Network perfume and cosmetic stores "Letual": reviews, products, promotions and discounts

Cosmetics and perfumery shops are a paradise for girls. One of these places in Russia is the shop "Letual". Goods here are presented in a huge range, but such that the eyes diverge. Here you can choose everything: decorative and care cosmetics, perfumes and accessories.

Permanent system of discounts and loyalty program, held in a chain of stores, are very attractive for customers. But about everything - in more detail.

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About company

In 2017, "Letual" celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was in 1997 that the first outlet of perfumery and cosmetic orientation was opened. And in 2007, in the year of its 10th anniversary, the Letual online store in St. Petersburg and Moscow began its activities. A little later, he embraced other regions of Russia and Ukraine.

The brand concept is the creation of a daily ideal image of a woman, consisting in a first-class make-up, perfect fragrance and complementary accessories.

In the open spaces of stores, of which there are several hundred in Russia, customers are expected products from world brands:

  • DIOR;
  • NARS;
  • PRADA;
  • Nyx.

In addition, the product range includes products from L’Etoile Sélection, a store’s own brand.


The network of perfumery and cosmetic shops is a room with a large area in which beauty and care products are presented. The price category is extensive, customers can buy goods with any wallet.

So, everyone can purchase in the outlet "Letual":

  • perfume for male and female audience;
  • makeup cosmetics;
  • skin care;
  • hair care;
  • goods for men;
  • Products for children;
  • accessories;
  • gift ideas.

In addition, at the checkout, you can choose a gift certificate "Letual", whose validity is limited, and it must be used in time.

Letual Saint Petersburg


Perfume in "Letuale" - one of the most purchased goods. It is presented in a wide variety, for every taste and wallet. There are both men's and women's fragrances. Before buying it is possible to test the smell of interest through a perfume tester and blotters. To try several options, on the shelves next to the flavors are drinking bowls of coffee grains, which help the smells not to mix and be perceived separately.

gift certificate

All perfumes, colognes, eau de toilette are sorted by brand. Shelves are labeled with the name of the company, so finding the right is not difficult.

For children

The company "Letual" has taken care of its small customers. The range presented is as follows:

  1. Children's perfumed water "Masha and the Bear", "Disney Princess", "Cars".
  2. Makeup in the form of hygienic lipstick.
  3. Products for bathing: gels, hair sprays, shampoos, soaps, balms, sets and much more.
  4. Means for children's skin: creams, oils, milk, etc.
  5. Children's toothpaste.

It is worth noting that the cost of these products is tempting and may even be lower compared to other cosmetic stores.


You can complete the look with accessories, which are also available in retail stores and an online department store. What can be purchased from this category:

  1. Cosmetic bags.
  2. Manicure accessories.
  3. Pedicure accessories.
  4. Makeup accessories.
  5. Cases of various sizes for storing cosmetics and devices for applying.
  6. Tights.
  7. Decorations.
  8. Bags, wallets, purses.
  9. Sunglasses.
  10. Backpacks.
  11. Covers for brushes.
  12. Various: gift bags, aroma candles, body tattoo stickers, body sponges, trimmers and much more.


In retail stores, as well as in the online department store presents high-quality Korean cosmetics, the cost of which is quite affordable:

  • Cosmetics and accessories for makeup.
  • Personal care products: soap, body wash, shower oil, soap mousse, intimate hygiene foam.
  • hair products: masks, sprays, gels and shampoo for hair loss.
  • For the body: creams, gels, scrubs, oils, aromatherapy, slimming products.
  • For the face: creams, masks, powders, tonics, etc.

Reviews of this cosmetics are very good, confirming its quality and effectiveness.

Gift Ideas

In "Letuale" you can pick up gifts for any occasion, for men and for women. One of the options are gift certificates, which will be discussed later. You can also choose sets that combine the means for body care, hair, face, perfume and makeup cosmetics. The cost of the sets is also varied: from 400 rubles and more expensive.

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Gift certificates

At the checkout of any store of the company, you can buy gift certificates in denominations of 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10 000 and more rubles. Their value is equal to their value.This is a good gift option for relatives and friends who can buy goods in the store for the specified amount. Order certificates can also be in the online store with delivery. And when buying or ordering a par value of more than 10 000 p. The gift card is a diamond "Letual". What percentage of the discount it provides, indicated on the front side is 25%.

Validity of gift certificates "Letual" is not limited. Therefore, you can use it at any convenient time, but the cost of the selected product should not exceed the specified value. To pay them off, you only need to present it to the cashier who withdraws it and punches the check.

