Choosing meat from the plant "Samson"

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
March 31, 2017
Choosing meat from the plant "Samson"

Modern housewives sometimes do not have time to cook a delicious and satisfying dinner for the whole family. The rhythm of our life has accelerated so much that it is much more practical to capture a semi-finished product in a store near a house from work and bring it to readiness within 15 minutes. This allows you to simplify the preparation of a family dinner, saves time and effort. At the same time it is necessary to choose such products that will meet the highest requirements and benefit the body. This is what the Samson combine takes into account in the production of its products - products made from beef, pork, lamb, and various types of poultry.

How to choose high-quality semi-finished products

To buy really useful and quality products, it is worth paying attention to:

  • weight of packaged products;
  • appearance;
  • way of cutting meat.

Natural semi-finished products should be produced in the form of one or two pieces of meat, cut from the most valuable and soft parts of the carcass and wrapped in a transparent package.The beef product is usually offered in portions: the pieces of the spinal muscles for an entrecote should not exceed 1.5-2 centimeters in width, the steak always has a rounded shape, the width of the fillet should not exceed 4-5 centimeters, and the angus is packed in two rounded pieces.

Pork semi-finished products are lighter in color than beef. Cutlets, escalop, packed in two flat pieces of meat, schnitzel without breading or tenderloin, goulash with pieces of bacon, as well as meat for goulash - all this should be a light pink shade.

Small bone and bone semi-finished products are made from the cervical, spin-rib, cartilaginous, and sternal and pelvic bones with a certain amount of pulp. These fragments are sawn or cut into pieces and packed in batches.

To make meat, semi-finished products use raw materials from beef of the I-st ​​and II-nd categories of fatness, and the category of pork must be bacon or meat. Do not pack meat from bulls and wild boars, products with a darkened surface or re-thawed. Responsible entrepreneurs offer their customers a high-quality and chilled product.Before packing, carcasses are sawn on the varietal parts of a certain mass and shape, convenient not only for packing, but also for preparation.

After marking the product it can be eaten for 36 hours if it is stored at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. This is important to consider when buying a product.

Pay attention also to the shape of the products. They should have:

  • non-winding and non-stick surface;
  • fleshy tissue without tendons;
  • fresh smell;
  • whole and dry packaging;
  • saturated and uniform color.

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