Can I swing every day?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
February 21, 2013
Can I swing every day?

The closer the summer is, the more they start to torment the thoughts about their figure - after all, in winter people tend to eat and be lazy much more. Starting to drive those extra pounds and fight for the perfect figure, many people think - is it possible to swing every day? Will this accelerate the desired result?

Opinion of experts

Both doctors and coaches agree on one thing - you cannot swing every day. Being engaged more often four times a week, you will cause serious damage to the bone and nervous system. The consequences of this will be quite unpleasant - the speed of nerve impulses will decrease, and this will lead to a decrease in the forces of muscle contraction - that is, the stronger the nervous system is loaded, the faster the decrease in forces will be felt. Gradually, psychological fatigue will accumulate, which will ever burst out.

The effects of daily activities

Also, frequent training will ultimately lead to a decrease in physical health - injury to the joints, muscles and ligaments - and is this a payment for appearance?

Constant training will not lead to rapid muscle growth, because they grow when you rest and recover. During training, the muscles are “damaged” and need this recovery, during which they expand - grow. It is better to start practicing with a couple of times a week, and for efficiency it is better to make a personal plan with a trainer.

If you still want to train all the time, it is better not to observe such a regime for more than a month for the reasons already mentioned.

An exception

Coaches believe that you can swing every day only if you pay great attention to your chest. Pectoral muscles can be trained regularly - they are an exception to the rule not to swing every day.

So, do not hurry. Before starting training, it will be best to consult with a professional trainer who will give recommendations on how to create your dream body without harm to your health - you will not be lazy, follow all the recommendations and be sure to give yourself a rest.

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