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No regular customer will be able toTo refute the fact that Camelot shoes are noble and unpredictable. The chain of stores is really impressive - branches are open in almost all European countries. It all began with the fact that in 1997 a small store selling clothes of world brands was opened, and it was called "Camelot". There was a boutique in the Russian capital at the All-Russia Exhibition Center.

camelot shoes

The leaders noticed one pattern: the price policy of trend things did not allow many people to buy this particular footwear. This was the beginning of the creation of its own brand, which will be accessible to everyone. So was born the world-famous trade mark Camelot. The first line went on sale on the last day of August 1999. And she was not deprived of success - near the store there were always queues.

history of the company

Almost immediately after the creation of the brand, Camelottook a weighty position in the Russian market. At the moment, there are many small shops of this company all over the country, the range of which includes universal clothes.

The company that appeared in the late 1990s right away"Seized" for the idea of ​​a revival of fashion for heavy and rough shoes. At that time models of grinders and martens were known. It was on them that emphasis was laid when creating their own shoes.

Immediately after the release of the first models openedthe second store in the center of the capital. Shoes Camelot initially had no other options, except rough styles, but a little later there was an idea of ​​the release of ballet shoes, boots and sneakers. These products have expanded the range of this brand.

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Significant for the company was the motto "Leave yourtrack". To this day, it is considered one of the most successful among all the slogans created by Russian producers. In 2006, the design of clothes is radically changing, new models are appearing - dresses, skirts, sweaters, sweaters, etc.

The distinctive features of Kamelot shoes

Entering the store, you can immediately find out the shoes fromcompany "Camelot". Before the brand was once the task to create a unique and diverse clothing. Camelot products are very memorable. Shoes (photos are presented in the article) has the following differences: the use of genuine leather, ribbed and fairly dense soles, rough firmware, creating a bright and memorable design. One should not even doubt that such products will be loved for a long time by the younger generation.

This footwear is developed for representativesof any sex, whose age ranges from an average of 12 to 30 years. She will emphasize the individuality of both a young woman and a solid man, showing an incredible style.

Camelot shoes are presented in different versions,the entire line includes an interesting design of shoes, sneakers, boots and shoes, but there are models in a more relaxed design. Of course, you can find among this diverse assortment of beautiful shoes and ballet shoes, sandals and boots.

Shops "Camelot"

The company's branches are located in many CIS countries. The main store is located on the territory of the Russian Federation. The choice here is great, so there are options for each, even the most capricious client. In addition to ordinary shoes, you can buy bags, purses, as well as belts for jeans or trousers. Now the company also presents dresses, skirts, T-shirts. At present, the range of TM Camelot has significantly expanded.

camelot shoes reviews

Shoes, reviews about which will make it clear whatit is a person who gets a price on average from 1 to 3 thousand rubles. If you go for a sale, then you can get a discount of up to 80% on the goods of the previous season or collection. The buyers of the stores are attracted by spectacular signs, unique equipment and, of course, goods that are the personification of a beautiful style.

The future of the company

The brand has been developing successfully sincecreation and at the moment is one of the leaders in sales. Now the company's employees (designers) are developing Camelot shoes, taking into account all new trends and needs of the younger generation. Therefore, we can say with full confidence that this firm will work for at least 20 years for the benefit of consumers and more than once will break out into world leaders.

Camelot's plans are development, hard work andthe development of a quality product that will be sold at medium prices, which will allow it to be purchased even by the poor. Opening of new branches and expansion of assortment is an integral part of brand promotion.

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