Cervical erosion: treatment of folk remedies. Drug treatment of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is a disease in which ulcers form on its mucous membranes. From this disease suffer many of the fair sex. In the article we will look at what erosion of the cervix is. Methods, treatment and folk methods of struggle against this disease is also not deprived of attention.

What is a disease?

Erosion is, in fact, an ulcer that disrupts the integrity of the tissue. The causes of this disease may be as follows:

- hormonal disorders in the body;

- depletion of immunity;

- cervical injury after a woman has given birth or experienced an abortion;

- early sex life;

As you can see, there are many risks of such pathology. And if it was discovered that a woman had an ulcer, then it is necessary to act immediately so that it does not grow or degenerate into a malignant tumor.The optimal method of therapy is cauterization. We will tell about this operation in more detail.

cervical erosion treatment of folk remedies

How is the cautery procedure?

There is no need to go to the hospital. Everything is done much easier and faster. The girl comes to her doctor, and on the spot he carries out this procedure with her. A woman should lie down on a chair, her legs should be put on special stands. Then the doctor starts to work. He inserts a medical mirror into the vagina, while pushing its walls so that the cervix is ​​visible. Next, using a tampon, which the specialist wets in saline, it is wiped. Then he takes a special device and looks at the vagina and neck in order to exclude possible pathologies. To see any negative changes, the doctor applies a solution of acetic acid. If cancers occur, the cervix will turn white. Also, before starting the process, the doctor introduces a superficial anesthetic.

The procedure is carried out for any pathological problems in the cervix. There are several cauterization methods. Which one to choose, the doctor decides after examining the patient.It will also determine the extent of damage and localization of damaged areas.

Cervical erosion: treatment, burning with diathermocoagulation

This is the usual method of therapy. Electric current affects the affected tissue. The procedure is done with the help of surgitron. This operation is carried out immediately after the end of menstruation. After its completion, a wound remains on the neck, which heals in about two months.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diathermocoagulation method

The positive aspects of the considered procedure include the following:

1. Excellent result.

2. Reasonable price.

3. Ease of cauterization.

The negative aspects of cauterization using diathermocoagulation include:

1. The appearance of scars.

2. High probability of bleeding.

3. There is a risk of stenosis (vasoconstriction).

4. Painful sensations at the time of the procedure.

5. The risk of endometriosis.

6. The procedure should not be carried out by women who have not given birth.

cervical erosion treatment methods

The use of a chemical method in the treatment of erosion

This method is used by doctors in the treatment of cysts in the uterus, precancerous erosion, and cervical inflammation.Before you apply a cauterizing agent, the gynecologist makes a puncture of cysts to understand whether it is a benign or malignant tumor. Then the part to be cauterized, the doctor dries the swab. This is necessary so that the chemical does not fall on healthy areas. After this, the affected area is lubricated with a cotton swab dipped in a chemical cauterizing agent. Bichloroacetic acid is used as such a medicine. Three minutes after the procedure, the affected area is wiped with a dry swab so that there are no more traces of the active substance left on the cervix.

Cervical erosion. Treatment of girlless chemical agents

The advantages of the method include the following:

1. The possibility of applying for the treatment of non-giving women.

2. The pain with this method of treatment is completely absent.

3. The chemical does not enter the blood.

4. Acceptable transaction price.

The disadvantages of the chemical treatment method can be considered:

1. The appearance of the burn and the formation of the scar.

2. With this method it is impossible to treat a large affected part of the cervix, only a small one.

The use of laser erosion treatment

This method is effective. Due to the cost of equipment, laser cauterization is carried out in private clinics and hospitals. Often it is performed under general anesthesia. The process is as follows: the laser is directed at the affected areas and begins to evaporate them. As a result of this action, the pathological tissues are destroyed. Cervical erosion, whose laser treatment is prescribed to young women, is in many cases eliminated.

cervical erosion treatment with candles

Advantages and disadvantages of the laser method


1. The absence of any complications.

2. The possibility of a procedure for giving birth.

3. No bleeding.

4. Fast wound healing.

5. High accuracy of the operation due to the laser.


1. The high price of the procedure.

2. The use of anesthesia.

Possible consequences of refusing treatment

Do you have cervical erosion? The consequences (treatment if not carried out) are as follows: the formation of an optimal environment for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. In particular, it is candida, chlamydia, Trichomonas. They easily penetrate the ovaries and uterus. This can lead to infertility.Another terrible picture - erosion can grow from a benign formation into a malignant one. In other words, cervical cancer will develop. Often, such a diagnosis is made to young women who did not deal with the elimination of such diseases as cervical erosion.

