"Clinic": actors of a comedy series

This cheerful, kind and very wise series manyknow and love. "Clinic" was filmed almost ten years, and during this time, she had millions of fans in the US and other countries. What is the reason for its popularity? Good humor, ridiculous and ridiculous situations, in which heroes fall, real human problems and even tragedies, good music and bright characters - all this is the series "Clinic". Actors and roles in it are matched perfectly. It is thanks to this that it is interesting to watch it today.

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Brief description of the series and characters

The narrative begins with the fact that John's internsDorian (JD) and Christopher Turk come to work at the "Holy Heart" clinic. They are young, full of energy and desire to help people, but they still have a lot to learn in the way of building a medical career.

JD becomes a therapist, and Turk is a surgeon.At the first the relations with the intern are connected with Elliot Reed, in the second - with nurse Carla Espinosa. Dr Dorian's mentor is cynical and passionate about the profession of Percival Cox, and he will have to lead the work under the guidance of a competent but very strict chief physician, Robert Kelso. In addition, the bright hero of the narrative is the Cleaner, who somehow dislikes Dr. Dorian and clearly shows him his attitude.

actors of the series clinic

Actors of the series "Clinic", embodied thesecharacters will be presented below. But since the main character, in whose name the narrative is conducted, is John Dorian, it is about him that we will talk first.

John Dorian - Zack Braff

John Dorian from the first to the ninth seasonthe series goes from a young and naive intern to a confident senior attending physician and a teacher at a medical college. JD loves his work and quickly learns all the subtleties of the profession, although this is not always easy. In the course of the story, his love is tied with Elliot Reed, a child appears, but from another woman.

John Dorian brilliantly played an American actorZack Braff. During the filming of the Clinic, he discovered the director's talent and even directed several episodes of the series. Later, in this role, he worked on the paintings "Country of Gardens" and "I would like to be here", highly praised by film critics.

Zach Braff is not married, and his girls in different years were Bonnie Sommerville, Mendy Moore, Shiri Appleby and Taylor Bagley.

Another interesting fact about the actor: he provides financial assistance to an organization that is looking for a cure for autism.

Christopher Turk - Donald Faison

Actors of the series "Clinic" communicate with each other andin ordinary life. Turk is John Dorian's best friend on the show, and Donald Faison is Zach Braff's closest friend. In the "Clinic" Dr. Terk is a surgeon who first falls in love with the nurse Karl, and then marries her. The couple has two children. Interestingly, in ordinary life, the forty-year-old actor has six children from different women. His eldest son was born to him by a girl whom he had met in his youth. From the first marriage, Faison has three more children, and two - from Casey Cobb, on which the actor married in 2012.

clinic actors and roles

Donald Fason has been in the movies since 1992.Then in the film "Authority" he got the episodic role of a student. Then there were the series "Sabrina - a little witch", "Felicity" and "Clinic". Actors Fason and Braff worked together later. In 2014, Donald played a car dealer in the film Zach Braff "I wish I could be here."

Sarah Chock and Judy Reyes

These actresses also became known for their roles in the series "Clinic". The actors of the series were shot in other tapes, which should definitely be told.

Sarah Chock played the role of Elliot Reed in the Clinic. At the very beginning of the story, she began a romantic relationship with John Dorian, and then they somehow reminded themselves in all the seasons of the series. Sarah is known to the audience for roles in the films "Theory of Chaos" and "Kill Me Later," and she appeared in one of the episodes of Anatomy of Passion. Grandmother and aunt actresses died of malignant breast tumors, so Chok starred in the film "With lipstick on the lips," where the heroine firmly decides that even a serious diagnosis is not a reason to reconcile with fate.

series clinic actors and roles

Judy Reyes performed the role of Carla, a nurse,who became the wife of Dr. Terk. It is noteworthy that the actress starred in Martin Scorsese's film "Resurrecting the Dead", and there she was also assigned the role of a nurse. Judy has a twin sister.

John McGinley, Ken Jenkins and Neil Flynn

John McGinley, who played the role of Perry Cox in"Clinic" closely cooperates throughout his career with Oliver Stone. He played Sergeant O'Neill in the movie "Platoon." He appeared in the role of Dr. Cox and in the series "Clinic: Interns."

Actor Ken Jenkins began his career in 1979 with a role in the series "Quiet Quay." In total in his "piggy bank" about a hundred works in the movies and on television.

Neil Flynn is known for the role of Cleaner in the "Clinic" andMike in the sitcom "Sometimes it's worse." By the way, the charismatic Cleaner did not have to become one of the main characters. But he liked the viewers so much that the creators of the series could not do otherwise.

clinic 9 season actors

"Clinic", season 9: actors

In the final season, the main characterit is no longer JD, but the intern girl Lucy Bennet (Kerry Bishe). Her colleagues are Drew Saffin (Michael Mosley) and Cole Aronson (David Franco). Now these young and ambitious people have to go through a long but fascinating journey from interns to qualified doctors, and Cox, Kelso and JD in this will help them.

A wonderful comedy series "Clinic" was created by talented people and at the right time. Actors have worked on the glory, got used to their roles and so fell in love with the audience.

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