Cheboksary, Opera and Ballet Theater: poster, history

The Opera House (Cheboksary) is very popular in its city. He offers viewers a repertoire for every taste and age. There are also operas, ballets, operettas, and even performances for children.

Theaters of the city

Cheboksary theater of opera and balletThe city of Cheboksary is rich in theaters. There are a lot of them here.

  • On the street Karl Marx, 52 locatedChamber Theater.It is quite young, it was opened in July 2014. The theater is private, it was built in accordance with all European standards.
  • Chuvash State Academic Drama Theater named after K.V. Ivanov.His address: Red Square, 7. This theater in 3 years will celebrate its centenary.
  • Presidential boulevard, 8. Here the place of "residence"Chuvash State Puppet Theater.Fairytales come true and real miracles take place. Children who have visited the puppet theater at least once, are guaranteed unforgettable emotions.
  • Russian Drama Theater.His address: 14 Gagarin Street. Opening of the first season in this theater took place in 1922. The first performance was a play by AN Ostrovsky "Vasilis Melentyev." The repertoire of the theater is based on classical works.
  • On Moskovsky Prospekt, 1 is locatedChuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater.There is it from the second half of the 20th century. His repertoire is very diverse.
  • Theater of the young spectator "Experiment".His address: Entuziastov Street, 36. Professional actors work here, who play plays for children. And also here boys and girls are trained in theatrical art.
  • Chuvash State Theater of young spectators named after M. Sespelya.The address is: Egersky Boulevard, 36. The first performance of the theater took place in 1933. The founders of the Theater for Young Spectators: MN Figner and E.D. Feiertag are directors from Leningrad. Performances are in two languages ​​- Russian and Chuvash.
  • Theater Studio "Namereen".It is located at 15 Sapozhnikova Street. The troupe was formed in 2005. The repertoire of the theater is suitable for those who want not just "spectacle", but crave food for thought. Here at the heart of everything lies the innovative interpretation of classical works.

Drama theatre

The theater of drama (Cheboksary) exists since January 1918of the year. In 1933 he received the name "academic". And in 1959 he was given the name of the founder of Chuvash literature - Konstantin Vasilyevich Ivanov. The first performance of the drama theater was the play by Alexander Ostrovsky "Do not live as you want." And in 1977 he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. The creative life of the theater began in the city of Kazan, where it was organized. And in 1920 he moved to Cheboksary. In the early years the repertoire consisted of classical works. Actors played the performances only in the Chuvash language. Then the repertoire changed. It consisted of plays by Chuvash writers: N. Aizman, A. Eschel, V. Alager, M. Trubina, V. Ukhli and others.

Later, the company began to replenish the graduates of the leading theatrical schools and universities of the country.

theater dramas cheboksary

The theater has been actively participating in various competitions and festivals for many years. He won a large number of prizes and awards.

Repertoire of the Drama Theater:

  • "Baba Chanel".
  • "In the village".
  • "Albena".
  • "Voice of the sad elm".
  • "My only one".
  • "Granny's grandmother, Praskov, is getting married."
  • "Way, breeze."
  • "Don Juan".
  • "Poverty is not a vice".
  • "Scythe on the stone."
  • "Love and pumpkin."
  • "Money eyes blind."

And other productions.

Opera and Ballet theatre

In 1960, a theater appeared in the city of Cheboksaryopera and ballet. The first performance was "Shyvarman" F. Vasilyeva. For the first time the opening of the opera house in the city was started in 1941. And to realize this idea was possible in almost 2 decades. In the first season, the troupe consisted of only twelve opera soloists. The choir was very small, but there was no ballet at all, it was replaced by the students of the studio who participated in all the mass scenes.

opera house Cheboksary

In 1966, the theater from Leningrad arrivedgraduates of the choreographic school. Thanks to this event, a ballet troupe was formed. Soon the graduates of the conservatory appeared in the theater. The choir became numerous, the opera soloists became enough, which allowed to put more complex and large-scale performances.

To date, the theater of opera and ballet has become an important center of the cultural life of Cheboksary.

Repertoire (opera)

The next repertoire is presented to the audience by the opera theater (Cheboksary).

The poster offers the following opera performances:

  • "Boris Godunov".
  • "The Queen of Spades."
  • "La Traviata".
  • "Eugene Onegin".
  • Rigoletto.
  • "Aida".
  • Carmen.
  • "Troubadour"
  • Othello.
  • "Ball-masquerade."
  • "Tales of Hoffmann."
  • "Floria Tosca".
  • The Barber of Seville.
  • "Iolanta".
  • "The Wedding of Figaro."
  • "Prince Igor".
  • "Clowns".
  • "Shyvarman".
  • Rural honor.
  • Narspei.
  • The Interrupted Waltz.

opera theater cheboksary

Repertoire (ballet)

For fans of choreographic performances, living and visiting Cheboksary, the Opera and Ballet Theater offers the following repertoire:

  • "Swan Lake".
  • "Carmen Suite."
  • "Sleeping Beauty".
  • Sarpige.
  • "Truffaldino."
  • "Nutcracker".
  • "Nunch."
  • "Giselle."
  • Carmina Burana
  • "Don Quixote".
  • "Love is a sorceress."
  • "Romeo and Juliet".
  • "Lolita".
  • "Thousand and One Nights".
  • "Eternal light."
  • "The Little Humpbacked Horse".
  • "Walpurgis Night"

opera house cheboksary poster

Repertoire (operetta)

Fans of an easy musical-theatrical genre can also organize their leisure in the city of Cheboksary. The Opera and Ballet Theater offers its spectators the following operettas:

  • "Silvia".
  • "Bat".
  • The Maritza.
  • "Mr. X".
  • "The Count of Luxembourg."

Performances for children

The Opera Theater (Cheboksary) for young spectators offers the following fabulous performances:

  • "Scarlet Sails".
  • "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
  • "The Bremen Town Musicians".
  • "Ali Baba".
  • "Teremok".
  • "The Snow Queen".
  • "Canterville cast."
  • "The Adventures of Dr. Aibolit."
  • "Thumbelina".
  • «The Crystal Slipper».

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