Choosing a holder for the phone

Many car enthusiasts, choosing a carholder for the phone, can not decide on its model and mounting option. In order to make the right choice, all information concerning the characteristics of the holders and their fastening capabilities should be studied.

Magnetic Holders

holder for your mobile phoneThe simplest and most popular todayis a magnetic holder for a mobile phone. It is quite universal and usually has a round shape. In its manufacture, various materials are used. Usually, this holder for the phone in the car is made of either plastic or rubber and has a powerful magnet installed in its internal part. Such a holder must be fixed only on smooth surfaces. The car enthusiast should independently choose the most suitable place for its fastening, taking into account that there always was free access to a mobile phone. A metal plate is added to the holder to be glued to the back cover of the phone. It can be placed even inside a mobile phone (this applies only to those models that have free space under the back cover). The magnet in the holder will securely fix the phone both during the parking and during the movement. This holder for a phone with a magnetic plate has a fairly low cost.

Holder "bag"

car holder for phone

To date, it enjoys greatconsumer demand the holder in the form of a bag. Its main advantage can be called the ability to accommodate a mobile phone of any size. In this case, there is no need to glue the various elements to the back cover of the phone. Some drivers adapt this holder to the phone for storage of various trifles. Currently, there is a large number of models of similar products. When they are made, different materials are used. "Bag" has two options for mounting in the car:

- on the hook, which the driver at his own discretion fixes in a convenient place for him;

- on the clip-hook (it is included in the holder), which is fixed on the grille of the ventilation system.

Holder with clamping mechanism

holder for phone in carConsidering a holder for a phone havingclamping mechanism, we can note a special way of fixing. Thanks to two paws, the phone is securely attached to each side. Each foot is equipped with a cushion made of rubber of a porous structure, which does not allow the attachment to act mechanically on the phone casing. Due to the restraints located on the holding unit, the device falls off. Such a holder for the phone has a variety of shapes and sizes. Some models are able to record even navigators, players and iPhones. Mounting the holder is by means of a suction cup, which is fixed on any smooth surface. The kit includes a bracket that, thanks to its length and flexibility, makes it possible to mount the holding unit in a position that is as user-friendly as possible.

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