 kilometers, some sections are single-track, some are double-track. At least eight compounds are known to be plying on this system. In the metro, there are several transitions connecting the two systems, the most famous - the seawater not far from the "Sport".


The subway scheme has been repeatedly altered, activeconstruction continues to this day. Many hope that all stations closed for one reason or another will be open to passengers, and due to this it will be possible to build a really effective route network.

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Closed stations of the Moscow metro. Metro scheme Closed stations of the Moscow metro. Metro scheme Closed stations of the Moscow metro. Metro scheme Closed stations of the Moscow metro. Metro scheme Closed stations of the Moscow metro. Metro scheme