"Chakra Frolov" - aerobatics figure: description. Aircraft performing "Frolov chakra"

Few people can leave indifferent spectacularan air show of fighters. Especially performing aerobatics figures with the whole team. This is truly a masterful possession of the machine, instantly executed calculations, confidence and courage. However, all these figures were thought out at one time not for entertaining performances, but as a way of sudden attack or escape from the enemy. One of the most skillful and incredible somersaults is the so-called Frolov chakra. What is it, how it is executed and where, in fact, this name, we will understand this article.

Pilotage - what is it?

Pilotage is maneuvering in the space of an aircraft, the ultimate goal of which is to execute any figure in the air or to hit the enemy. From here aerobatics:

  • the highest degree of flying skill, namely - the art of performing on a plane complex figures in the air;
  • aircraft control, the purpose of which is to perform individual aerobatics figures or their complex;
  • flight on an aircraft characterized by the execution of the most complex maneuvers;
  • the highest degree of the pilot's skill.

Frolov chakra

Aerobatics Figures

The figure of aerobatics is called aerialpredetermined trajectory, the position of the aircraft at which does not correspond to the standard - horizontal. At various air shows and flight performances of such figures are made whole spectacular complexes.

Figures of piloting are usually divided into single andgroup. The following classification - simple, complex and higher. It must be said that it is not static - depending on the improvement of the design of aircraft, some of the higher somersaults went into complicated, complex ones into simple ones, and so on. Present to your attention the modern ungrouping.


Simple aerobatics

It includes the following figures:

  • Turn- the aircraft moves forward, then turns in the horizontal by 360 °, while maintaining a roll of 60 °.
  • "The Horizontal Eight"- The trajectory lies in the horizontal plane. This figure is a combination of two bends, right and left, resulting in the air is written out "eight". When executing it, both set and loss of height should not occur.
  • "Spiral"- the flight path of the aircraft is helical, and at the operational angles of attack the pilot performs a set or a decrease in altitude.
  • Dive with an angle of 45 °- the aircraft moves at an angle relative to the transverse axis of inertia.
  • "The Hill"- the pilot gains altitude, maintaining a constant angle of inclination of the trajectory (up to 45 °).
  • "Battle reversal"- the pilot's skill quickly turn around 180 °, while gaining altitude.

Frolov chakra

Complex aerobatics

This category includes:

  • Bendswith a roll of more than 60-70 °.
  • The coup- the apparatus is turned 180 ° along its longitudinal axis and continues to move in an inverted position relative to the horizon.
  • "Loop"- Sometimes it is often called mistakenly "dead." This is a closed loop-like movement in the vertical. "Nesterov's Loop" and "Frolov's Chakra" are figures of Russian aerobatics.
  • Divewith an angle of more than 45 °.
  • "The Hill"with an angle of more than 45 °.
  • "Barrel"- the aircraft turns around its longitudinal axis by 360 °, while maintaining the altitude and direction of the flight.
  • "Corkscrew"- gives the impression of an uncontrolled fall of the aircraft. The device drastically decreases in a descending steep spiral, while rotating around all three of its axes.
  • "Candle"- vertical take-off of the aircraft.
  • Hammerhead- Turn the device on the vertical.
  • Ranversman- turn when doing "roller coaster".
  • The coupaircraft on the vertical.
  • "The Corkscrew"- a combination of the shape of the "barrel" with the "corkscrew".

The Nesterov loop and the Frolov chakra


This includes all unrepresented figures, as well as the so-called reverse pilotage. Special attention should be paid to three:

  • "Bell"- the nose of the aircraft is directed upwards at zerospeed, then the apparatus is sharply turned over by the nose part downwards, which in some way resembles the build-up of the bell's tongue. It is used to deceive the enemy radar - while executing the figure, the car hangs in the air for a few seconds, becoming invisible for these devices.
  • "Cobra"- during the execution of this figure, the pilot demonstrates the masterful control of the pitch during the flight, showing the super maneuverability of the jet device.
  • The Frolov Chakra.About this figure, we'll talk especially.

