Charlotte with apricots - many-sided dessert

It is worth saying the word "charlotte", as immediately inmemory smells of biscuit, sour smell of apples, warmth and comfort of home ... Probably, everyone without an exception recalls this quick pie when the guests are already on the threshold. And what if you experiment a little? Let's bake a charlotte with apricots.

Charlotte with apricots

Secrets of a biscuit test

For a charlotte with apricots, you need to make a biscuit dough. It is considered the most capricious of all kinds, but if you use a couple of secrets, you can always get an excellent result.

1. Ingredients should be well-refrigerated.

2. The baking dish should also lie in the refrigerator for a while before cooking.

3. The flour needs to be sifted, it is better to do it twice: it will be saturated with oxygen, become more airy, the test will be easier to climb in the pie.

4. Try one-fourth of the flour replaced with sifted starch - it will not let the biscuit fall off.

Charlotte with apricots

5. Beat eggs at a low speed mixer in an open dish, and not in a blender - the dough will be filled with air bubbles. Beat eggs with sugar, make sure that the crystals are completely dissolved.

6. You can add a spoonful of honey to the dough. It helps to loosen the dough, make it more airy.

7. Before baking, the oven must be heated to 180 degrees. Let the cooker wait for the dough better, otherwise the dough will not rise. Biscuit does not tolerate procrastination, it should be baked instantly.

8. Lubricate the cold form only with oil. Do not sprinkle it with a mango, flour or breadcrumbs, they will worsen the taste of the finished dessert and prevent the pie from rising.

Charlotte with apricots in the oven

The main condition of a lush biscuit

Putting the biscuit dough in the oven,try to observe silence and peace for 25 minutes: do not slam the doors in the kitchen, do not drop heavy objects near the oven, in any case do not open the plate door. All this can lead to the fact that instead of a magnificent dessert there will be a baked cake.

Charlotte with apricots in the oven

Charlotte with apricots. Recipe

To prepare a charlotte we need:

  • 4-5 eggs according to size;
  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • 1 cup of flour;
  • baking powder;
  • 10-15 apricots.

Turn on the oven to warm up to 180 degrees inbaking mode. If your plate has an accelerated warm-up function, turn it on - this option is specially designed for baking biscuit charlottes with apricots in the oven.

Wash the apricots, carefully check that all the fruits are even, healthy, dense.

Break each apricot and take out the stone.

Chill the cooled form with a drop of vegetable oil.

If you doubt the non-stick properties of your form, cut a circle of baking paper into the size of its bottom, place it on the bottom of the mold and oil it.

Apply an even layer of apricots to the bottom.

Beat the eggs in a high bowl. First beat them at the average speed of the mixer, gradually accelerating. Put in the sugar, continue to beat until the sugar has melted.

Sift in a bowl a glass of flour and stir it into the sugar-egg mixture at a low speed. Add the baking powder.

Immediately pour the dough into the shape with the apricots laid. The baking time is about 35-40 minutes. Readiness charlotki with apricots can be checked with a wooden toothpick.

This method of cooking is very simple, if you wish, you can always use this recipe with a photo of a charlotte with apricots.

Charlotte with apricots recipe

Another variant of baking

If you want to try something new, unusual, and you have time to embody your idea, make a charlotte with apricots a little differently.

For the test:

  • 4-5 eggs (depending on the size);
  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • 1 cup of flour;

For filling:

  • 1/3 cup of sugar;
  • 200 g of butter;
  • 0,5 - 0,7 kg of apricots.

Turn on the oven to warm up to 180 degrees. Lubricate the cooled form with a few drops of sunflower oil.

Whisk eggs in the bowl with sugar. Sugar should dissolve. After that, sift into a bowl of flour and at a slow speed mix biscuit dough for charlotte with apricots.

Once the dough is ready, pour it into the mold and put in the oven for 35-40 minutes.

When the biscuit is baked, put the shape with it on thea wet towel for about three minutes. After that, gently pull it onto the wooden board. On the plate, the hot dough will sweat, the pie will be wet. Leave the biscuit to infuse for several hours, you can at night.

After the biscuit is rested, cut it into two or three cakes with a long knife.

Preheat the frying pan, dissolve the butter on it. Put in the sugar, stirring, achieve its complete dissolution.

Pour the washed apricots into the pan, after removing the bones from them. Reduce heat, cover and protivite the apricots until softened.

Lay the apricot filling on the biscuit cakes layer by layer. On top of the cake decorate with powdered sugar.

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