Cactus: how to water?

Cacti come from arid regions, in whichRains are a rarity. Living in such conditions, cacti have learned to absorb moisture and exist for a long time due to accumulated reserves. Of course, without watering the plant can not be left, but too frequent watering is also harmful to it. Then, how to water the cactus?

Water for irrigation

First of all, it is necessary to choose the right one forwatering the water. A softened room temperature water is usually used. In winter, it is recommended to water the cactus with warmer water. In order to soften the tap water, you need to add a small amount of peat to it, and then let it settle for 24 hours. It should be noted that the watering regime of cacti directly depends on the illumination, season, air temperature and plant size. So, in sunny weather, the cactus should be watered every day. And do it in the morning, then the soil will dry before the temperature drops in the evening. And in cloudy weather the plant can not be watered at all. As for medium-sized cacti, which grow in small pots, they must be additionally sprayed with water throughout the period of active growth.

Frequency of watering

Thinking about how to water a cactus,it is necessary to take into account the material of the flower pot. It is necessary to know that in clay containers the soil dries much faster, so plants planted in such pots need a larger volume of water than cactuses growing in ordinary plastic containers. Watering should be reduced as the average daily temperature decreases. It must always be remembered that excessive soil moisture, as well as water that stagnates in the lower part of the pot, are often the causes of decay of the plant. In order to avoid this, before putting the cactus in the soil mixture, it is necessary to fill a part of the container with drainage. It will be good if you add a small amount of chopped charcoal to the drain. In addition, to prevent rotting of the cactus stalk, it is possible to scatter fine crushed stone or drainage over the entire surface of the soil. If, despite all your efforts, the plant still undergo rot, then you can save it by cutting the cactus to healthy tissues. After this, it is necessary to dry the plant for several days in the open air, then it will be possible to place it in the rooting container and put it in a well-lit place.

How to water a cactus depending on the season

  • Winter. It is impossible to give a single answer to how often to water cacti. In addition to the above factors, the amount of water consumed by the plant will depend on the season. So, in winter cacti sleep. At this time of year, the cactus should be left in a cool room, with an air temperature of 8-10 degrees of heat. In addition, in winter they can not be watered. However, if the earth seems too dry, you can slightly moisten it. The main thing is to do this not more than once a month. In addition, the water used for irrigation in winter can be slightly acidified. This will help to prevent soil contamination by mineral deposits.
  • Spring. As soon as spring begins, you will need to water the cacti with very warm water, then transfer them to a sunny, warm room. The next watering will need to be done only after the first spring buds go into growth. When you notice that the cactus has entered the active vegetative phase, it will be necessary to immediately increase the frequency of its watering. So you need to water it 1 time in 4-5 days. Create for the plant conditions that are as close to natural as possible, if you spray it in the morning with a spray of hot water.
  • Summer. In the first half of the summer the cacti begin to bloom, which lasts very short. And already in the second half of the summer period the plant begins to prepare for the winter season. Therefore, the frequency of irrigation should be reduced. It is better not to pour a cactus, than to pour water once more.

Here it is worthwhile once again to raise the topic of howwatering cacti in winter, and pay attention to the moment that large and fleshy specimens can safely winter the winter without a single watering. Therefore, in the autumn it is not necessary to water the plants more than twice a week.

In pots with small plants should be checkedsoil with a wooden spike once a month. If you notice that the soil is completely dry, you can slightly moisten it. Read also an interesting article - "How to care for cacti?".

Now you know exactly how to water the cactus and will be able to provide proper care to your plants, and they, in turn, will please you with their healthy appearance and summer flowering.

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