Passions around the series “The Magnificent Century” are on fire every day.
The producers threatened to replace Meri Uzerli if she did not return to the series, and in the end they did it. In the last episode of the season, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska-Sultan played Vahida Gerdium, which from the first frame caused dissatisfaction of almost all fans.
Meanwhile, a very healthy Meri Uzerli was seen on a secular party. It is said that she will soon start acting in another project. So now what do the fans of the series do, watch “The Magnificent Century” with Vahida Gerdyum and suffer ?!
It seems like no! In Turkey, an offended actress Selma Ergech gave an interview. She played the role of Suleiman Hatice’s sister in the series. As planned by the producers in the 102nd series, her heroine committed suicide, and in her life Selma felt offended and let out everything she knew about the ideas of the producers or what she knew about.

Meri UzerliMeri Uzerli
“It was not by chance that Meryem left,” Selma told reporters of the famous Turkish newspaper Aksam. - This is all done specifically to attract even more people's attention to the show. And the actress Gerdum was called for just a couple of episodes.
By the way, the actress was specifically chosen, not a bit dissimilar to Meryem, - so that the people would be indignant. Look here: in the fall in the new season, the heroine Gerdum will be declared an impostor and Alexandra Anastasia Lismere will appear in the frame, performed by Meri Uzerli! ”

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