Charlotte Rampling: filmography and personal life

CharlotteRampling- This is one of the most famous actresses in the UK. During her long life, she starred in numerous films, often playing characters with a scandalous reputation. Last year, she turned 70, but the actress does not plan to leave work. What path did Charlotte go to achieve such success? This article will tell about her life, career and personal life.

Family and childhood Charlotte

The childhood of the future actress can be called cloudless. She was born on February 5, 1946 in the family of the artist and the military. Her father was first a professional athlete who won the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics. He then devoted himself to a military career, becoming a colonel of NATO in Europe. Charlotte also had a sister, Sarah, with whom they were very friendly as a child. Because of the work of the father, the family often moved from place to place. Charlotte herselfRampling, the photo of which is presented in this article, recalls that they rarely lingered in one city for more than six months.In 1955Rampingmoved toFontainebleauin France, where the girls entered the prestigious academy and learned French in a few months. Charlotte also studied in elite institutions in the UK.

At 13, the girl said to the family that she wanted to become a variety singer. However, her parents were against her creative career. After graduating from school with her sister, they began performing in London cabarets, showing French skits. The father insisted that the girls go to the courses of stenographers. Charlotte, who had a stormy temper since childhood, opposed the will of the family and went to a modeling agency for a casting. As a result, she was noticed, and the girl got her first job.

Carier start

However, to build a career mannequin she failed. After the first shootings, the agency’s leaders demanded that Charlotte do her eyelid lift. They also thought that she had a too intelligent face for such work. The girl flatly refused and abandoned the modeling business. Shortly thereafter charlotteRamplingentered the Royal Actor School in London and began acting in films.Her debut was an episodic role in the movie "Dexterity," released in 1965. A year later, the actress takes part in the shooting of the film "Girl Georgie", which later made her popular in the UK. For some time she starred in the TV series "The Avengers", but soon became interested in Eastern religions and went with friends to Asia.

charlotte rampling

Novice actress was famous for bohemian lifestyle. According to rumors, she spent a lot of time in the company of the then popular members of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones groups and even went on tour with them. The sudden death of her beloved sister, who died due to a sudden hemorrhage in the brain at the age of 23, also affected her career. Due to her stress, Charlotte went to a mental hospital.

Participation in Italian films

However, after treatment, she continued her career. At this time, it notes the famous Italian directorLuchinoVisconti, who invites the actress to take part in the filming of his movie "The Doom of the Gods." The motion picture was a huge success with the public, and Charlotte herselfRamplingsuddenly became famous. Since the late 60s, the actress has been almost completely busy filming in Italy.She starred in the famous films "Kidnapping of a Man" (1968), "It is a pity that she is a harlot" (1971), "Giordano Bruno" (1973). At the same time, the British film "Henry VIII and His Six Wives" also appeared, where Charlotte played Queen Anna.Boleyn, and also films "Skier"," Mental Hospital "and the series" Full House ". At the same timedebut movieactress in hollywood. In 1972 she took part in the American film "Corky", where she played the wife of the protagonist.

charlotte ramping movies

1973 was a turning point in the career of a woman. Actress charlotteRamplingagrees to play a major role in the film "Night porter"Italian director LilianaCavani. The picture became a real sensation, largely because of the explicit bed scenes, which in those days almost never met in the cinema. After "Night porter"Charlotte gained even more popularity, and the film itself was banned in Italy for many years.

Woody Allen and the new round in his career

CharlotteRamplingFilmographywhich has many extraordinary projects, began to attract the attention of famous directors. In 1974 she starred in a futuristic drama "Zardoz"directed by JohnBurmena. Then came the picture "Caravan inVaccarres"," The Flesh of the Orchid, "" Hurry up, until the wife returned, "" Sherlock Holmes in New York, "" Lilac Taxi, "" Death among Icebergs, "and others. In 1980, attention was paid to her by offers her a major role in his project “Memories of stardust.” Allen still considers this film one of the best in his career.

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Since the mid 70s, CharlotteRamplingHe lives in France and is shot mostly in European films. In the 80s after the success of "Stardust" come the projects "Long Live Life" (1984), "Sadness and Beauty" (1985), "Max, My Love" (1986), "Makeup for a Killer" (1987), "Night Paris" (1988) and others. In the 90s, the actress began to devote more time to her family, and in 1996, after a divorce, a series of hospitalizations to psychiatric clinics followed, where the starwas treated for depression.

Career actress in the 2000s

The film "Under the sand" by Francois Ozona, released in 2001, was for the actress a new birth. This is exactly how Charlotte herself spoke about him.Rampling. The biography of her heroine largely coincided with her own. The success of the picture returned her former popularity.In addition, the actress did not change herself and continued to lead a provocative lifestyle. For example, she appeared naked with director Francois Ozon. At the time of filming she was already 57 years old.

charlotte ramping filmography

In 2002, the woman released her first music album, released simultaneously in French and English. She continued her collaboration with Ozon and played in his next film, The Pool, which appeared on screens in 2003. At the same time, the actress returned to the theater stage. In 2006, she headed the professional jury of the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2007, CharlotteRamplingappears in another film by Francois Ozon "Angel", where she played in tandem with MichaelBy fassbenderand SamNeillom

Modern period

It seems that the age for the actress is not a problem. If charlotteRamplingin her youth she spent a lot of time on noisy parties, now she has completely devoted herself to cinema. Modern viewers could remember the actress on the projects "Duchess" (2008), "Street Dancing in 3D" (2010), "I, Anna" (2012), "Young and Beautiful" (2013). She also took part in the filming of the popular American TV series "Dexter"and the British project" Murder on the Beach ", where CharlotteRamplingplayed the role of prosecutor in the second season.

charlotte ramping in youth

In 2015, the actress performed the main role in the film "45 years", which was nominated for many prestigious awards. Thanks to this movieRamplingreceived her first nomination for an Oscar, but gave way to a young actress BrieLarson

Personal life

CharlotteRamplingalways been famous for scandalous connections. For a while she openly lived with two men: a fashion modelRandalLawrence and his manager BrianSouscombe. In her interviews, she often mentioned that she loved both equally and would marry any of them. In part, her words were true: in 1972, along withSouscombethey had a wedding, and before that the actress bore him a son, who was namedBarnaby. Now he is famousTV director

actress charlotte rampling

However, their marriage lasted only 4 years. At one of the parties, Charlotte meets French musician Jean-Michel.Jarre. In 1976, she divorced her first husband, and in 1978 she marriedJarre. They moved to France and settled in a beautiful Versailles mansion, where they lived for almost 20 years. In this marriage, Charlotte gave birth to another son David, and also raised a daughterJarrefrom his first marriage. In 1996, Jean-Michel goes to the French actress IsabelAjaniby filing for a divorce.

Career success

CharlotteRampling, whose films have always enjoyed success, has won numerous awards for her long career. Among them, 4 nominations for the prestigious French Cesar Prize, as well as the honorary prize for his contribution to the cinema. In 2000, she was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

charlotte rampling biography

Her acting skills were also noted by the Europeanfilm academy, Guild of Actors and Emmy and Saturn Awards. In 2015, she won at the Berlin Film Festival in the nomination "Best Actress", starring in the film "45 years."

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