Carrot chops - recipe (lean)

Carrot cutlets are a great opportunitydiversify your lean or vegetarian menu. The fact that this dish is very tasty, filled with vitamins and trace elements, and most importantly, does not contain meat ingredients. It turns out a very nutritious product. So, why not make carrot chops? The recipe for lean foods includes in abundance, so you do not have to worry about your diet. This dish should not be eaten only by those who suffer from allergies to this product.

By the way, this food can be cooked in a frying pan, butcarrot cutlets in a double boiler are even more useful. The first recipe, which we want to show you, consists of the following ingredients: corn flour - 2 tablespoons, carrots - 500 grams, sugar sand - 2 tablespoons, oat flakes - 3 tablespoons, vanillin, sunflower or olive oil - 2 tablespoons, taste, sesame seed at your discretion.

Carrots are best pressed on a juicer. If it is not, then grate on a fine grater. But it's better to use a juicer. By the way, after that, juice should be poured over glasses, drip olive oil there (so that carotene can be absorbed by the body). You can drink juice, we will not need it. But we use the spin for our purposes. In this mass, add sugar, vanillin, salt, vegetable oil, flour. Here is the dough and is ready, it remains only to mix it. Then it is necessary to form burgers from this test, after that it's enough to cook them in a steamer for 20 minutes and you can eat it. You can decorate this dish with sesame seeds. As a side dish, use sour cream, jam or yogurt. We just told you how to cook carrot chops without manga, and now we want to share another recipe - using this cereal.

So, to cook cutlets from carrots withyou need to stock up the following set of ingredients: 2 eggs, 4 tablespoons of semolina, 400 grams of carrot extract, salt and sugar to taste, sour cream - 200 grams, sunflower or olive oil for frying.

We begin cooking dishes - carrotscutlets. Recipe, the lean ingredients of which almost always exist in every kitchen, does not differ in its complexity and will not cause difficulties even for the inexperienced mistress.

First, we rub on a small grater carrot(if rubbing on a large, then it will need to be smoothed out), then add 2 whipped with salt and sugar eggs, we also throw semolina. Stir our dough until smooth. We make carrot cutlets, fry them in a frying pan or cook in a multivark.

There are other recipes: for example, carrot cutlets with cabbage. This dish is different for its originality and resembles a salad. So, it's worth experimenting and making cabbage-carrot chops. The recipe, the lean ingredients of which you can easily find in any store, is as follows: thoroughly clean and wash the carrots and cabbage. Cabbage is finely shredded, piled in a saucepan, filled with water and stewed for about 10 minutes. Then add there grated carrot on a small grater. Solim, pepper the mixture. Then we add a spoonful of olive oil. Continue to simmer until the ingredients get soft. After this, gently pellet semolina in this composition and cook until ready porridge. After that, our mixture needs to cool down. After that, cut the patties and fry them from two sides in a pan.

As you understand, fasting and diet are not so terrible ifto cook carrot chops. The recipe, the lean ingredients of which are full of useful substances and trace elements, is pretty simple to perform. Such cutlets can and should be included in the children's diet, especially for those children who do not like vegetables in a pristine condition. Delicious golden cutlets, poured with sour cream or jam, like any small gourmet. Yes, and adults from the supplement, too, will not give up.

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Carrot chops - recipe (lean) Carrot chops - recipe (lean) Carrot chops - recipe (lean) Carrot chops - recipe (lean) Carrot chops - recipe (lean) Carrot chops - recipe (lean)