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Often young mothers have to take with thema small child who can not be left with anyone. Of course, it is convenient to carry it in a stroller, but this is not always possible. So, for example, it is often necessary to carry it to a polyclinic on floors, and with each month it becomes more difficult, after all it is all heavier. Just in this case, such an object as a kenguryatnik for children was invented, which is an alternative to wearing a baby on the hands.

When can I apply a camera

kangaroo backpackIn general, a child can be worn in such a subject withbirth. Just be aware that he must be in a kangaroo in a lying position. For the youngest children there are special models of baby kangaroos, allowing them to be carried lying down. If the model does not provide for such wearing, then it is better to wait a few months. Wearing a child in a standing position will be possible with three months. It is assumed that at this time he will already hold the head. However, one should pay attention to the construction of a separate kangaroo model. In some of them, babies are allowed to wear only from six months.

What you need to consider when choosing

Choosing a kangaroo backpack, it is worth paying attention to models with wide and soft straps. They are most convenient, since they will notfor children
To inconvenience those who will wear themthe kid. Also, the choice should be made in favor of the model, which will have a waist belt. This will help prevent overload of the spine, because the baby can inadvertently damage the health of parents. In addition, the baby should be regulated for the size of the child and its weight. Be sure to check the belts with which the child will be fastened. Do not choose models with velcro, they will not hold the baby. Choose also follows the kangaroo, which will have a hard back that can fix the back of the child, because it is often placed in kangaroos, when he does not yet know how to sit. It will be good if children have a tight headrest that will support the head and neck. In this case, the child will be comfortable even to sleep.


baby kangarooIf you value the health of your child, do notwear it in kangaroos for too long. The baby will be harmful for a long time in the same position. When he can not move actively, he is uncomfortable. In addition, in this position on the spine of a small man has a large load. Remember this always. In addition, by placing your baby in the kennel for children, make sure that his legs are widely apart. Otherwise, a lot of pressure will be applied to the perineal area of ​​the baby. This can cause dysplasia of the hip joints, so be sure that the legs are not too close together.

Observing all the rules of choosing a kangaroo for a child andfollowing simple advice, you can greatly help yourself and facilitate the transfer of the baby. In the world of new technologies and the progressive growth of adaptations that can be of use, one simply can not remain indifferent. You just need to make the right choice in favor of a quality and comfortable product.

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