Cacti and succulents. Home Potted Flower

In almost every house on the windowsills you can see a large variety of plants. Any home flower in a pot can be called a work of art: palm trees, violets, ficuses and cacti. Each housewife chooses flowers based on personal preferences and tastes, but it should be noted that only one type of house plants is present in each house - these are, of course, cacti. Today, one of the hobbies of many housewives was collecting these strange flowers.

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Beautiful home flowers

Cacti and succulents are plants with modified leaves that grow in dry tropical and subtropical climates. Their leaves, adapting to certain climatic conditions in the process of evolution, took the form of a thorn or fleshy thick processes - this is a protective reaction of the plant from dehydration and active sun. It is in the leaves that water accumulates to nourish the plant, and the shadow created from the thorns helps to protect the roots and the trunk from the scorching sun.Because of the unusual appearance, great diversity, simplicity and small size, cacti and succulents have taken a worthy place on the windowsills of our homes. What is the difference between a cactus and a succulent? Thorny succulents have areoles - some pads from which spines grow. This is clearly seen if we consider these two species together and at close range.


beautiful home flowersOne of the reasons why housewives start collecting cacti and succulents is the great variety of such plants. On the shelves of shops you can find cacti and succulents of different colors, sizes and shapes, sometimes quite bizarre. The most common cacti are: Opuntia, Echinopsis, Rebution and Mammillaria. All these plants are quite diverse and very beautiful at the time of flowering. Opuntia, for example, has flat spikes covered with spines; Mammillaria is surrounded by a halo of thorns and hairs resembling fluff; Spines of Rebution are arranged in a spiral around the perimeter of the cactus, and Echinopsis resembles a hedgehog. If we talk about succulents, the most recognizable can be called Agave and Aloe.Agave, for example, is home flowers (photo on the right) of regular and symmetrical shape, bright green.


For centuries, cacti and succulents have struggled to survive with the scorching sun, sandy or clay soil, wild animals and the almost total lack of water. All this made succulents unpretentious to any possible external changes. Mistresses like that these plants do not need to be watered often, they are not afraid of direct sunlight, they easily multiply and even sometimes bloom. A variety of soil for cacti is now sold in flower shops, but even if you take ordinary ground outside, such a home flower in a pot will grow well and please the eye.


flowers home photosWe should also dwell on the compositions of cacti and succulents. In one pot you can plant several such plants, and together they feel quite comfortable. The only condition when choosing neighbors is only the personal taste of the hostess. That is what will make each composition unique. Now there are many different groups and communities on the World Wide Web, the main passion of which is precisely the succulent ones.Several plants or just a homemade flower in a pot are often decorated with sea stones, miniature figures and artificial flowers, which looks very original. Such a home flower in a pot will be a real decoration of any room.

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