Choosing a cream for the eyes

French fashionable makeupprovides for the creation of an irreproachable skin tone. It is the freshness of the face that makes a woman especially beautiful. Caring for the skin, we sometimes forget about the zone under the eyes, eyelids, where wrinkles treacherously give out age in the first place.

Buying facial skin care products, you needimmediately buy him a set of eye cream, preferably from one series. Then the substances that make up cosmetic products will not conflict with each other, they will harmoniously provide the skin with complete care.

It should not be mistaken that wrinkles are the lot of womenBalzac's age. The skin around the eyes is so specifically tender that "crow's feet" can appear at a young age. It is very thin and does not contain any fat, therefore negative environmental influences are harmful to it. Especially dangerous are UV rays, good sun protection with glasses gives no less effect than eye cream.

Deciding that your eyes already need help,so that they are framed with beautiful skin, do not forget how old you are. Every age needs special care, taking into account the changes taking place in the body. As a rule, with 25 years in half of women, the cream for the eye contour becomes a permanent component of skin care.

At this age, the optimum is moisturizing,Presence in a cream of antioxidants, for example vitamin C. It is desirable, that in structure of an agent there was a collagen, oil of seeds of carrots and an extract of a cornflower. These components will strengthen the skin, save its elasticity.

After 30 years, buy eye cream, whichcontains liposomes and bioactive additives. Preference should be given to the nutrient. It contains lanolin, vegetable oils, placental ingredients. The skin needs regular nutrition, therefore it is recommended to apply eye cream daily, by day or at night.

Age skin requires more radical measures formaintenance of the general or common tonus. The predominant properties are the lifting effect, the ability to regenerate cells. Rejuvenating series of leading cosmetic companies always contain eye cream. The consistency of the cosmetic is better to choose gel, melting, to prevent stretching of the skin during application. Apply the cream in the morning and at night, periodically changing the cosmetic brand or brand.

Help choose eye cream for clients' reviews andcareful examination of the composition declared by the company on the label. Please note that the advertisement of the cream and the annotation to it indicate an active agent that has a beneficial effect on the skin. For example, resveratrol is a strong antioxidant, argirelene prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles, even small ones, Haloxyl - whitens the skin under the eyes, known Coenzyme Q10 speeds up the skin metabolism. It remains to find out whether many useful substances were put in a tube or a box. How? Look at the composition, the list is drawn up so that the components are arranged in descending order as part of the cosmetic. If the cornflower extract is in the tenth place, then it is practically absent in the cream.

The hygiene study of the effects of substances onpeople's health led to the conclusion that some components, even in the products of well-known brands, are harmful to health. They can also be saved by carefully reading the label. It is worth to abandon the purchase, if the composition of the cream includes Parabens or Propylene Glycol. The first substance is able to change the hormonal background of the body, the second - is an allergen.

Creams and masks for the area around the eyes helpKeep youth, but skin problems are more often a consequence of internal problems of the body. Conjunctivitis, allergies, impaired renal function lead to puffiness of the eyelids, smoking - to dryness and fine wrinkles. Health status, proper regimen and lifestyle are the main components of a good kind of skin, and a skillfully selected cream will provide it with additional radiance.

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