Business haircuts. Technology of making haircuts

haircut cascade exercise technology

What does the well-groomed look and attractiveness mean? It's necessarily pure hair and a professional approach to creating a fashionable haircut. The technology of performing haircuts is quite simple, and if you have a hairdresser's skill and ability to hold scissors, then you can create a form for your hair in half an hour. Business style implies clear lines, graphics, smooth hair, well-groomed tips and perfect styling. What hairstyles are suitable for work and how are they performed?

Female haircut "Cascade". Technology execution

What are the advantages of the "Cascade" for girls? Such a haircut will give a noticeable volume, make the hair visually more lush and neat due to the combination of strands of different lengths. This hairstyle personifies freedom and resembles a waterfall.

Clean wet hair is divided into 2 parts andpinch clips so that they do not interfere. We make 2 selections parallel to each other. Cut the control strand, which will set the total length. Pulling it off, we cut the rest of the strands. The cuts must be horizontal, and the cut must be flat for the entire hairstyle. The technology of performing haircuts "Cascade" is determined with the design of strands on the temples, then move to the fronto-parietal zone, the crown and then to the nape. On the top of the hair, hair is cut from the crown with a gradual advance to the forehead. This technology can be performed only on the tips, which looks original on long hair. For the smoothing effect, the ends are filified, and the strands in the face are decorated with a "ladder". Whatever the length and structure of the hair, this hairstyle will always look elegant and natural.

Women's haircut «Elongated quads»

Such a hairstyle is perfect fordirector or director of the company. It emphasizes the high social status, gives solidity and even a little rigor. At the same time, the square with the elongation looks feminine and fashionable, and you will also appreciate the ease of laying this haircut. The technology of making modern haircuts is also simple.

haircut technology of making haircuts

Using a vertical slicing, we dividehair covering in two parts and stabbing. On both sides on the back of the head, the control strand is separated by a horizontal parting and is cut. Here is the shortest length. The subsequent ones are already pulled at an angle of 15 degrees to the face and are sheared. The next strand is stretched for another 15 degrees from the previous one. This creates an elongation. On the temple we select a strand of the same length as the occipital. The others, parallel to her, are also drawn to the face and cut. Next, compare the tips and strands of the face on both sides. They must be symmetrical.

Men's haircut "Tennis". Technology execution

A comfortable hairstyle for men, which is often chosen by athletes. It combines neatness and versatility, and this is exactly what is needed in the business sphere to create a decisive image.

haircut tennis exercise technology

To do this, take a comb, razor anda machine with various nozzles. Trim the occipital and temporal zones with a short nozzle. At the top of the hair, the hair should not be shorter than 5 cm. The strands are separated by horizontal partitions and sheared with scissors. The razor is needed for edging on the temples and the back of the head. By these rules, you can make different haircuts. Technology of making haircuts "Tennis" is somewhat similar to "Poluboks" and "Box", which once again confirms its universality and simplicity.

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