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I recently received a license, and on this occasion I decided to go to visit my aunt, she lives in Moscow, and I am in St. Petersburg. Drove well, without incident. I wanted to go today with my aunt to the hospital, she has health problems. Has got, only to go the car stalls all devices go out. Re-start, started, but with her something is clearly wrong. Tell me, what could it be
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Dima poison
Dima poison
Answered on November 14, 2017 17:51
There are a lot of service stations in Moscow, go to the nearest one and let the specialist see the car. The fact that it starts is not all lost. Maybe some posting is moving away.
Vasiliy Yashin
Vasiliy Yashin
Car diagnostics is necessary, preferably complete, when it is possible to determine the technical malfunction of the vehicle. With the help of special equipment, which is, for example, this service determines computer chip tuning, etc.
Answered on January 20, 02:26, ​​Dima poison |
Answered on November 14, 2017 17:58
Another tip. When you arrive at the service station, do not say that you are driving recently. Just tell me, the car began to work differently than ever.Better yet, let one of the familiar men drive her to the service station, have acquaintances in Moscow? Girls in the service station do not take seriously
Answered on November 14, 2017 18:06
Modern machines are completely dependent on the electrics. Everything is connected to the computer and the slightest failure will give problems. At first insignificant, then they can be more serious. Most likely, you need to make the machine computer diagnostics.

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