Treatment of folk remedies, along with medical or surgical methods - these are the main methods of therapy that will restore health.

The essence of drug treatment

This method is used only when the ulcer does not increase, and the patient herself is still quite young. In such cases, it is advisable to prescribe medications that will have anti-inflammatory effect and promote the speedy healing of the ulcer.

So that the damaged cells are more likely to be removed, and they are replaced by new ones, the following drugs are used: solutions “Solkovagin” and “Vagotil”. Treatment of affected areas with these medicines is done by the attending physician.

If erosion was caused by infections, complex therapy is prescribed. These are agents that have a fortifying effect and are also able to enhance immunity.

erosion of the cervix uterus

For the speedy elimination of the disease, the drug Duphaston, the installation of tampons with methyluracil ointment against a disease such as cervical erosion can be prescribed. Treatment with candles gives a good result. Read more about this method of therapy below.

What kind of candles can relieve inflammation?

Such funds do not completely get rid of the pathology. But they are able to remove the inflammatory process and make faster cell repair during a disease such as cervical erosion. Treatment with candles is carried out before bedtime. The following suppositories have proven themselves well: Livarol, Hexicon, Evkolek.

In addition, candles can be made independently. For example, honey. How to make them, read below.

Sweet cure in the treatment of erosion

Honey is a product of natural origin. He copes well with such a disease as cervical erosion. Honey treatment involves douching this sweet solution, as well as the introduction of candles.

cervical erosion treatment with honey

Means for douching is prepared as follows: 20 grams of honey must be diluted in 250 ml of boiled warm water. The procedure is carried out twice a day.

Candles are prepared as follows: 5 tablespoons of honey should be combined with 5 grams of propolis and 150 grams of butter. The whole composition should be melted, then cool the mixture.Next you need to form an oval candle and define them in the fridge for freezing. Such home-made suppositories often lead to excellent results. Treatment with homemade or pharmacy candles should be agreed with the doctor.

This method can be attributed to domestic methods of dealing with such a disease as cervical erosion. Treatment of folk remedies involves the use of various products that are available in any home. What kind of plants and oils will help cope with this ailment, we describe below.

Calendula tincture as an effective additional agent in the treatment of ulcers

cervical erosion moxibustion treatment

Often occurring in the female half of humanity, the disease is erosion of the cervix. Treatment with folk remedies involves the use of such recipes and compositions that will have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing properties. One of such effective remedies is calendula tincture. It is used for douching. To do this, you need to brew 20 g of flowers in 0.5 liters of boiling water. Then insist the mixture for about an hour, and then pass through the gauze. Begin to douche after the end of menstruation.The procedure should be performed 1-2 times a day. Duration - 20 days. If necessary, repeat the course.

Sea buckthorn oil

This folk remedy is used as an impregnation for tampons that need to be inserted deep into the vagina before bedtime. It is necessary to cut a wide bandage or gauze about 0.2 m long. In the center you need to put a small piece of sterile cotton and tightly tie a knot. This tampon should be dipped in sea buckthorn oil and put it in the vagina. The tail of the knot is at least 8 cm long and must remain outside.

cervical erosion effects treatment

Some doctors recommend leaving a tampon with oil for the whole night, while others insist that the maximum time that a medicinal product is in the vagina should be no more than 4 hours.

Sea buckthorn oil has a large number of positive properties: it has a softening and healing effect, restores the vaginal microflora, and also prevents the development of oncology. And, of course, helps to get rid of such diseases as cervical erosion. Treatment of folk remedies is effective in the initial stages of the disease.

Recommendations after the cautery procedure

Often, vaginal discharge may occur after the elimination of a disease such as cervical erosion. Treatment after cauterization is carried out or not? Nothing special needs to be done, just follow a few rules:

1. Do not lift weights after the procedure for at least 1 month.

2. Make a break in sexual life for at least 30 days.

3. Taboo on taking hot baths. They can trigger whiter bleeding.

From the article you learned about such things as cervical erosion, methods, treatment of this disease in women. We described the possible ways to eliminate this disease.

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