Candidate of Economic Sciences Anna Belova: biography, career

Anna Grigorievna Belova - Professor, Russiantop manager of the highest class, a candidate of economic sciences, an outstanding personality, has repeatedly been included in the rating of the hundred most influential and successful women in Russia. Being an engineer-system engineer by training, she made a successful career in several fields: consulting, individual entrepreneurship, politics, teaching.
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Belova Anna Grigorievna: Biography

Was born on January 6, 1961 inAleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsk - a small town of the Sakhalin region on the western coast of Sakhalin Island. In her school days, Anya survived the divorce of her parents, who played a key role in her life. It was after the divorce of her parents that Anya and her mother moved to Moscow. Here, Anya successfully graduated from the mathematical school and entered MEPI at the Faculty of Automated Control Systems. In 1984, Anna Grigorievna graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and acquired a specialization in system engineering. Later in an interview Anna Belova recalls an episode of student life, where her strong-willed, strong character fully manifested itself. In the building squad there were only three girls in MIFI (and eighty-four boys), and the work was hard. Anya, a refined, exalted young lady, was fond of playing the piano and tried not to lift anything heavier than a half kilogram - so that her hand would not tremble. But is it possible to show that you can not do something? As a result, Anya shoveled concrete for two days. But on the third day I could not take a shovel - my hands would come off. In the remaining days I had to serve the construction business in the form of a load for the screed, which leveled the concrete road.
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Beginning of career: NGO "Vympel"

After graduation, Anna Belova camework in the NGO Vympel. Here has passed a way from the ordinary engineer to the main expert on external economy. In the same period after the graduation from the institute, Anna entered the postgraduate course at the Radio Engineering Research Institute, which is being completed in 1989.

In the late 80-ies creates and leads a movement called Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth at the Research Institute of Radio Instrument-Making.
As part of her service, Anna Grigorievna worked closely with Booz Allen & Hamilton - this organization will be the next career milestone on her way.

In parallel with this project, Anna Grigorevnatogether with Dmitry Borisovich Zimin participated in the creation of the organization "Vympel-Communication." These were the first steps in the cellular communication market of the well-known Beeline brand ("VimpelCom").

belova anna grigorevnaDespite the rapid development of the marketmobile telephony afterwards, at the dawn of the nineties the prospects of this industry were vague. Equipment and tariffs cost fabulous money, the country was in a difficult economic situation and few people believed in the rapid start of this business.

Booz Allen & Hamilton: "My Business Universities"

In 1993 Anna Belova received a proposal on thework from a major US company Booz Allen & Hamilton and faced a difficult choice - to agree to the proposal of a major American company (the third consulting group in the world) or to continue the development of cellular telephony. Anna Grigoryevna opted for Booz Allen & Hamilton and never regretted it.
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In Booz Allen & Hamilton Anna Belova worked for 5 years - was the head of the Moscow office of the company and was responsible for business development in Russia and the CIS.

Anna Grigorievna remembers how difficultA test for a man with a Russian mentality was work in a Western company. But thanks to this circumstance, Anna Belova was able to develop the best features - the principles of organizing herself, work, time, relationships with people. Western formalism, excessive pedantry, primacy of form over content, work above any personal circumstances - for a person from the Soviet Union, this was at least unusual. So, Anna Grigoryevna remembers how annoyingly it was to receive a major and good report from the chief for a revision because of the missing gaps in the proposals only. But it disciplines very well and teaches that, no matter how unique the content, it does not allow neglect of form.
Booz Allen & Hamilton Anna Grigorievna calls"by their business universities": here she participated in many major international projects, gained experience in making important managerial decisions, formed professional luggage, on the basis of which she was able to obtain a second economic education and defend her thesis.
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Nevertheless, after 5 years of successful and fruitful work Anna Grigorievna leaves the organization, as she does not share the strategic plans of the company's management for the development of business in Russia.

After leaving BAH, Anna Grigorievna spent 8 months at Unicon, where she successfully implemented two large projects.

Ministry of Railways and career in RZD

In 2000, a new milestone in the careerdevelopment - Anna Belova starts her work in the Ministry of Railways over the railway reform program. The task is very ambitious, especially when you consider that the previous version of the program was rejected, and a six-month period was given for the development of the new one! And this term was observed thanks to the idea of ​​Belova: first of all, those activities were agreed upon with which everyone agreed, thanks to this it was possible to consolidate the positions.
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The railway reform program was approved, and a reform headquarters was formed a little later.

Anna Grigoryevna became the firsta woman-leader of high rank (in the post of deputy minister) in this industry for the entire 150-year history. With her arrival, the very tone of the meetings on the selector has changed. Colleagues-men stopped swearing on the air.

The Program for Reforming Railways in Russia

Nevertheless, despite the success in developingprogram of reform and sincere interest in this case, Anna Grigorievna refused the first proposal of the Minister Nikolai Emelianovich Aksenenko (at that time - the head of the Ministry of Railways) to lead the work on the implementation of the reform project. But after a while she still agreed to his repeated offer.

The program for reforming railways in Russia has earned high marks from international investment analysts. The success of the reform is considered not only the success of the industry, but the success of the state as a whole.

Further career

In 2003 Anna Grigorievna took officeVice President of Russian Railways for Corporate Development. In the period from 2005 to 2007 Anna Grigorievna holds the position of adviser to the head of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency. In parallel, Belova is the first deputy general director of JSC Techsnabexport.

From 2007 to 2013, Anna continues her career in the Siberian Coal Energy Company.

For this period Anna is a member of the Board of Directors of JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport, the chairman of the board of directors of the Russian Venture Company.

The head of the committee, which unites successful women of Russian business.
In 2000 he received a second degree in Finance and Credit. In 2002 he defended the scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences.

Candidate of Economic Sciences

Belova Anna Grigoryevna: the thesis

On the competition of the scientific degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences successfully defended the thesis on the topic of effective management of railway transport under the conditions of reforms.

She was awarded an honorary diploma of the Higher School of Economics, a medal "One Hundred Years of the Trans-Siberian Railway", a sign of the "Honorary Railwayman", a badge of the "Honored Worker of Transport of Russia".

High School of Economics

The next professional milestone that couldsuccessfully conquer Belova Anna Grigoryevna, - Higher School of Economics. Teaching experience - about seven years. The HSE has been working in the HSE since 2009. He is the author of a number of scientific articles and publications. In HSE, the Higher School of Economics received a scientific degree of a professor.

Personal life

Married to Mikhail Belov. Anna Grigorievna has two wonderful sons.

Despite the fantastic employment, with thistrack record Anna Grigorievna miraculously managed to maintain a balance between professional activity and personal life, and the family never went into the background.

The main qualities of the top manager Anna Grigorievna considers stability, effectiveness and universality.

The guarantee of a happy life is a personal inner satisfaction from what a person does in life. Regardless of the regalia and insignia.

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