Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics.

Caviar roe - one of the most expensive foodproducts. But this is not its only distinctive feature. In addition to the high price, there are many other characteristics that distinguish this delicacy among other products.

One of the best

Fish family salmon live in the Atlanticand the Pacific Ocean. This is where their fishing is conducted. As a meal, the bird and caviar are usually used. Both components play an important role in the normal functioning of the human body. Meat of fish goes for the preparation of soups, salads, various snacks and hot dishes. But caviar is a real delicacy.


Translated from the French language, this wordmeans delicious or rare food. In fact, eggs are eggs of an aquatic vertebrate. But strangely enough, it is valued much more than the carcass itself. There are different types of salmon (pink salmon, sockeye salmon), but the most popular is caviar ketovaya. It differs markedly from the rest in some respects:

  1. Appearance. The chum salmon are larger in size and have a yellow-orange color.
  2. Her taste is better than that of other fish species.

All this only confirms the obvious superiority of the product. Perhaps, therefore, the caviar from the ancient times is called "royal".

Chemical composition and useful properties

Many people make mistakes, thinking that the value of caviaris explained only by the limited amount of its prey. But this is not the main reason. Much more important is the chemical structure and properties that this product possesses. For example, caviar ketovaya, like all the rest, is almost 32 percent protein. The remaining 14 percent is fat. There is practically no carbohydrates in this product. Probably, this explains its low calorie content.

In addition, the composition of caviar is very necessary forhuman vitamins (A, E and D). An important role is also played by folic and various fatty polyunsaturated acids. In small eggs there is a lot of phosphorus, iodine and calcium. All this indicates the uniqueness of the product. No wonder several centuries ago it was considered a real medicine. Caviar was used to improve vision and strengthen bones. Periodic eating of delicacies made it possible to normalize the work of the heart and reduce the risk of formation of unwanted blood clots. This product doctors advise there are people who need to restore strength, increase the level of hemoglobin and strengthen immunity.

The price of pleasure

Considering all the above, it becomes interesting,how much does the caviar cost? The price of the product, as a rule, depends on the type of packaging. Manufacturers for wholesale and retail provide different options. Weight eggs in Russia are usually taken directly from the fishing enterprises of Sakhalin and Kamchatka. It comes packaged in barrels or tin cans of different capacities.

Ket Caviar price

Kilogram plastic packaging of suchproduct usually costs about 3100 rubles. This is not at all expensive, given the small volume of production and the shortage of the product in the sales network. Polyethylene boxes weighing 0.5 kilograms, respectively, are cheaper. Their price is 1600 rubles. On sale there is also a smaller packing. A plastic box weighing 250 grams in stores costs 675 rubles. These prices concern caviar taken from chum salmon. In the case of sockeye salmon or pink salmon, the cost of each package will be slightly lower. This once again confirms the uniqueness and excellent qualities of a rare but very useful and tasty product.

How to choose a treat?

When buying any goods you have to be very careful. As experience shows, on the shelves is not always exactly the product that I would like to buy.

caviar red ketovaya

There are many fakes and imitations in the trade network. Even if the package says "red caviar roe", this does not mean that it is inside. True, a fake is easy to expose: this product looks unnatural, in addition, it will cost less.

If we are talking about real caviar, then we need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Appearance of the product. In the package, in no case should there be foreign matter. Her presence indicates the presence of oil or glycerin, which is highly undesirable. It is better to refuse such a purchase.
  2. By purchasing tin cans, it is difficult to understand thatis inside. First, we must look at the date of manufacture. This should be the period from July to August. Secondly, the marking on the bottom should be knocked out from the inside. Otherwise, you can be sure that there is a counterfeit in your hands. Thirdly, the place of extraction should be the Far East or Kamchatka with an exact indication of the manufacturer's address.
  3. It should be borne in mind that the caviar can be stored in the package for not more than one year.
  4. It is necessary to pay attention to the possible presence offood additives. Recently, only sodium benzoate (E211) is allowed in our country. Other substances are prohibited by Russian law.

If all these points are met, then you can be absolutely confident in buying.

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Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics Caviar caviar. Description of the product and its characteristics