Chevrolet Cobalt or Nexia 3

The Brazilian branch of GM has independently developed its model of a budget auto. The novelty is called Chevrolet Cobalt or Nexia 3.

nexia 3Chevrolet Cobalt (Nexia 3) will be sold inforty countries of the world, including Russia. Now several models of Nexia are produced at the Uzbek branch. This sedans Epica and Lacetti, hatchbacks Spark and Matiz, SUVs, minibuses and micro-pickups. Now it is planned to put the Nexia 3 on the Asakinsky plant.

The four-door sedan was developed based on the optimal quality-price-availability ratio. As the creators claim, it will be a comfortable practical car for a wide range of consumers.


nexia 3 photoThe new Cobalt was first introduced to the world atmotor show in Buenos Aires in 2011 and immediately attracted the attention of its, rather commonplace, appearance. To say that the car has a bright, memorable exterior, it would not be entirely accurate. Rather, the sleek, flowing body shapes of Nexia New are associated with tranquility and dimensionality. Someone would even say that the exterior design is boring. However, large almond shaped headlamps, immodest size radiator grille, bumper with an additional air duct and small round fog lights are made in a corporate Chevrolet style and give the sedan some extravagance. A little spoils the impression of disproportionate large headlights and gratings in comparison with the general appearance.

In general, the Nexia 3 is a kind of calm. There are no sharp reliefs. High belt line on the sides of the body, almost flat roof, powerful rear pillars and round wheel arches do not cause a wild desire to drive at frantic speeds through the night city. This appearance is more suitable for a family car.

nexia newThe interior of the new sedan is made intypical Chevrolet style. Two-color leather trim, a large amount of chrome decor, an ergonomically well-visible instrument panel, a convenient arrangement of controls, a panoramic double sunroof and a multimedia system for the rear passengers are quite good for a batch-type budget. The interior is decorated with inexpensive but high-quality materials.

In terms of intellectual stuffing Nexia 3, photowhich has already appeared in the media, it is assumed the air conditioning, electric windows, front air bags, mirrors with electric heating and a modern radio tape recorder.


Accurate data on powertrains yethas arrived. It is only known that the Nexia 3 is based on a classic suspension for a budget car. The front is independent with MacPherson struts, the rear one is semi-independent with a torsion bar. Under the sedan is a proven platform Delta, on which the well-known Opel Astra is created. Proceeding from this, it is not difficult to predict the behavior of "Cobalt" on the road. Rigid suspension will certainly take over all the ruts and bumps of Russian roads. From which it follows that a trip to the car on broken roads will not be very comfortable.

If you focus on leaked to the networkinformation, Chevrolet Cobalt, most likely, will be completed with engines of the EconoFlex family. Transmission, in all likelihood, will be represented by a five-step "mechanics" and a six-mode automatic device, depending on the engine.

For the Russian market, a 105-liter 105-horsepower gasoline engine with an automatic transmission and automatic transmission is assumed.

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