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A fairly well-known figure in the Russianpolitician is Churov Vladimir Evgenievich. He was elected a deputy to the State Duma and for nine years headed the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, only in March this year gave way to Pamfilova Ella Nikolaevna. Several great scandalous situations are associated with this person's personality. In particular, he was accused of juggling election results in favor of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party. However, nothing was proved.


Born Churov Vladimir in an intelligent Leningrad family on March 17, 1953. His father was a naval officer, he had a degree. Mother, a philologist by profession, worked as an editor.

With such parents, it is not at all surprising thatthe guy received a very high-quality and multifaceted education. After school I entered the Leningrad Humanitarian University at the Faculty of Journalism. Having defended his diploma, he did not stop there and became a student of the physics department of the same university, who graduated in 1977. Later, already in full development of his career, Churov received another "tower" at the People's University of Technological Knowledge. He graduated in the time of perestroika in the nineties. Despite three higher educations, Vladimir Evgenievich did not receive his degree.churov vladimir

Carier start

At the beginning of his career, Vladimir Churovconfidently walked the scientific path. He worked as a teacher at St. Petersburg University for the Humanities, reading a special course for economics students on international and foreign economic relations.

Almost fourteen years he devotedSt. Petersburg Humanitarian University, where he held various positions in the joint design bureau of aerospace equipment. He published many scientific articles. But he was not destined to remain in this sphere.

Coming into politics

Back in 1982, the CPSU registered a newa member named Vladimir Churov. The biography of almost everyone who tried to build a good career in those days, contained such a mark. "You can not be a communist in the soul, but you have to enter the party" - here it is, the secret slogan of the eighties.

Vladimir Churov

Member of the CPSU Churov stayed until the very collapse of the Soviet Union. Some attribute to him cooperation with the KGB, but officially this is not confirmed.

Since the ninetieth year, Vladimir Mikhailovich"Deputy" in the Leningrad City Council - his powers ended in 1993. In parallel, I worked in the Committee for External Relations of the St. Petersburg Administration. His boss was directly Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin himself, which Vladimir Churov often recalls and calls this period of his life an excellent school of government.

In 2003, Churov tried to obtain membership in the CouncilFederation from its region (Leningrad), but this failed. In the same year, Vladimir Mikhailovich, closely associating with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, joined the ranks of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.churov vladimir evgenievich

Deputy of the State Duma

It is from this political force that the formersubordinate to Putin and ran for the State Duma in the 2003 elections. Having received the mandate, he joined the corresponding faction. At the same time, he stressed more than once that in fact he had never been a member of the LDPR and any other party.

Parliamentarians entrusted Churov the postDeputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS affairs and relations with former compatriots. More than once he acted as an observer of the elections in the Commonwealth countries, as well as in Serbia and Transnistria.

Political activities: Vladimir Churov - Chairman of the Central Election Commission

Until January 2007 the Russian law bannedto grant membership to the CEC to persons without a doctor of law. But then this demand was canceled, and on March 26 of the same year Churov joined the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. And a day later he was elected chairman.Vladimir Churov biography

September 2007 was marked by the start of regularelections to the State Duma, and Putin, who headed United Russia, were accused of wrongful agitation for this political force. But Churov did not heed the arguments of the prosecutors, and they took no action.

In 2009, in elections to local councils with a total separation were United Russia. The opposition staged a demarche and demanded the resignation of the head of the CEC - in fact Churov Vladimir again did not see violations ...

And this is 2011. In March this year, Vladimir Mikhailovich re-elected to the second term of chairmanship in the CEC, and on December 4, new elections to the parliament took place. And again, "United Russia" on horseback. Crowds of Protestants came to the streets of large cities of the country. The dissatisfied held many thousands of rallies and demanded, among other things, the resignation of Churov, who resolutely rejected all charges against him. Then he with great difficulty stayed in his post and left it in the legal order, after serving the second term until the end.

It was Churov, who was accused of lobbyinginterests of V.Putin, the winged phrase "Putin is always right" belongs. And Vladimir Churov, whose photo has repeatedly flashed in the media in recent years, threatened to shave off his legendary beard, if the election campaign is dishonest. But of course, he did not shave it. However, the accusations of the opposition were not proven, and they were simply words.Vladimir Churov chairman of the cycle

Personal life of Churov

In addition to politics, in the life of Vladimir Mikhailovichan important place is occupied by the family. His wife's name is Larissa, the couple have a son Eugene. In the tax returns, Mr. Churov repeatedly indicated that their family does not have personal housing, but rents an apartment from the state. He also signed in the absence of auto. And his annual income, according to reports, was 2.5-3.5 million.

Vladimir Mikhailovich still has not lost interestto science. Especially attracted by his military history, which even inspired him to write an art story "Secret of the Four Generals" about the White movement. The book was published in 2005. There is in the writer's piggy bank Churova and other works.

Also the former head of the central executivecommittee and State Duma deputy is fond of art, or rather, photo and architecture. Having lived to mature age, Churov Vladimir remained a faithful son of his intelligent parents who instilled in him a love of knowledge from the early nails.

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