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Our company is becoming increasingly popular and we are starting to enter into contracts with more serious partners. Therefore, I believe that you need to purchase a business-class car, where you can go to business meetings or transport business partners. But we don’t have much money and I don’t know which car to choose. I hope you will advise me something.
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Answered on May 8 21:06
I love the German car industry most of all and therefore I advise you to buy a new 2018 Audi A8. This car is just a bomb: all-wheel drive quattro, 8-speed automatic transmission, and even autopilot.
Answered on May 8 22:11
Well, of course, you have turned down, for the brand new Audi A8 you will have to pay about 6-7 million rubles, and I do not think that the author has that kind of money. To take a car of this class on credit is very unprofitable, so I recommend that you find a cheaper car. Although the car itself is cool, the Federal Chancellor of Germany himself drives it.
Answered on May 8, 23:23
Choosing a car, you need to look not only at its appearance and prestige, but also pay attention to its practicality. Therefore, I recommend you to start with a look at the Volvo model line, I’m sure that you’ll find something for yourself. Pay special attention to the model S60, her stuffing just fire.

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