Chainsaws "Taiga": characteristics, reviews and comparison with competitors

In everyday life and at work, when harvesting firewood or processing wood, modern taiga chainsaws will become indispensable helpers. The line of this manufacturer provides industrial, semi-professional and household models. When choosing an appropriate modification, the size of the instrument, its power, operability and characteristics should be taken into account. Consider some domestic options and the closest competitors from other manufacturers.

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What is the difference between a home model and a professional version?

Low-power modifications have a limited service life, low weight and size. They are designed to operate in the country, in the garden or on the courtyard of a country house, able to work continuously for no more than an hour, but they are lighter and more economical.

Semi "Taiga" chainsaws can operate up to eight hours a day.With their help, the felling of small trees is made, and almost any wood is cut. Industrial models are designed to work within 15-16 hours. In this case, domestic saws are made taking into account the peculiarities of a difficult and harsh climate. In comparison with counterparts of foreign production, this tool has a reasonable price.

The main criterion for choosing a chainsaw is the ratio of the mass and power of the unit. The higher the second indicator, the more substantial will be the weight of the device, with which it is not so easy to work. Therefore, you need to take into account your needs and capabilities of the tool. The category of professional saws includes devices with a capacity of from two to six kilowatts (depending on the region of production, hardness of wood and wood species). The chain step in such modifications starts from 0.4 inches.

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Chainsaw "Taiga Profi TBP-4000": description

This tool is a saw that runs on gasoline, has a high build quality, thanks to the use of wear-resistant elements. Apply the unit for all sorts of work related to felling of trees, clearing glades, plantations, construction, sawing and harvesting of wood.

Chainsaw "Taiga Profi-4000" is equipped with a productive and reliable oil pump, due to which the supply of appropriate lubricant to the working part of the tool (chain) is guaranteed. This model is equipped with the Japanese carburetor "Valbro", designed for uninterrupted operation from different angles, which provides quick engine start.

The considered modification is easy to maintain, thanks to quick access to the spark plug and air filter. The body part is made of durable plastic, provided emergency braking of the chain. Due to shock absorbers, instrument vibration is reduced. The model comes with an additional tire and chain.chainsaw taiga pro

Technical parameters of the professional model

Domestic chainsaw "Taiga Profi" has the following technical characteristics:

  • power - 4 kW (5 horsepower);
  • weight - 5.5 kilograms;
  • fuel tank capacity - 0.55 liters;
  • the gap between the teeth of the chain (step) - 0,325 inches;
  • tire length - 450 millimeters;
  • Startup type is manual.

This combination of power, low weight, anti-vibration protection makes it possible to use the tool when felling and sawing wood in the most difficult conditions.

For comparison, below are similar characteristics of the semi-professional modification "Taiga 52C":

  • power rating is 2.8 kW or 3.6 horse power;
  • weight - 5.4 kilograms;
  • tank holds half a liter of gasoline;
  • tire length is 520 millimeters.

As you can see, the industrial model has almost the same weight, but its combination with power is much higher.

Chainsaw "Taiga-245 ZID": the device and a brief overview

The considered model has long proved itself from the positive side. This reliable and powerful tool is used in the forest sector and for domestic use. Since most parts of the unit are made of metal, the saw has a relatively large mass (9 kg).

The device operates using a two-stroke power unit, the working volume of which is 75 cubic centimeters with a power of 2.6 kW. The motor is equipped with a built-in cylinder with a diameter of 5 centimeters. A distinctive feature of this modification is the special composition of the fuel mixture (for 10 parts of AI-92 gasoline, 0.5 fractions of engine oil is used). The working circuit is lubricated with the same oil, in the warm season - in its pure form, and in the winter in the ratio of one to four with gasoline.Chainsaw "ZID Taiga-245" has the following dimensions in length, width and height: 900x280x300 mm. The working part consists of a 400-mm tire and a chain with a pitch of 9.3 mm.

chainsaw taiga characteristic

The device carburetor and technical performance "Taiga-245"

Inside, the saw chainsaw is equipped with a KMP-100US membrane carburetor. It has a built-in pump that feeds fuel from the gas tank into the working chamber. In addition, a pressure regulator, dampers (throttle and air), adjusting screws interact with this element.

In the serial sale of chainsaws "Taiga" come with an already adjusted carburetor. If necessary, adjustments can be adjusted with the help of three special screws that adjust the flow of the fuel-air mixture.


