Choosing a beach umbrella

It is rarely possible to meet people whosunbathing under the direct rays of the sun. After all, everyone knows how much the ultraviolet harms our skin. That's why a beach umbrella is very necessary on vacation. You have not yet acquired such a thing? Then immediately go for a purchase. But first let's figure out how to make the right choice.

Pay attention to the frameBeach umbrella

Beach umbrella is a reliable shelter not only fromhot sun, but also from the rain or wind. After all, no one can guess how the weather will change. Umbrellas can be both ordinary and with additional accessories. It can be a plastic table or mosquito net. And you can even buy one that is put on the summer grounds. But, since we are going on a trip, it is better to choose light models. The frame must be very strong and reliable, because this is the basis for the umbrella. Do not pay attention to cheap offers. He will fly away from you immediately from a strong gust of wind. Choose a more expensive option. It has a steel frame that will last for a long time.

What should be the dome

This detail is especially important. It is made of satin or cotton and impregnated with a special compound that repels moisture. Take a closer look at those that have a polyester dome. Such a beach umbrella is characterized by excellent moisture resistance and strong enough. However, he does not let the air in at all, which is so necessary on a hot day. Therefore, the best option here is a dome made from natural fabric.Beach umbrella

Pay attention to details

The beach umbrella should be able to changeposition. Pay attention to the fact that the rod had a special handle, which allows it not only to rotate, but also to tilt. Try to turn the dome during the installation to the wind, so that your beach umbrella is not blown away. A small one is easy enough to stick in the sand, and large ones must be installed on a special stand. Buy such an accessory in the case. So it will serve you for a long time and will not lose its appearance. Well, if it will be a handle, with which an umbrella can be worn on the shoulder. Some models have holes that allow air to circulate and make it more resistant to wind gusts.

Terms of Useumbrella changing color

The beach umbrella should be properly installed. Otherwise, it will not simply be carried away by the wind, but it can still seriously injure others. Put it under a slope and turn it towards the wind. Better to fix the foot on a special stand. Before you put it down, carefully inspect the umbrella. It must be completely dry and without sand. Pay special attention to the very mechanism of addition. If it breaks, then this accessory becomes for you just an unnecessary thing. In case of severe contamination, wash it with a washcloth and soap solution. At the end of the procedures, dry it well, but do not forget that like any other umbrella, it is better to dry it in half-opened condition. There are special accessories for children that help protect their sun. They are much smaller and brighter than adult models. They can be accompanied by a table that serves as a stand, and a multi-colored beach mat. For sure, the kids will be interested in an umbrella that changes color. After all, it's only necessary to water it under water, as it immediately flashes in multicolored colors. Do not forget about sunscreen and glasses on the beach.

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