"Claridol": instructions for use, composition, release form, analogs, reviews

The drug "Claridol" is quite inexpensive, as well as a popular remedy, produced in the form of tablets and intended primarily for the treatment of allergic reactions of various etiologies. The name of the drug is commercial, since its current agent is the most common today histamine receptor blocker, namely loratadine.

claridol instructions for use

Indications for admission

For the drug "Claridol" instructions for use indicates that it is indicated for use in allergic reactions of immediate type, such as pollinosis, urticaria and others, but it is not intended for use against viral lesions or skin diseases. But this does not prevent the appearance on the Internet of various articles on the use of "Claridol" against papillomas. Moreover, it is recommended to use it not only for the prevention of their education, but also for the elimination of papillomas that are already available.

Every person who understands medicine, it is clear that they are a hoax, because the action of this drug in no way can help get rid of papillomas or change them, as well as prevent the emergence of new formations. Despite this, reviews of the drug "Claridol" are written by various, confusing people who do not know how to understand the intricacies of medicine, much more. Do not use "Claridol", as well as its analogues from papillomas.

Why you should not be treated with papilloma drugs?

According to "Claridol" instructions for use, he, like other antihistamines can not influence the formation of new papillomas or the destruction of old ones, because this medicine is a protein from which skin growths do not coagulate and cannot in a different way.

With regard to the prevention of the occurrence of skin tumors, "Claridol" is not able to affect human papillomas, as well as changes in cell growth or DNA caused by the papilloma virus. Papillomas are considered a consequence of proliferative inflammation, that is, proliferation of connective tissue, but histamine in fact does not matter in the course of such an inflammatory process.This is indicated to the drug "Claridol" in the instructions for use.

From which we can conclude that the tool is completely ineffective for the treatment of papillomas and their destruction. These skin growths can only be removed by surgical excision or chemical coagulation.claridol reviews

Of course, no one can forbid a person to use "Claridol" from papillomas, but he will not get any result. Harm to the body will probably also not be inflicted, especially when taken briefly, but why take pills that do not affect the body positively, if they are metabolized in any case, put pressure on the liver and other internal organs.

A person can have positive impressions after reading the reviews of "Claridol" from papillomas, but how can you be sure of their veracity? Indeed, the goal of leaving such false comments about the benefits of the drug, which can’t help the virus and the effects of persisting in the body, remains a mystery.

Claridol is a drug that is used to block the symptoms of immune system activity.It is produced by an Indian manufacturing company and is in fairly high demand in Russia.

Next, consider what kind of "Claridol" release form.

claridol price

Forms of release

"Claridol" is produced in the form of dragees of 10 mg with a risk that divides them into 2 equal parts and an orange syrup. Both syrup and dragee are sold in different volumes. Claridol syrup is produced in volumes of 50, 60, 100, 120 ml, and drops from 7 to 16 pieces in a blister packaged in a cardboard box.


The main active ingredient of the drug is loratadine, which is a 2nd generation anti-allergy drug. This suggests that the medicine based on it should cope with allergies and not cause drowsiness, and this is a beneficial difference from the 1st generation drugs. But what else is part of "Claridol"?

Excipients "Claridola": water; cellulose (protects components from the external environment); talc (filler); starch (a means of mixing the components); sodium starch glycolate (a substance that gives porosity); sodium methylparaben (preservative); magnesium stearate (filler); silicon dioxide (sorbent).

Additional components of the syrup: water; methylparabensodium (preservative); perfume; sodium propyl paraben (preservative); dye; sucrose (sweetener); sodium saccharin (sugar substitute); propylene glycol (a component that imparts viscosity); sorbitol (sugar substitute); citric acid (gives the desired level of acidity).

papilloma claridol

Cost of

For the drug "Claridol" the price is acceptable. Dragee costs about 80 rubles for 7 pieces. and 100 rubles for a syrup of 100 ml.

pharmachologic effect

Claridol has anti-edema, antipruritic and anti-allergic effects.

"Claridol" is used for allergies and any processes that are associated with pathological reactions of the system, including external manifestations. The list of indications for dermatological pathologies includes: skin rashes from insect bites, dermatosis, rash on the background of the urticaria.

Other indications are: allergic conjunctivitis, pollinosis, allergic rhinitis.


The medication "Claridol" contains detailed instructions for use, which allows the use of medications without constant monitoring by a specialist.

The standard dosage for an adult is 1 tablet per day or 2 teaspoons of syrup. "Claridol" is used at any time, regardless of meals.claridol analogues

For newborns younger than two years, the use of "Claridol" is contraindicated.

Children whose weight is more than 30 kg, shows the use of adult dosage. If the weight is less than 30 kg, the dosage is reduced by 2 times, namely up to half a tablet or up to 1 teaspoon per day. For the medicine "Claridol" the price is low, so it is available to everyone.

Claridol is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation.

Contraindications, side effects

"Claridol" is contraindicated for use at the age of less than two years, allergy to the components of the drug, during lactation, in the prenatal period.

The occurrence of side effects is extremely rare and does not exceed 2% of all cases. During testing, some effects were identified: urticaria, dizziness and headaches, tachycardia, fatigue and drowsiness, vomiting and nausea.

claridol composition

special instructions

The drug is able to influence the psychomotor functions of people. Antihistamines of the 2nd group usually do not affect the central nervous system, but if the body is sensitive to loratadine, it can cause drowsiness. Therefore, the first reception should be carried out not at work, which requires a good reaction rate, including the exclusion of driving.Great care requires taking "Claridol", if the liver function is reduced.

Compatibility with alcohol and other drugs

Throughout the course of treatment with "Claridol," alcohol should be avoided because it affects the effect of loratadine. Have a similar effect: "Zixorin", barbiturates, "Phenylbutazone", antidepressants, "Rimafampicin", "Phenytoin".

"Claridol": analogues

Analogs of Claridol include the following drugs: Claritin, Loratadin, Clarisens, Loragexal, Lomilan.

An alternative option may be any antihistamine of the 2nd generation, so you can choose a medicine based on the cost of the drug and the recommendation of a specialist. Often, Allergostop, Ebastin, Zyrtec, Terfenadine, Pipolfen are used against allergic reactions.claridol release form

"Claridol": reviews

About this drug reviews are mostly positive. Various allergic reactions relieves quickly. Especially runny nose during flowering plants. There are some reviews that the tool helps against papillomas. But, as we found out, you should not believe them.

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