The main characteristics of the model:

  • type - semi-professional option;
  • weight - 8.95 kg (without fuel);
  • tire length - 400 mm;
  • chain pitch - 9.3 mm;
  • fuel tank capacity - 0.75 liters.

The scope of use of this saw is the harvesting of firewood, sawing wood, felling of wood, pruning, household needs.

"Taiga-214": a brief overview

Chainsaw "Taiga", reviews of which are mostly positive, has a cantilevered sawing part, which includes a tire, a chain and a drive sprocket.Lubrication during operation occurs continuously in automatic mode, it is provided by its plunger pump. The supply unit and the oil reservoir are located on the motor housing. The pump is driven by a worm gear; no additional adjustment of the tool is required.

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In warm weather, the same oil is used to lubricate the working section and the fuel mixture. In the cold season it is diluted with gasoline in the ratio of one to three. The sleeve on the tire is connected to the oil tank and guide groove through specially provided holes. Oil is supplied through the primary shaft of the gearbox, which drives the plunger. Further, due to the rotational movements of the element, the lubricant enters the working grooves and further to the chain. Technical characteristics of the model 214 are almost identical to the modifications "Taiga-245".

Care and maintenance

Chainsaws "Taiga" require regular preventive and maintenance. Its timely implementation allows to extend the duration of the working state of the tool with proper performance.

These activities include the following:

  1. Check before each start of the serviceability of the unit, the tightness of the fuel and oil systems, the reliability of fixing the carburetor with the cylinder, as well as tightening fasteners and tension of the working circuit.
  2. Cleaning the ventilation grill, air filter and carburetor reflector.
  3. Periodically filter element must be washed in gasoline or kerosene.
  4. At the end of the work, open and clogged nodes should be cleaned of chips and dirt.
  5. The working circuit is washed in an oil-gasoline composition, having previously cleaned it.
  6. Fine pressed wood must be removed from the grooves of the tire and sprocket teeth.
  7. You should also clean the oil channel by loosening the clamping screw, which is located below the crankcase.

Comparative parameters of the nearest competitors

Chainsaw "Taiga", the characteristics of which, depending on the modification, allows you to use it for domestic needs and in production, has many competitors. Consider the main representatives and their brief parameters.

chainsaw taiga tbp 4000

The German model "Calm MC-341" - semi-professional saw, has a capacity of 2.6 kW, its weight - 4.5 kg.The tire has a length of three hundred and fifty millimeters. There are also many professional models from this manufacturer. Their capacity can reach 65 kilowatts, and the size of the tire - 75 centimeters.

"Huskvarna-142" - this unit from a well-known manufacturer belongs to the category of semi-professionals. With dimensions of 415 * 310 * 260 mm, the chainsaw has a motor volume of 40 cubic centimeters and a power of about two and a half horsepower. Differs in a practicality and reliability.

ECHO is a gasoline saw from a young, but actively developing Japanese company that has taken a worthy place in the world market. For example, the model CS-305WS 14 with a power of two horse power easily brings down small trees, is easy to use, economical.

What do the owners say?

Chainsaw "Taiga", reviews of which can be found on special forums and trading resources, are in great demand among the population. Especially popular are the latest models that combine high performance, durability and low weight. There are no particular complaints about the functionality of this tool. The owners of certain claims against the carburetor, which is often clogged, and a lot of time is spent on cleaning.In some models, users are not satisfied with the air filters, which they advise immediately replace the more practical option.

About this element we can say that it is nylon or made of cloth (felt). The first option is easy to clean, suitable for reusable use, however, when hit, large sawdust is damaged. The felt filter is more resistant to mechanical stress, but it is rather difficult to clean.

The result

It can be noted that the chainsaw "Taiga TBP-4000" is a reliable assistant in the professional field, has considerable power with a small mass. The introduction of innovative materials made it competitive not only with domestic but also with foreign counterparts.

chainsaw taiga pro 4000

Other modifications from this manufacturer are also quite successfully used in everyday life, private business, utilities and industry. Some competitors "Taiga" were noted above. Among the domestic units can be noted chainsaws: "Friendship", "Energomash", "Ural", "Zubr". Knowing the basic selection criteria and technical features of the device, you can easily choose a device that meets your needs and the fullness of the wallet.

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