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I want to replace the entrance doors in our country house in the suburbs, the old ones have become completely not aesthetic. Advise where you can buy quality doors and which ones are better to choose?
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Answered on May 8 13:48
First of all, you need to choose the doors of solid construction, because they must not only be a guarantee of security, but also securely fastened. The external material of the door must be resistant to temperature changes. Do not forget to install a visor over the door, so your door will burn out less and you will avoid metal corrosion.
Answered on May 8 13:54
You must remember that there are no doors that can not be opened, there are only classes of burglary. Choose durable models with a sheet thickness of at least 1.5-2 mm. They must also have good thermal insulation properties.
Answered on May 8, 14:00
I reviewed the characteristics of many doors. Based on the fact that their main function is safety, I stopped at the welded doors. Such doors keep warm well and do not let through drafts.As a lock, I think it is better to install a monoblock that combines two mechanisms and has a high degree of protection. You can choose welded doors in Moscow, for example, here.
Nikita Lynch
Nikita Lynch
Answered on August 24, 17:33
It is not difficult to choose the entrance doors, the benefit of which is now a large selection, you need to proceed primarily from your budget, and only then look at the material. For example, I like heavy metal doors of premium class, but they cost about fifty thousand, so I bought the usual one in Castor and so far without problems.
Answered on August 24, 17:51
When choosing a door to a country house, pay attention to the doors of the array, you can order them in a specialized firm for their manufacture, for example in this. The model of the Prince has a door leaf forty millimeters wide, and in its production using pine, and if desired it can be upholstered with forged elements, which increases its strength.

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