You can use the certificate only once.

letuyal shop

Loyalty cards

Discount cards "Letual" - this is another step towards a profitable, economical purchase. The developed loyalty system implies the presence of several cards with different percentage discounts.

diamond card letuyal how many percent discount

Absolutely any visitor who has made a purchase for more than 399 rubles is entitled to a cardholder and member of the Letual Club. As soon as the amount in the check exceeds this figure, the very first Ruby card is issued to the customer at the checkout with a discount of 10% and it is proposed to fill out a registration form. The received card must be presented with each purchase.

There are several types of discount cards that differ in color, name and size of the discount:

  • Ruby - 10%.
  • Sapphire - 15%. You can get it when purchasing from 3000 rubles.
  • Violet - 20%. Issued when the amount of the check of 15 000.
  • The most privileged Letual card is the diamond one. The discount percentage (how much can be written off) is 25%. This is a VIP-card, which is issued upon purchase from 25,000.

The existing card can be exchanged for a new one with a larger discount. To do this, the amount of points accrued for each purchase must correspond to 3000, 15 000 and 25 000. You can check the card balance on the store's website, in the "Personal Account". As soon as the balance will correspond to the specified amounts, you can safely go to the store and make a replacement.


Promotions and discounts in "Letuale" are held almost monthly, and not one by one. For example, in November 2017 the following is relevant:

  1. Black Friday is a global sale with huge discounts of up to 70%. Actual action in the period from 22 to 30 November. It applies to retail stores, an online department store, and purchases through the app. "Black Friday" is held every year.
  2. Gift from Guam Nature Bio Sens. The essence of the promotion is that when buying any product from the Guam Nature Bio Sens series for an amount of 4,000 rubles or more, Mauna Loa perfume is given as a gift. This promotion is valid only in the online store.It began on November 16, and will end when the gift item ends.

Permanent campaign "Birthdays". On the day of birth, the cardholders with a "diamond" value are given a 35% discount, to all the rest - 25%. The offer is valid on the birthday and another 30 days after. To get a discount, you must:

  1. Come to the store and make a purchase.
  2. At the checkout, inform the seller about the desire to take advantage of the offer of "Birthday Party".
  3. Show your "Letual" card and passport confirming the date of birth.
  4. Show SMS greetings from the company or a printed greeting card, which the company sends to e-mail. After that, the buyer is given a discount on the action "Birthday".

Held shares a lot. There are those that are timed to the holidays: New Year, March 8, February 23, etc.

Reviews about "Letuale"

Perfume and cosmetics shop endowed with a mass of reviews, and very many of those that express negative. What are the customers considered the company unworthy of attention?

From the reviews of "Letuale", exuding discontent, we can conclude that many did not like:

  1. The quality of many products, in particular perfumes. Unpleasant sediment remains from the fact that comes across a completely unstable flavor, and even elite brands.Women have repeatedly noted that the smell is so unstable that it disappears in just a few minutes. This suggests the idea of ​​a large number of falsification.
  2. Unjustifiably inflated prices that do not justify the quality.
  3. Reviews about "Letuale" negative and in relation to the staff of the store. Looking through the opinions on the Internet, you can repeatedly come across complaints from customers regarding rudeness and the secrecy of consultants. It is noted that many employees do not negotiate or simply remain silent about current promotions and discounts.
  4. The mismatch of price tags real value Complaints suggest that already at the checkout it turns out that the cost of the selected product is completely different than what was indicated on the price tag, and more often it turns out to be more expensive.

summer dressing perfume

The list of shortcomings is substantial, but it does not exclude the presence of positive aspects. For example:

  1. Variety in choice. It is possible to walk between the racks for a very long time, if the first time in a store or not is an exact idea of ​​what is needed.
  2. The presence of famous brands.
  3. Availability of probes.
  4. There is also a polite staff who will help you make the right choice.The professionalism of the workers of the Letual stores of St. Petersburg is especially noted. Perhaps the well-known culture of the second capital affects.
  5. Regularly held promotions with substantial discounts.
  6. Availability of convenient gift certificates.
  7. Loyalty program

As it can be noted, the reviews about Letuale are very ambiguous and have revealed both supporters of the trading network and its opponents who do not want to deal with it anymore.


Shops "Letual" is a corner of beauty, where both men and women, and even children will be able to choose for themselves something to give and maintain beauty. No matter how much negative there is with regard to the store, there is still a huge influx of visitors every day, and during periods of discounts and pre-holidays, their number increases noticeably.

It is regular promotions that are so tempting for buyers, since the prices in Letuale cannot be called democratic. Therefore, for bargains you should not ignore the purchase of a discount card, as well as ongoing actions. This will help to significantly save your budget.

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