Christening girl and boy: common and different

Baptism is a Christian rite,symbolizing the spiritual rebirth of man, his entry into the bosom of the church. From time immemorial, by way of water baptism, foreigners joined believing Christians, trusting themselves in God. Those who wanted to be baptized gathered on the shore of the reservoir and, like Jesus Christ, received the holy mystery. The water way of baptism has been preserved to this day. Priests of Orthodox churches baptize those who wish in special fonts or use holy water and special vessels.christening girl

For the rite itself follows the festival of christenings,which was widely used in modern times, when there is an increased interest in religion, the revival of church traditions, the restoration of churches. Many parents tend to baptize their child in infancy on the eighth or fortieth day after birth. Others, on the contrary, prefer to raise a child and then give him the opportunity to make a decision on this matter.

what to give to the christening girlThe christenings of a girl and a boy are similar in essence, butare different in some details. In both cases, the godparents are first selected. Common is also the fact that the godmother of the baby buys for him a special baptismal set, which necessarily includes a piece of cloth or a special towel - the kryzhma, which wraps the child after the font. It is no longer possible to erase it; it is a sacred object. There is a belief that a child will recover sooner if he is wrapped up in sickness with a baptismal lid. At the christening of the girl, the godmother buys a robe and a pink cap or with pink ribbons, and the godfather - a silver or gold cross, a chain, string or ribbon, and organizes a festive table. During the baptism the girl is given the name of that saint who will prayerfully keep her from evil misfortunes and troubles. The day of this name will be her Angel Day. According to the traditions of the Orthodox Church, the mother and father of the baby, as well as future godparents, should confess and take communion before the sacrament.

During the ceremony the godparents hold the baby in their arms,or stand on either side of it, if the child is no longer small. The christening of a girl is different in that her hands are held by the godfather, and the boy is the godmother. This ceremony makes the godparents responsible for the child before God.

that they give to the christening girlNaturally, such a holiday can not do withoutgifts. The question arises: "What do they give to christenings?" The girl and the boy are presented with different presents, if they are not quite young. What to give to the christening girl - decide themselves invited. The simplest thing in this case is grandparents. According to the ancient Orthodox tradition, they must present a silver spoon (it is also donated to the boy). It is believed that if you knock it in the teeth, then they will be healthy. One of the relatives can present a children's Bible that will be in the spirit of the holiday. Also a good gift for both the girl and the boy can become icons, church amulets, children's books about Orthodoxy. A welcome surprise for any child is always toys and sweets.

Baptismal silver spoon, the Bible, icons and amulets are kept in the family and transferred from generation to generation, gaining more and more value and enriching family traditions.

The christening of a girl and a boy must become for theman unforgettable event, filled with a special meaning. Modern reality offers such an excellent opportunity, as video shooting for the preservation of memorable shots.

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Christening girl and boy: common and different Christening girl and boy: common and different Christening girl and boy: common and different Christening girl and boy: common and different Christening girl and boy: common and different Christening girl and boy: common and different Christening girl and boy: common and different Christening girl and boy: common and different