Cheese Dishes: The Best Recipes

Dairy products have long occupied an honorable place in the diet of many people. Cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, yogurt, and similar options are a great way to start a new day, recharging you with the necessary energy. These foods can be eaten without heat treatment or cook tasty and hearty dishes. Cheese is popular with both adults and children. It contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients. Today we will tell you what dishes with cheese can be prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cheese Dishes

Little tricks

Many housewives love to replenish their arsenal of recipes. Dishes with cheese can take in it a worthy place. They are fairly simple to prepare, do not require large cash outlays, as well as extremely tasty and nutritious. This article will present several recipes that will certainly appeal to your loved ones and guests. But before moving on to the cooking process, let's get acquainted with some of the secrets of experienced housewives.So, before you start cooking cheese dishes (recipes from the photos will be presented below), you need to know the following:

  • Salts should be added quite a bit, because almost all types of cheeses are salty. Remember this feature of this product, and then you will not spoil the finished dish.
  • If you still have crusts of cheese, then do not rush to throw them away. When cooking the first courses, especially the soup with peas, you can add them for a special taste and unusual flavor.
  • If you are preparing a salad, then take hard cheese, and for casseroles and hot sandwiches it is preferable to have softer types.
  • The product bakes quickly at high temperature, so it should be added at the last moment.
  • In many dishes with cheese, this ingredient must be grated.

Acquainted with some features of the product loved by many people, you can very quickly master the delicious and simple recipes that will be presented later.

Mushroom & Cheese Platter

There is a huge amount of a wide variety of options for using these ingredients. Mushrooms and cheese are perfectly combined not only in salads, but also in hot dishes. We suggest you try to cook stuffed champignons in the oven.Juicy and fragrant dish will be able to take a worthy place on the festive table.

Champignon preparation

We need the following ingredients:

  • Champignon. For this recipe, we need them not canned, but fresh, with large hats.
  • Egg - one piece.
  • Greens, seasonings - if necessary.
  • Sunflower oil - two tablespoons.
  • Cheese of firm grades ("Gollandsky", "Russian", "Poshekhonsky" and others) - 100 grams.
  • Mayonnaise or sour cream - two or three tablespoons.
  • We also need salt and pepper (determine the amount you need yourself).
stuffed champignons in the oven

Cooking steps

The following describes the detailed process of cooking mushrooms in the oven:

  • The first step is to prepare the mushrooms. To do this, they must be very thoroughly rinsed with warm water. Hats are separated from the legs.
  • We take a pot, pour in it about a liter of water and boil it. At the very end it is necessary to salt.
  • When the water boils, add caps. Boil them for five to ten minutes. Then drain the water, and lay the cap on a flat plate.
  • Do not throw out the feet of mushrooms in any case, we will also use them in the stuffing. To do this, take the pan and pour on it a small amount of sunflower oil.
  • Mushrooms cut into small pieces. We take greens (which one you like best), you can take onions.All carefully wash and neatly cut. Now we put the sliced ​​mushrooms and greens in the pan and fry over medium heat for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • For a special piquancy, you can add a small amount of grated garlic to the mixture. We think that one or two teeth will be quite enough.
  • The contents of the pan must be well mixed, avoiding burning. If necessary, reduce the degree of heating.
  • Next, the filling should be cooled. Add a little salt, pepper. You can also use your favorite seasonings.
  • While the mushroom mixture is cooled, boil two or three eggs. Then cool them in cold water and clean. Finely chop the eggs and add to the mushrooms.
  • For a softer and more delicate flavor, fill the filling with sour cream or mayonnaise. Now mix everything thoroughly. The filling is ready.
  • Take a baking sheet and grease it with sunflower oil. Some housewives recommend covering with parchment paper. But if there was no such thing in the house, then you can do without it.
  • We take a mushroom cap and put a small spoon stuffing. Gently put on a greased baking sheet. We do this with every hat.
  • Turn on the oven, give it time to warm up and set the baking tray.
  • Take the cheese and rub it in a deep plate.
  • After twenty-five to thirty minutes, open the oven. Sprinkle grated cheese on each hat. We put in the oven for ten minutes.
  • Bon Appetit.
cheese casserole

Tasty and satisfying

We continue to acquaint you with the best recipes from cheese. Let's make an unusually tender and nourishing casserole with potatoes and minced meat. You can submit it at any time of the day. Take the time to prepare it, and your loved ones will be extraordinarily grateful to you for a tasty and nutritious dish. Next, we will teach you to cook another dish with cheese. What do we need for this? First, prepare the necessary products.


List of required products:

  • Potatoes - five to six tubers of medium size.
  • Milk - one glass.
  • Cheese - 100-150 grams.
  • Butter - two tablespoons.
  • Stuffing - half a kilo. You can take any: homemade, chicken, beef, etc.
  • Mayonnaise - two tbsp. spoons.
  • Salt, pepper - to taste.
  • Sunflower oil - one tablespoon.
  • Onion - one or two pieces.


For cooking unusually tasty casseroles, we need to cook mashed potatoes.Recall how this is done, and also consider the further preparation of the dish.

  • Boil in salted water peeled and cut into several pieces of potatoes, salt the water.
  • Heat the milk. We take tolkushku and begin to knead the potatoes. In mashed potatoes gradually add the required amount of milk and butter. All mix well until smooth. Puree must be salted and allowed to cool.
  • Fry minced meat. Add to it chopped onions. Be sure to salt.
  • We take a baking sheet, pour on it sunflower oil.
  • Putting mashed potatoes. Carefully level the mass with a spoon.
  • We shift to potatoes - minced meat with onions. Again, all carefully leveled.
  • Lubricate with mayonnaise and put in a preheated oven.
  • After twenty-five minutes we get the dish. Now rub cheese and sprinkle on top. Again, remove the minutes to ten in the oven.
  • Soon fragrant odors will envelop not only your kitchen, but also other rooms in the apartment. The dish is ready, enjoy its great taste. And then we will share another interesting recipe.
Fried tofu

Tofu Dish

In some grocery stores you can get acquainted with a huge assortment of a wide variety of products, including tofu and cheese. It is perfectly absorbed by the human body. We offer you to try - fried tofu. To do this, cut the cheese into small pieces and put it in the pan. You can roll tofu in flour, in which we add salt and other spices. Fry from all sides until golden brown.

Dishes with cheese in a pan

A few words in conclusion

Cheese dishes (recipes for several of them can be found in this article) always delight even the most demanding gourmets. They require quite a bit of time for cooking, but they are able to decorate both everyday and festive table. Even the novice hostess will surely get dishes with cheese in the oven.

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