Description of the "Frolov chakra"

Such an interesting name is called "deada loop with a very small turning radius; a somersault, characterized by a turn in the plane plane body of 360 °. Observers think that the plane literally turns around its tail. The device is moving at low speeds, which adds more entertainment.

airy somersault

"Chakra Frolov" - a figure of aerobatics, stillnever used during a real air battle. In general, it is demonstrated by top-class pilots in show and airshow. Like no other, it shows the aerodynamic perfection of the propulsion systems of fighters of the generation 4+.

Practically the "Frolov chakra" can be successfullyapply in battle - it allows you to quickly attack the enemy, which is behind the pilot's back. It is also an instantaneous maneuver of the transition of retreat into a counteroffensive, when the enemy is already close, by carrying out a loop to let him go forward, being himself behind his back.

Aircraft performing the "Frolov chakra"

Perform this high-flying figure only devices with a deviated thrust vector are capable of - with it the reactive jet of the engine deviates away from the direction line of the aircraft.

Flying Chakra aircraft

In particular, these are the following fighters:

  • SU-30 MKI / SEE.
  • SU-35.
  • SU-37.
  • SU-47.
  • SU-57 (PAK-FA).
  • MiG-29 OVT.
  • F22 Raptor.

If you are wondering, where did this interesting figure name come from - the "Frolov chakra", read on.

What is chakra?

The word "chakra" comes from Sanskrit.चक्र, which means "ring", "circle", "disk". This is the name of the throwing weapon of the Hindus. By the way, according to Hinduism, human energy centers are also chakras, and they appear spherical, spherical.

chakra frolov description

The chakra is a very simple weapon.This is a metal ring with a pointed edge. In diameter it can be from 12 to 30 cm, its thickness is 1-3.5 mm, and the width of the metal strip is 1-4 cm. It was interesting to wear it - on cone-shaped hats, reminiscent of tall wizard caps. Some warriors tied the chakra to the belt. But the Sikhs stringed these weapons on their tall turban.

How does this invention relate to the figureaerobatics? His movement during the throwing is very similar to the movement of the aircraft in the performance of the "dead" loop of Frolov. At the same time, the weapons were launched very simply - they were untwisted around the index finger and sent to the enemy. The chakra could fly up to 50 m and seriously injure the opponent. How it all looked in practice, you can see by reviewing the legendary "Xena - the Warrior Princess". The main character in the film was throwing weapons that resembled the chakra.

Test pilot Frolov

Evgeni Ivanovich Frolov, born in 1951, is a test pilot who performed this aerobatics figure for the first time on a super-maneuverable experimental fighter of the fourth generation SU-37. It is not surprising that his name has become a household name.

Frolov chakra

Honored test pilot of the Soviet Union, as well as Hero of the Russian Federation, E. I. Frolov first demonstrated the "chakra" in 1995. It happened on the basis of the air show in Le Bourget.

"Chakra Frolov" is not the only merit of this ace. Let's get acquainted with the list of achievements of Eugene Ivanovich:

  • Four world-class aviation records.
  • The mastering of landings and take-offs from the deck of the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral of the Fleet of the USSR Kuznetsov.
  • Both the development and introduction of three higher-flying figures into the pilot training system, one of which became the Frolov chakra.
  • The first to lift into the sky and spend the whole complexnecessary tests of a number of fighters: SU-26, SU-27SM, SU-29, SU-38, and also the first Russian aircraft with a variable thrust vector - SU-37 in 1996.
  • In 1988, E.I. Frolov successfully landed the aircraft after a direct lightning strike.
  • In 1994to participate in the air show made a flight on a fighter in the direction of "Moscow-Chile", in total, having overcome 20 thousand km. The return path was complicated by damage to the engine - a bird hit its air intake. The pilot was able to carry out an accident-free landing of his car.
  • In 2007, the number of modifications and types of aircraft developed by Eugene Frolov exceeded 60 units.

"Chakra Frolov" - a spectacular high-flyingfigure, whose age is already just over 20 years. The "dead" loop, during which the aircraft spins around its tail, as if the Indian throwing weapon of the chakra, is not only an impressive trick, but a turn that can turn into a counteroffensive in real combat.

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