Cardiovascular equipment for home: reviews. Elliptical cardiovascular equipment: prices

In the modern city of great popularityuse cardio for home. Reviews of their owners are always positive, provided that the right approach to choosing not so cheap sports equipment. In order for the lessons to be of use, you should carefully consider what type of simulator is right for you.

Why you need home fitness equipment

The main effect of training on cardio -a large load on different muscle groups, which contributes to their overall strengthening and burning of excess fats. At the same time, the heart and the respiratory system are active. The athlete becomes more enduring.cardiovascular equipment for home reviews

Before any exercise, you needbe sure to get on cardio. Athletes' comments on this issue say that this approach to training significantly increases their effectiveness: muscles become more flexible and elastic, energy costs increase several times, excess weight goes faster.

And after class it is also recommended to pump your heart a little on the same simulator. Muscles rest a little, but their tone and pace of work will not fall.

A few other functions are performed by cardiovascular equipmentfor home. How to choose them, professionals know. They recommend paying attention to the purpose with which this acquisition is made. For home training only on the simulators you need to choose them in accordance with your physical condition and those muscle groups that you need to pay attention to first.


For many lovers to practice in their apartmenttreadmills - the main cardio for home. The responses of their owners are unambiguous: running helps maintain the whole body in tone and burn extra pounds. In this case, there is no need to endure all the vagaries of nature.cardiovascular equipment for home how to choose

Choosing a treadmill, you need to consider severalfactors. To begin with, it is worth remembering that budget options are not at all suitable for quality training. Spinning the canvas with your own muscles, you can only get injured. All the load goes wrong, and the effect of such a session can not wait.

Cheap simulators on the electric drive have poor stability. They creak and sway. During the lesson, it increases the likelihood of falling over and hurting.

It is better to choose directly in the store you likecardiovascular equipment. A photo on the Internet does not always tell how it suits you. First, go to the track itself, try it, whether it is convenient for you, whether the height of the rails, the length of the cloth, is adequate.

There is no point in chasing after a lot ofprograms and sensors. They only raise the cost of the product. For quality training, a simple heart rate monitor is enough, which can be purchased separately in any sports shop.

On what it is necessary to pay attention, so it on levels of a slope of a cloth and a range of speeds. Although for beginners, their diversity is not very important.

Exercise Bikes

Widely popular cardiovascular equipment for the home, bothchoose which, also not everyone knows - these are bicycles. The modern sports industry has developed their different models. The simplest of them is an imitation of a bicycle with several levels of resistance. In the most expensive, the buyer will find quality training programs depending on the objectives of the session.

On exercise bikes, most of the load is receivedlegs from the foot and up to the hips. At the same time, hands and back are practically not involved in training. This type of simulator is suitable for women, because they pay more attention to the lower body.

To maximize unload the back and shoulder girdle, you can purchase a simulator with a high seat. On it, the classes are directed solely at the feet: the ankle and the thighs.


In recent years, increasing popularity forhome conditions of training uses elliptical cardio. It is not only more compact, which allows you to install it even in a small apartment, but also very efficient.cardio pictures

On orbitrekah work almost all groupsmuscles: hands and feet are synchronized in natural movements, imitating the famous Swedish walking. During such training, more energy is expended, and subcutaneous fat deposits burn faster.

In addition, the legs do not come off the surface on the simulator, but all the time they move with it. There are no injuring joints of landings, as when running.

The price range is also quite large. From 10 000 rubles and almost to infinity. When choosing a budget option, it is worth paying attention to what materials are made of cardiovascular equipment. The photos do not always show how durable they are, so it's better to find the opportunity to carefully inspect the future purchase.

Extra models and software are often installed in elite models. To an inexperienced athlete they will only interfere, and an experienced and without sensors is able to monitor the effectiveness of training.

Rowing machines

Rowing simulation is a special cardiovascular device. Reviews of its use say that it is not suitable for women, but this is an excellent option for men. The whole point is in the features of its use. He trains primarily the pectoral and brachial muscles, giving a relatively low load on the legs. For women this type of training is rarely appropriate.

Due to low rates of burning excess weightrowing simulator is almost not popular. For his home, he is bought only by specific athletes, who need to maintain these muscle groups in a constant tone.

By its design it is simple, but it takescomparatively much space with relatively low training efficiency. These simulators are rarely equipped with additional electronics, sensors and performance enhancing functions.


A variety of steppers are quite interestingmodern cardiovascular equipment for home. The feedback of those who use them is always positive. This is something between the exercise bike, the orbitrekom and the usual staircase in the entrance. The principle of training is simple - with a certain load you need to step on the pedals that walk in the vertical plane.cardiotherapy reviews

At the same time part of the body weight can be transferred to the hands,adhering to the railing, located on either side of the simulator. These are excellent exercises for pumping the muscles of the thigh and buttocks. In this case, training takes place with a minimum number of traumatic factors.

It is noteworthy that in the budget variant one can buycompact ministepper cardiovascular equipment. Of course, it does not give such a range of loads, but it takes very little place in the apartment. Such a device will be an excellent assistant in the interval between large training sessions.

Jump Rope

One of the most ancient, but also the most effective cardiovascular equipment is a rope.elliptical cardiovascular deviceShe trains the heart muscle and breathing, legs andwrists. At the same time it is absolutely compact and is available to any buyer. It's so good a simulator that it's still used by boxers for quick warm-up before every workout.

There are, however, some limitations in theuse it in a city apartment: chandeliers and furniture do not always allow you to jump. But in the yard or on the landing, it can be done almost at any time.

In sport shops today are sold not onlysimple, known to us from childhood rope, but also heavier, and with counters the number of jumps. This brings the training to a higher professional level.


Few people will write down the trampoline in the best cardiovascular equipment. Nevertheless, it is excellent for fat burning workouts. During jumping, the lungs and heart are active, while the load on the legs and hands is minimal, and the spine practically does not suffer from landing on a soft springing surface.

A few minutes of jumping on the trampoline replace the same amount of intense running on the track or the orbitrek.

The advantages of this simple simulator isits relatively small cost, and compact storage. To maintain your body in tone, it is not necessary to chase after expensive simulators. In addition, classes on the trampoline give a charge of fun and positive for a long time.

Trampolines have practically no contraindications and are liked by all family members, because this is an excellent occasion to plunge into childhood again.

The technique of proper training

It so happens that when people buy, people do not know yet,how to use cardiovascular equipment for home. The reviews say that many of them did not get the result they expected. And all because either they chose the wrong simulator, or do not know how to deal with it.stepper cardiovascular apparatus

First of all, it is worth evaluating one's own strengths andcontra-indications for occupations. People with knee joints and spine are not advised to stand on the treadmill. Women do not need to sit down on a rowing machine. In case of an ankle, exercise bikes are contraindicated.

If the device is selected correctly, it is worthremember the technique of training. Burning excess weight occurs when combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Simply put, it is necessary to alternate fast running and walking, intense training with low resistance and a few minutes with maximum cardiovascular equipment

For example, on an exercise bike it is recommended to drive about 5 minutes at high speed and 2-3 minutes at maximum resistance.

To notice the obvious result, the duration of the workout should be at least 30 minutes. An ideal occupation is from 45 minutes to an hour.

Doubtful simulators

On the Internet and on TV, new products are constantly being advertised, which, without much effort on your part, will practically make you an ideal body in a week.
From the point of view of sport, this is impossible. No cardiovascular twister or the like can not pump muscle for a week or two to a relief state. This is the result of grueling work for several months in a row.

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