Christmas balls with own hands

Christmas balls are a necessary attribute of the New Year. On the shelves of shops we see a huge variety of balls, dazzling with their beauty.

Why balls?

There are many stories about how theChristmas balls. One of them says: once in Germany there was a crop failure of apples. And without apples there could not be a holiday, because they were the main decoration. Then the Germans went to the glassblowers and asked them to blow out apples from the glass. And the tree was decorated, and the residents were pleased. This story reminds us of a fairy tale. Now, of course, the Christmas balls have lost all the signs of apples, only a similar shape has remained. But nevertheless the tradition has arisen and continues to live to this day.

What a holiday without diamonds?

Over time, the fashion began to enter the Christmas treeballs, painted by masters, real professionals in their field. They can be made to order, having agreed in advance about the form and ornament. For Christmas balls, handmade, of course, have to pay a little more than for simple, but you will definitely be sure that no one has.

The production of such unique toys isone of the units of the fashion house "Versace". About this very few people know that it does not prevent them from flourishing in the creation of interior items. The copies of such Christmas-tree toys are limited, and they can be purchased only from the official website of Versace. The price of these toys starts from 100 euros. The design uses precious metals and stones.

In Russia, too many of these companies. They are practically in all cities of the country ("Ariel" in Nizhny Novgorod, "Style-Studio" in Khimki, etc.).

We create ourselves

Nobody obliges you to buy Christmas balls, butso even more so for such money. You can make wonderful New Year's toys yourself. Creating New Year's masterpieces by your own hands, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday, take part in its history. Surely everyone wants to surprise their loved ones with unusual gifts. Nobody doubts that store toys amaze with their magnificence and violence of colors, sparkles and ornaments. But believe me, to receive as a gift a homemade toy is much more pleasant!

In fact, make Christmas balls with their ownhands are not at all difficult. To do this you will need: special materials, from what you, in fact, will make your toy, a little bit of talent and imagination and, of course, a good mood! Today it will not be difficult to find some guidance on how to create a New Year's work of art. The abundance of photographs and step by step instructions will make the process of creation simple and pleasant for the soul. In this article, we'll look at the most popular ways to make your balls bright and unusual.

Openwork Tale

For sure, every girl at least once in my life keptin the hands of a hook or knitting needles. Remember the same technology lessons at school. Air loop, face and purl loops, nakid, loop with two turns are terms familiar to all women. So why not take the yarn wrapped up and not tie the original Christmas balls crocheted?

Someone associates knitting with something alreadylong out of fashion. "Only grandmothers knit," say many. But in fact, the crocheted balls on the Christmas tree - it's something magical, refined, truly beautiful and unusual!

The schemes of this work are trivially simple and do not requirespecial skills. The main materials for creating such a ball are a hook or spokes, yarn, an inflatable ball and PVA glue. The execution algorithm is very simple:

  • first you need to connect the openwork basis, which will be the frame of the toy;
  • then wet it in glue;
  • place the inflatable ball inside the knitted frame and inflate it;
  • when the knitted substrate dries, blow off the ball and gently pull it out.

Your toy is ready! Such Christmas decorations will create a homely and cozy atmosphere.Christmas balls

Also, you can bundle ready-made Christmas treesballs. Plastic or glass, with or without sequins - you decide. The algorithm of knitting such a "cape" practically does not differ from the previous one. The only difference is that the skeleton is already there - a Christmas ball, and you just need to tie it, creating beautiful patterns and ornaments of yarn, crochet and, of course, hands.Christmas balls with own hands

Balls knitted with knitting need a little moreefforts. But the choice of ornament is much broader. You can tie your favorite print and combine the colors you like. Very nice looking balls with typical Norwegian ornament - snowflakes and deer.

Napkins, scissors and glue

The technique of decoupage is very popularamong the needlewomen. Its main advantage is that it allows you to remake an object to your taste. The essence of this technique is that you glue fragments of napkins on any object.

Balls are no exception. You can decorate your balloon with any pattern you like. The materials that you will need are a bowl preparation, a paper napkin with a pattern chosen by you, PVA glue, lacquer and other christmas balls
The execution scheme is really simple:

  • First, you need to select a piece of the picture that you will glue. It can be cut, but it is better to tear off gently.
  • Then remove the top layer (the one on which the picture). He just need us.
  • Next, you simply glue the pattern on the ball, smoothing it with a brush.
  • By the same principle you need to glue the whole ball. When the balloon has dried, cover it with acrylic lacquer. If you do not have it, you can replace it with hair spray.

Photo album on the balls

Time does not stand still, progress is moving forward. Nowadays you can even print photos on your toys, and you will get a real photo album on the balls! In order to make such an unusual object for decorating a Christmas tree, it is better to use transparent Christmas balls - then the photo will be more clear. Then you need to print the photo on a napkin.

Christmas balls, plasticTo do this, you need to attach the top layerswabs on a regular sheet using scotch, then set the print. The printer does everything for you. And then follow the instructions given above. As a result, you will get a cozy Christmas tree toy, which will serve as an excellent gift for your family!

Winter pattern with beads

If you are an avid lover of beads, beads andrhinestone, then you should like this idea. Christmas tree toys can not only be tied up or made of paper, but also decorated with beads. Over such a toy will have to sweat, because work with beads - this is a hard and laborious work. In order to make a mantle of beads for a ball, you will need the ball itself, wire and various pieces (beads, beads, rhinestones, etc.). You can use glass Christmas balls or plastic, which you like more.

transparent christmas ballsEverything is done very simply: The beads and any other ornaments are put on the wire, and then all of this is attached to the ball. The flexibility of the wire will simulate a frosty pattern on the window. Give vent to your imagination, and then your "beaded mantle" will definitely amaze everyone!

Large dimensions have not been canceled

Large Christmas balls - this is something new in the fieldproduction of toys. Such jewelry will not exactly leave your tree unattended. If you like original ideas and want to make the design of your Christmas trees non-standard, then include fantasy and get down to business! Large Christmas balls you can make of paper, thread, cardboard - the choice of material is quite wide. There are a lot of ideas, which are accompanied by instructions for implementation. Christmas balls made of paper will look very original, if you take for example the pages of a magazine or an old book. In order to make a Christmas ball of thread, you will need a PVA glue, an inflatable ball and a thread. First you need to moisten the thread in the glue. Then wrap the ball around her. When the thread dries, the ball should be blown off and carefully removed.

Christmas ballsThe toy can be decorated with beads or covered with gold paint. Such decorations look great on the New Year tree.

Holiday for children

The New Year is the most magical holiday,especially for children. This time, when they make wishes, look forward to Santa Claus, receiving gifts and, of course, a Christmas tree. What child does not like to decorate a Christmas tree with garlands and toys? Especially when they can be done with their own hands.

The idea of ​​making Christmas balls with imagescharacters from your favorite cartoon just like any child, because it is in everyone's strength. You will need only one-color balls and colors. They can be acrylic, and you can use the most ordinary gouache. But if you use gouache, consider that it will need to be covered with varnish, otherwise the paint will not last long and will soon begin to crumble. Brush in hand - and for the cause! Your imagination has no limit. You can draw funny muzzles, favorite patterns or leave a festive greeting - anything. For sure, every child will be pleased to see on the Christmas tree a toy that he made himself.big christmas balls

Just look at the variety of ideas! Everyone can make their own Christmas balls, regardless of age. Homemade toys will become an unusual piece of furniture that will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home, and also serve as a wonderful gift for loved ones.

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