Cat Day

People's love for cats was enoughgreat for making a holiday for them, that's why every year on March 1st is celebrated the day of cats uniting all their owners. It should be noted that at present this event is not official, but all lovers of these animals happily pet their pets that day.

The tradition to celebrate the day of cats appeared spontaneously. Its popularity is explained by the fact that these animals are already the most popular domestic pets for many centuries all over the world. Thus, more than 80% of the world's population have domestic animals, half of which are cats.

It should be said that in different countries thisthe holiday is celebrated in different ways. However, in Europe and Great Britain it is celebrated in a special way, because here one animal saves about ten tons of grain every year, as well as relics in museums from rodents. Therefore, cats are encouraged by various delicacies, they build houses and sew special clothes.

In Austria, on the day of the cats, a premium has been established for each animal that has guarded warehouses from rodents for several years. So, they get a pension in the form of milk, meat and broth until the end of life.

It is interesting that in China used to befood of these animals. However, in honor of March 1, the Chinese government issued a law under which it is forbidden to do so, and those who violate it can go to prison for fifteen days. Also on this day for pets are created all kinds of goods.

On International Cat Day in variousstates open special shops, cafes, hotels, as well as parks and parks for walking these animals, create collections of clothing (and world designers take part in this), toys and equipment for training are made.

In Russia in 2004, the Museum of Cats was firmly establishedprofessional holiday of felinologists. It should be noted that felinology, like the science of cats, emphasizes that these animals are smart enough, they need to be treated with respect, encouraging their good behavior.

It can be seen from the history that the person was tamedthis animal is more than five thousand years ago. If before a wild cat ate only meat, then to date, this beast is omnivorous and is bred ubiquitously. In Russia, "keepers of the hearth" appeared in the seventh century and acted as a mascot for a housewarming party, which brings good luck. However, it was only in the eighties of the last century that they started breeding cats here. To date, there are a huge number of breeds of these mammals. According to numerous estimates around the world, there are up to six hundred million cats, and most of them in the US.

March 1 (Cat Day) was announced in the afternoonThanks to these mammals, who are in special esteem. But it must be remembered that cats need to behave respectfully and encourage their behavior not only on this day, as they deserve a good attitude to themselves over a long period of time.

Thus, the person to datea large number of new breeds of cats have been bred, various exhibitions are held annually, where these graceful animals receive different titles. At the same time, people do not cease to admire and enjoy the tenderness and ability of the mustachioed animals to heal various human ailments. Cat's day only reminds once again of the importance of these animals and calls for cats to have their own house, because for many centuries they accompanied the person, gave him their warmth and thereby earned themselves a good attitude. In any case, regardless of whether it's a festive day or not, you need to take care of your pets, give them your attention and care.

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