Cardio for weight loss. Advantages and disadvantages of the program

clearly are the best and most effective way of all. Judging by the numerous reviews about the ineffectiveness of such training in the media, we can assume that not everyone knows what kind of training it is and how to conduct it correctly. In this article, the reader will know what it is, and get acquainted with the basic exercises.

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Destroying myths

Classes on the orbitrek or treadmill - this is not the only cardio for burning fat, which are subject to the novice athlete. Therefore, you should not become attached to these simulators, and you should not lower your hands if you cannot work out on them. Indeed, in the very concept of "cardio" laid out the decoding that the occupation should be associated with an increase in pulse. And this is quite realistic to perform, even with kilogram dumbbells at home.

The cardiovascular music has a positive effect on weight loss.The right pace will make the whole body, including the heart, work in unison. It remains only to make a set of exercises and follow the intended goal.

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Individual cardio training

The intensity of aerobic exercise for each person is individual and is calculated based on the age of the novice athlete. Calculation cardio for weight loss is quite simple. The maximum pulse rate (MCHP) of a person is calculated by the formula: 220 - “person’s age”.

For example, for a twenty-five athlete - this figure will be 195 (220-25), and for a 44-year-old - 176 (220-44). Further, it is possible to calculate the effective pulse rate at which fat begins to burn. There are three categories of intensity for which a certain heart rate is set and the time allotted for conducting classes.

  • low intensity: 50-65% of MCHP;
  • average intensity: 65-75% of MCHP;
  • high intensity: 75-90% of MCHP.

Control features

During cardiovascular exercises, the pulse must be kept in the right range, which is very difficult to do without the tools at hand. Options to control the heart rate is not very much, and for the effectiveness of training you need to use one of the tips.

  1. Pulsometer. The best option for any athlete.Having set the desired frequency range for training, you can start classes. The device will alert with a sound signal if an increase or slowing of the heartbeat is noticed.
  2. A regular stopwatch will help you calculate an approximate pulse. You do not need to spend a whole minute on the measurement, it is enough to remove the data in 6 seconds, and multiply the result by 10.
  3. Some people feel the rhythm of their body, conducting cardio to burn fat. A slight clouding of the eyes and a knock on the temples make it clear that the heart is working at the limit and you need to take a break. But does the body need it?

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Preparation for action

At the initial stages of training it is not necessary to go to the gym or take a run through the park. The unprepared body in the first two or three months of training can be made to burn fat without leaving the TV. Cardio for weight loss at home require the availability of sports equipment. It does not matter what it will be - dumbbells, an expander, hulahup, a bag with cereals or a butterfly exercise machine. The main thing is that they exert at least some load on the body - the severity, resistance or inconvenience.

Music for cardio is selected foreign so that the athlete is not distracted by what is sung in the song. A closer look at modern disco music, its pace of 150-160 beats per minute will suit most novice athletes. No classics and rock - they relax and do not give a normal work.

Exercises for beginners, sedentary people

Cardio training at home with sports equipment should last at least 40 minutes, but not more than an hour at low intensity. Rest between exercises should be no more than three minutes. All exercises are performed in 6-10 approaches 50 times without stopping, but with a frequency of two seconds at a time. A break between sets is up to one minute.

  1. Lifting dumbbells (1 kg is enough) up with both hands.
  2. Swing your arms to the side with dumbbells. Performed at chest level, arms straight, parallel to the floor.
  3. The tilt of the body forward - to strive to touch the floor with your hands.
  4. Squatting on a chair. The back is flat, the feet are parallel to each other, the pelvis is retracted. Touching a chair, you need to quickly get up. Do not sit down at all.
  5. Light load on the abdominal muscles. Lie on the floor, face up.Straighten the body, direct the arms behind the head. Without bending the arms in the elbows, move them forward, trying to reach the palms of the knees. For this action, the body will have to slightly lift from the floor. Return to the original position.

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The average level of fitness

Cardio for weight loss at home to people who lead an active image, require an average intensity of stress on the heart. Dumbbells can not do here, you need to include in the work of the largest muscles in the legs. Naturally training will take place outside the home.

  1. Fast walking (6-7 km / h) uphill on a track with a slope of 6-8%.
  2. Walking up the stairs - 90-100 steps without stopping need to be overcome in no more than two minutes. A break of 2 minutes is enough to return to the starting position. Perform 5 approaches.
  3. Full squats, holding his hands. At least 30 times in the approach.
  4. Push-ups from the floor while lying down.
  5. Jumping rope (no longer than five minutes).

cardio for weight loss at home

High intensity

In fact, he is the starting point for any athlete who decided to do cardio training. Programs here are more stringent, but otherwise the pulse can not be dispersed. High level can be achieved both in the gym and at home.Naturally, one cannot do without music - the body needs a drive, and the athlete must provide it with interest. It is also recommended to stock up on water that will be needed to cool the body.

In the gym, the pulse can be raised quite easily on a treadmill. A ten-minute run will be enough. To keep it at a given pace can be a quick walk uphill (8-12% bias). When the pulse weakens, you need to switch to running (2-3 minutes will return the body to the desired state). Trying the fate, running on the track for more than 40-50 minutes is not worth it. On the day of such training abound.

Sprint classes in the gym

Cardio for weight loss in the gym can be performed without a treadmill. Quite popular among young people sprint (workout) will help to quickly get rid of the fat layer. To do this, you need a bench 40 cm high from the floor and a six-kilogram weight (a dumbbell will fit, but you need to work with it carefully). All exercises are performed without rest, one after another. At the end - a break of 2-3 minutes, and all in a new circle.

  1. Perform 20 push-ups from the floor, if there are difficulties, the emphasis can be done with your knees to the floor.
  2. Take the weight with both hands, giving the body forward and slightly sitting down. Straightening the back and legs, swinging need to bring the weight on straight arms up. Holding the weight over your head, return to the starting position. Enough 20 sweeps to pulse went up. If there are difficulties with a weight, you can take weight easier, but it should not allow the body to relax.
  3. High jumps are quite simple, the main thing is to keep balance after jumping onto the bench and not fall. Then return to the starting position. Ideally, you need to make 50 jumps. But not everyone will master it, so each number adjusts to himself, but not less than 20.

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Hard cardio at home

Powerful cardio at home is not for everyone. It is important motivation, which will force to move away from the TV and help to conduct daily classes. Naturally, there should be no breaks between exercises. Everything is performed sequentially.

  1. Squatting with weight - a couple of minutes without a break.
  2. Push-ups with high intensity.
  3. Twisting on the floor from a lying position - for the abdominal muscles.
  4. Leaning forward with weighting.
  5. Lifting dumbbells up.

In addition, every day you need to perform rotation hulahup - 20-30 minutes a day, and the exercise "bar" - 5-10 minutes standing on your hands. These exercises can devote the end of training, because they are not so intense. Also, many trainers can advise professional trainers in the media. The main thing you should pay attention to is the intensity of execution, it must keep a high pulse.

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The article does not say anything about what is after cardio. In fact, it is better not to eat anything for two hours at all. After all, cardio load made the body take energy from fat deposits, even if the body's recovery will be due to excess fat. After two hours you can eat, as it will be necessary for the tired body. It is recommended to take high-protein food - protein, beef or chicken, cottage cheese, lentils, savory fruits and vegetables.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that before a workout in two hours it is better to eat nothing. First, you need to strip the body of products for energy. Secondly, the food that has remained in the stomach and esophagus, will remind of itself in the process of active training.

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