Car battery Delkor: description, specifications and reviews

production have pretty good quality. In Russia, they have long settled, and many motorists were satisfied with the reliability, durability and price tag. Let's talk about what is remarkable about the Delkor battery, what are its strengths and weaknesses. We will also take a closer look at how to choose the right battery for a particular car and what should be taken into account when making a purchase.

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General information

Delkor is a joint company of Japanese and Americans. Currently one of the leading manufacturers of automotive batteries. The company was founded in 1985. Now it is famous for the fact that it produces absolutely all battery sizes. There is not a single car in the world for which it would be impossible to pick up the battery of a Korean manufacturer. "Delcor" annually conducts quality control of products. The program is called "trash can".Its essence is that recycled batteries annually are collected and examined. As a result of the data obtained, it became clear that the Delkor battery lasts an average of 30% longer than analogs of the same capacity. This is quite an impressive figure, which indicates the high quality of the product. Well, now proceed directly to the consideration of the battery.

Premium segment

Batteries from this manufacturer are installed on prestigious expensive cars still in the factory. The manufacturer gives a 4-year warranty on maintenance-free batteries. But this does not mean that after 4 years of operation, the battery must be disposed of. With careful storage and use, they serve more than 5 years, which has been tested in practice.

In addition, surveys indicate that Delcor is changing once in 6-7 years, while the main competitors do not stand up for more than 4 years. This once again confirms the long service life. Car battery Delkor, despite its high performance, can not be called expensive. He rather takes place in the middle. Not a budget, but not the most expensive.Given the long service life, such a purchase is fully justified and fully pays off. As for one replacement of the battery "Delkor" there are 2 ordinary batteries.

delkor battery reviews

Briefly about the benefits

The technology of making lattices by the method of forging and subsequent stretching is used only by a Korean company and is its own development. Metal elements of the battery undergo a fifty-fold compression. This makes them more durable and resistant to corrosion. Also noteworthy is the method of making positive and negative plates. They are smelted from lead-calcium alloys with a high content of silver. Although it is expensive, it is fully justified. This technology can significantly reduce water consumption during operation, so it is not necessary to top up it throughout the entire service life of the battery. This is extremely important for unattended batteries. After all, if the level of electrolyte in the banks falls, then the plate capacity will not be fully used and the battery life will be significantly reduced. But this is not all the features, so we go further.

High quality housing

It is on how well the battery will withstand mechanical damage, and its service life depends. One of the destructive factors is vibration. They are present on any cars, regardless of class. Somewhere there are less vibration loads, and somewhere more, but they exist anyway. Battery Delkor 55ah is made with a flat bottom. This approach allows you to fully protect the plate from damage due to vibration.

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Many manufacturers even today use outdated technology. For example, the battery cover on the case is fixed by gluing. This is an outdated method with a lot of flaws. The main disadvantage is leakage. “Delcor” went the other way. Heat sealing is a more reliable method that allows you to make a battery sealed for the entire duration of its service. Yes, and the configuration of the cover is quite complicated and is also the development of a Japanese company. Its essence is that the moisture evaporating in the process returns to the electrolyte. All this, along with stiffeners, which prevent plates from crumbling, make the Delcor batteries really reliable.

Delkor battery: consumer reviews

As for the drivers who buy batteries from this Korean brand, 90% of them are satisfied. In particular, emit a long service life. For example, he worked for some motorists for 8 years and only after that he was asked for a replacement. It is difficult to find another such manufacturer who would not only strive to increase its own sales, but would also make really durable batteries. After all, the more often you have to change the battery, the greater their number will be sold. Delcor has a slightly different strategy. Allow and will buy less, but everyone who used such batteries will again take them.

Even more than the battery attracted consumers, so it is quite a high starting current. It ensures the start of the car engine even in the most severe frosts. At the same time, the capacity of the battery does not melt before our eyes, as in some modern manufacturers from China. In general, many advise to take the battery Delkor. Reviews are almost always positive and there are a lot of them, which indicates the popularity of this brand.

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About the cost

As for prices, as already noted above, this is the "golden mean."Not too expensive, like some European and American brands, but not cheap either. For example, a battery with a capacity of 75 Ah with a starting current of 650 A and reverse polarity will cost about 6,000 rubles. Now there is the possibility of replacing your old battery, so you can get a small discount. If you give your battery when you buy "Delkora", the battery will not cost 6,000 rubles, but 5,500. This is quite convenient, given that the old batteries are unlikely to be useful to you, since they have fully served their own.

The product range is simply huge, starting at 55 Ah and ending at 220 Ah. The price tag for batteries with a capacity of more than 100 Ah starts at 8,000 rubles, but even here there is a small discount. In general, this is an excellent choice, since there is an opportunity to choose the right option for any class of vehicle, including one equipped with the Start / Stop systems.

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How to charge the battery Delkor?

Many motorists ask this question. Since the battery is not serviced, it does not need charging, but the situations are very different. For example, a seven-year battery may stop turning the starter at low temperatures. To somehow get out of the situation before buying a new battery, you need to recharge the battery. But there are several important nuances. For example:

  • for starters, the battery must be placed in a warm place and warm up naturally;
  • it is necessary to check the integrity and integrity of the case;
  • It is recommended to clean the terminals if they are soured.

From experienced motorists there are a few tips directly about charging the battery. Many recommend using only small currents, not more than 4A. It will take more time to recharge, but the battery will definitely not get worse. Since the case is sealed, it is not possible to unscrew the cans so that the gases quietly leave the case. But this is not necessary, since the manufacturer provides a special channel through which the withdrawal takes place. If you put the charger on 4A, then you can leave the battery at night, the result should be.

delkor battery how to charge

Special Terminal Fabrication Method

Most modern manufacturers, such as "Bosch", "Banner", etc., solder the terminals into the body of a maintenance-free battery. But this technology has some drawbacks, so Delcor also used its own patented development. It lies in the fact that the terminals are screwed into the housing with a threaded connection. Then they are crimped.This helps to prevent the terminals from loosening and a further loss of leaktightness of the battery. It is soldered terminals often destroy the body, resulting in a small amount of electrolyte formed near them. It activates the oxidation process, which is fraught with complete loss of contact at the most inopportune moment. The terminal clamping method used by Koreans is one of the most reliable and justified.

Let's sum up

So we have disassembled with you what a Delkor (battery) is. How to charge the device, if there is such a need, you also know. Despite the fact that many are opponents of charging a maintenance-free battery, you can do it. But it is desirable to set the current minimum, remember this.

how to charge the delkor battery

In general, the manufacturer can be described as one of the best in the world. Years of experience in the manufacture of batteries for cars of various classes and brands has made its Experienced engineers are developing new technologies to increase the battery capacity, its service life and minimize the number of defects in the products. The Delkor 12V battery is an excellent choice for those who love reliability and quality.

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