Car loan

At this time, money is needed. There is a car that I can leave on bail. Tell me, what are the conditions for such lending, how profitable it is, and where in Kharkov you can arrange it.
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Answered on January 9, 16:31
There are various pawnshops - some have a condition that you leave the car in the parking lot, others have a condition that you can continue to use the car. Your car will be assessed and will be given money, the percentages are also different for everyone. But be prepared for the fact that you can get about half the cost of a car.
Answered on January 9, 16:35
If you have an official salary and good earnings, you can try to get a bank loan. In my opinion this is better than giving a car on bail, I would not have risked it.
Answered on January 9, 16:40
If a person has a car, then he needs him. And any motorist will not leave his car as a pledge for half the price, but will definitely buy it back. In life, different situations arise and sometimes you have to risk the most expensive things. See a loan secured by a car here. Ask them if their conditions are suitable for you.

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